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14 DIY Wedding Decorations That Are Trending RIGHT NOW

It’s nice to have the opportunity and ability to put some hand touches on our wedding days. Thankfully, with the endless amount of crafty bloggers we have at our fingertips, it’s easier than ever to do so. We love detailed, homemade bouts of inspiration and today we’re showing off a few new finds. Take a peek at these 14 DIY wedding decorations that are trending RIGHT NOW.

1. Gold-Dipped Balloons

Diy gold dipped balloons

Balloon Time starts us off by taking classic balloons and pumping up their style. Dip them in some gold for an ultra modern and festive take on wedding day decor. Gather them around some of the reception tables or allow them to freely roam.

2. Chalkboard Menus

Diy customized chalkboard menu

We’ve all seen these cuties continue to be on the rise. Customized, stylized, and personalized to a “T,” there are so many fun ways to utilize one of these. Check out a tutorial for making one of these here.

3. Globe Guestbook

Diy globe guest book

The trend is hot. Unique guestbooks are so much better than the traditional book option. And this one, in particular from Lia Griffith, is a beautiful pick for travel lovers.

4. Copper Geo Hanging Arrangement

Diy copper geo hanging arrangement

Budget Savvy Bride has a lot of great ideas up her sleeve including this one! Create some hangers from fresh florals but more so than just a basket. Think of going in a more contemporary route with some copper piping.

5. Colored Corks

Color dipped corks