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DIY Tips for Decorating with Charcoal Grey

Every year when spring begins to shine, we start getting the urge to redo our space and add some kind of colour change or new decor element. This year, we’ve been thinking a lot about how wonderfully smooth and calming grey tones are trending and how great they look in decor schemes with other neutrals and with pops of colour. That’s why we’ve had our eyes peeled fro tips, tricks, advice, and resources on decorating with charcoal grey, which is our favourite shade in particular. Bonus points if we get to use our DIY skills even further than just applying our own creative eye to a space instead of hiring an interior decorator!

1. How to use charcoal grey in home decor based on colour theory

How to use charcoal grey in home decor based on colour theory

Despite being an avid crafter and a skilled DIY enthusiast, are you actually quite new to the whole home decor and interior design game? Then we’d definitely suggest learning a little bit about colour theory before you start! It’s the kind of thing that will also help you out in other areas of your creative life. We like the way Houzz discusses different elements of colour theory as they pertain to charcoal grey specifically and which colours go very well with it in decor schemes.

2. Tips for accenting rooms with charcoal grey decor

Tips for accenting rooms with charcoal grey decor

Are you perhaps feeling pretty enthusiastic about the idea of decorating with charcoal grey but you’re just not sure how ready you are to commit a whole room in your house to it because you’ve never decorated with a shade this dark before? Then, before you start adding anything, we’d suggest looking through something like this discussion featured on A Shade of Teal that talks about different ways to accent a room with charcoal grey. Depending on how thoroughly you accent your room, you might hit a level of grey inclusion that you like with simple decorative details before committing to something bigger like, say, painting your walls!

3. Dramatic wallpaper and charcoal grey

Dramatic wallpaper and charcoal grey

Speaking of charcoal grey walls, are you actually so convinced that you’re into charcoal grey enough to incorporate it quite heavily that you’re about ready to grab the paint brush and get started? Well, before you do that, we’d urge you to consider all of your grey wall options, like this feature on The Spruce that uses a charcoal grey wallpaper instead of paint. This let the designers incorporate some visual texture into the grey rather than just painting a flat grey surface. We love the way they kept the deep charcoal to a singular wall to make it an accent and tied more grey into the room in the form of decorative details, leaving the rest of the walls light.

4. Balance shades with lighter hues like cream

Balance shade swith lighter hues like cream

Perhaps you’ve already painted your walls a stunning charcoal grey that you’re very happy with indeed but now you’re looking for other ways to lighten the scheme a little bit, just to make sure the space has good balance? In that case, we think you . might appreciate this suggestion from BHG that shows just how well grey works with other, lighter neutrals. In this space, cream was featured just as heavily as grey to keep the space from feeling closed in but without detracting from the beauty of the darker shade.

5. Using charcoal to create a minimalist style

Using charcoal to create a minimalist style