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Kids’ Crafts with Baby Chicks

Crafting with your kids is always an opportunity for fun things any time of year, but we especially love doing children’s DIY projects around different holidays because those crafts always have the themes that are the most fun to do! Easter is a particular favourite of ours because, in addition to the holiday itself, it’s also a great excuse to celebrate spring and the change of the weather seasons. Making adorable baby animal crafts is one of our very favourite ways to get the kids into the spirit of the season!

Check out these 15 adorable baby chick themed crafts that your kids will be super excited to make and that you can use as cute homemade Easter decor afterwards for when you have family over for Easter dinner!

1. Hatched chick

Hatched chick

If you’ve ever read anything from our site before then you probably know that we’re huge fans of crafts that upcycle something in their DIY process. Even the smallest and most disposable household wares can be saved form the trash by crafting with your kids! These adorable little hatchlings are no exception since their shells are made from repurposed egg carton cups. See how they’re made on First Palette.

2. Easter chick cupcakes

Easter chick cupcakes

Is your absolute favourite kind of DIY project on a holiday afternoon one that you can eat when it’s all done? We love baking too and we make all kinds of things but cupcakes are our favourite treats to make because they’re the most fun to decorate for holidays. That’s why these adorable little Easter chick cupcakes from Bird On a Cake caught our eye so well!

3. Pipe cleaner chick puppet

Pipeclearn chick puppet

Perhaps you’re looking for a craft that will keep your kids extra busy because it’ll take them some time to make it and they’ll be able to play with it afterwards as well? Then we’ve found a great project for you! These cute little chicks are made from little pom poms and pipe cleaners and, because of the way the pipe cleaners are twirled around, your kids will be able to make them bounce and dance! See how they’re done on Happy Hooligans.

4. Paper plate chick

Paper plate chick

Are your kids home from school for the holiday weekend and you’re looking for something easy to keep them busy using things around the house? The go for easy, cheap supplies like paper plates! There are plenty of ways to transform paper plates into adorable little chicks, but just in case you need some guidance, here’s a quick tutorial from Kids’ Activities.

5. Egg carton chicks

Egg carton chicks

Did you love the idea we talked about earlier of repurposing egg carton cups into kids’ crafts but you don’t have the pom poms lying around to make that particular craft? Then skip it and try making the chicks right from the carton cups instead! Paper, Plate, and Plane shows you how to make them and then fill them with little treats.

6. Foam cup chicks

Foam cup chicks

Did you like the idea of making fun Easter crafts out of household wares but you don’t have any spare paper plates lying around right now? Try using foam cups instead! Crafts by Amanda shows you how to paint a cup, flip it upside down, and add little chicken features including funny pipe cleaner legs. Nice and easy!

7. Tissue paper egg chicks

Tissue paper egg chicks

Are your kids huge fans of decorating Easter eggs but you’ve been looking around hoping to find an alternative to getting the dyes out? Then check out this tissue paper idea instead! Decorate the little birds with tissue and feathers and, when they’re all done, place them into the egg carton they came from for a cute display setup. Check out the idea in more detail on Red Ted Art.

8. Easter chick napkin rings

Easter chick napkin rings

Are your kids already looking for something else to do around the house before you’ve had the time to get out for new craft supplies? Then it’s time to scavenge through the recycling bin again! Happy Hooligans suggests grabbing empty cardboard toilet paper rolls and decorating them like little Easter chicks to make “napkin rings”. The brighter the colours, the more festive your Easter dinner table will look.

9. Easter chick plastic spoon place holder

Easter chick plastic spoon place holder

Are you having a massive family dinner that’s taken you some careful planning in terms of a seating plan to make sure everyone will actually fit in your house with space to eat? Then try adding a little bit of character to your table my making festive Easter place markers! Crafts by Amanda suggests painting little plant pots from the dollar store and filling them with marbles or beads so you can stand a spoon upside down inside. Let your kids paint the spoons to look like Easter chicks!

10. Toilet roll peeps

Toilet roll peeps

Did you live the idea of helping your kids make crafts out of toilet paper rolls but you’re not sure you want to have their crafts right on the dinner table like you would if they made the napkin rings? Then have them make simple little decorative peeps instead! Happy Hooligans shows you how to make simple Easter chicks with funny googly eyes.

11. Chick Easter treat cups

Chick easter treat cups

Did you love the idea of using disposable cups for crafting little Easter chicks but you don’t have the pipe cleaners to make the legs of the other design we talked about? Then Keep the cups right side up and decorate the chicks’ faces that way instead so your kids can use them Easter morning to collect Easter eggs in on their hunt! The Imagination Tree has more details for you.

12. Baby chick cheese balls

Baby chick cheeseballs

Are your kids a little bit older and just begging to help you in the kitchen because you’ve been in there for so many hours preparing Easter dinner? Then recruit them to make a festive little side snack that’s nice and easy! We love these miniature cheese balls by Hungry Happenings that are shaped like spring chicks.

13. Hatching paper chick

Hatching paper chick

Maybe your kids are looking for a fun craft to do but you’d rather keep it simple instead of having them rifle through your recycling box or spare kitchen supplies? Then stick to paper, colouring supplies, scissors, and a single brad pin! Halfway Homeschooling shows you how simple it is to make a cute little chick with a shell that opens and closes.

14. Card stock and clothespin chicks

Card stock and clothespin chicks

Are paper plates so far turning out to be the number one crafting supply you have available to your kids leading up to Easter weekend? Well, lucky for everyone, there are endless holiday crafts you can make with them! Housing a Forest suggests painting the plate yellow like a little chick’s body, giving the chick a face, and using clothes pins for legs.

15. Cupcake liner chicks

Cupcake liner chicks

Are you making Easter cupcakes already but your kids are just a little bit too young to help you decorate them just yet? Let them craft with the liners instead! If you colour them yellow, they make perfect little rounded chick bodies to glue down and add drawn and glued features to. Check the project out in more detail on I Heart Crafty Things!

Do you know someone with little kids who’s been looking for easy Easter crafts leading up to the holiday? Share this post with them for a little bit of inspiration!

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