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14 DIY Wedding Decorations That Are Trending RIGHT NOW

It’s nice to have the opportunity and ability to put some hand touches on our wedding days. Thankfully, with the endless amount of crafty bloggers we have at our fingertips, it’s easier than ever to do so. We love detailed, homemade bouts of inspiration and today we’re showing off a few new finds. Take a peek at these 14 DIY wedding decorations that are trending RIGHT NOW.

1. Gold-Dipped Balloons

Diy gold dipped balloons

Balloon Time starts us off by taking classic balloons and pumping up their style. Dip them in some gold for an ultra modern and festive take on wedding day decor. Gather them around some of the reception tables or allow them to freely roam.

2. Chalkboard Menus

Diy customized chalkboard menu

We’ve all seen these cuties continue to be on the rise. Customized, stylized, and personalized to a “T,” there are so many fun ways to utilize one of these. Check out a tutorial for making one of these here.

3. Globe Guestbook

Diy globe guest book

The trend is hot. Unique guestbooks are so much better than the traditional book option. And this one, in particular from Lia Griffith, is a beautiful pick for travel lovers.

4. Copper Geo Hanging Arrangement

Diy copper geo hanging arrangement

Budget Savvy Bride has a lot of great ideas up her sleeve including this one! Create some hangers from fresh florals but more so than just a basket. Think of going in a more contemporary route with some copper piping.

5. Colored Corks

Color dipped corks

These color-dipped corks are fun place card holders too. They are really simple to DIY in an afternoon and won’t break the bank either. Grab the details by visiting The Vault Files.

6. Pinata Cake

Diy wedding pinata cake

Yes, this is a thing. It’s a really fun thing and perfect for creating an extra-special and unique moment at the party. It’s also a thing that you can DIY. Visit the tutorial at The Neon Tea Party.

7. Floral Arbor

Diy wedding arbor

Wedding Chicks has a wonderful DIY for this floral arbor. These are great backdrops for ceremonies and photos and a great way to help transform venues. Personalize with your own flowers and fabric choices.

8. Wire-Wrapped Signs

Diy wire wrapped wedding signs

These signs are rising in popularity at full speed. They’re a unique way to ignite the reception, create photo-ops, and just add some personalization. Check it out at Something Turquoise.

9. Vintage Wood Table Numbers

Diy vintage wood table numbers 2

If you like the farmhouse or rustic style, then you’ll love this DIY from Green Wedding Shoes. Grab some wood slices and turn them into table numbers for the reception. Guests will be able to find their areas with ease (and within your vision of the big day).

10. Pictures in a Jar

Wedding diy photo mason jar

At Ruffled, you’ll find this fun centerpiece. Use moments of your past as decor for your tables. These living memories are the perfect solution for adding a personalized touch to your wedding day.

11. Rustic Bouquets

Diy rustic bridal bouquet

Your bouquets can be part of the decor as well. Between the photos and the tables, you’ll have alot of chances to show off your handiwork. Take a peek at this rustic arrangement Pinterest.

12. Floral Wreaths

Diy silk floral wreaths

Green Wedding Shoes showcases a wonderful tutorial for creating green floral wreaths with silk flowers. These are a beautiful way to add extra greenery to your event and easy decor in the unsuspecting corners, walls, and various nooks of the reception area.

13. Family Altar

Diy family altar wedding decor

Over at Sunset, we found this inspiring family altar. You can easily recreate this and easily personalize it. But all in all, it’s a beautiful way to remember loved ones who have passed.

14. Petal Toss Bar

St diy wedding petal toss bar

Over at Something Turquoise, you’ll find a unique way to get your guests involved in your exit. Create a petal bar for your loved ones to grab a cone, pick the petals they love most, and have them ready to shower you both on your way out from the party!

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