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17 DIYs To Transform Your Teen Boy’s Bedroom

The young man of your house may not be that enthused when it comes to a bedroom makeover but there always come a time where it’s needed. Thankfully, there are subtly stylish and functional ways to make it happen without too much of a fuss. Check out these 17 DIYs to transform your teen boy’s bedroom and get to work on it this weekend.

1. Wooden Bungee Organizers

Diy wooden bungee organizers

Brit + Co always has a lot of fantastic ideas and this one is no exception. Have your boy organize his room in super simple ways like these bungee shelves. Cords, hats, and sunglasses can all fit easily and not clutter up the corners.

2. Cinder Block Furniture

Cinder block furniture

Who knew cinder blocks could be so helpful within the home? Creating side tables or desks out of them is actually quite easier than you may think! Check out apartment therapy for the industrial, eclectically-inspired details behind the design.

3. Baseball Cap Organizer

Pegboard baseball cap organizer

Boys and their baseball caps, are we right? Instead of having them sprinkled all around the room in no real order, create a display organizer for them. Jenna Burger gives a solid tutorial on this particular design’s creation.

4. Pallet Dart Board

Diy pallet dart board

Dart boards can be a fun addition to your teen boy’s bedroom – especially when his friends decide to come over for the afternoon. 1001 Pallets will show you how to make a rustic-inspired board in no time. Grab the instructions after the leap.

5. Action Figure Lamp

Action figure lamp

All of the action figures left over from those childhood years can be repurposed and put to fun use. Just check out this awesome DIY project found at Instructables! It’s a nod to his formative years and something that will blend in with the rest of his room.

6. Chicken Wire Light Fixture

Chicken wire light fixture

If you’re doing a true revamp of your teen boy’s bedroom, you may want to think about switching out the lighting situation in his bedroom. Kris Krafting created this industrial-inspired chicken wire fixture that really helps to make the transformation from little boy to young man.

7. Leather and Wood Shelf

Leather and wood suspended shelf diy

If he needs some shelving options, go with something that you can DIY and use multi-materials. This particular pieces adds an essence of masculinity and texture for interest. Check it out by visiting our friends at ehow.

8. Industrial Wall Art

Diy industrial wall art

Even teen boys need some wall art to personalize their space. And this industrial piece from shanty-2-chic is perfect. It’s an innovative (and easy) way to hang up artwork and easy to switch out too if he feels like changing throughout the seasons. The materials are inexpensive too.

9. Log iPad Holder

Diy log ipad holder

Everyone needs a tech center nowadays and both function and organization is key. We found this gem over at Imperfectly Polished. An old log turned into an iPad holder that will make it easy to use, of course, but also easy to find when NOT in use.

10. Magazine Rack

Diy magazine rack

Magazines, comic books, graphic novels, newspapers, and the like can situate themselves on these wooden beauties. Check out the tutorial by hopping over to A Beautiful Mess. And remember you can personalize these a bit further by adding paint color – think sapphire blue or midnight blacks for your teen.

11. Napoleon Dynamite Wall Print

Diy napoleon dynamite wall art

Who doesn’t love Napoleon Dynamite. It’s one of the most quote-worthy cult classics of the time and is easily transferred into art according to Design Mom. Check out the tutorial by following the link.

12. Faux Denim Walls

Denim faux finish paint tutorial

Heathered Nest shows us how to transform just the walls in your teen boy’s space into denim beauties. This will give a relaxed, textural vibe that can take the entire space to a new level. (Shhhh, but we also think this would be nice in a home office or craft room!).

13. Old T-Shirt Headboard

Tshirt headboard diy

All of those old t-shirts from his past can be made useful again. Baseball tournament tees, club shirts, and the like, set them aside and visit DIY Network. A new headboard – one that’s completely personalized – can be birthed from them.

14. Skateboard Shelves

Skateboard shelves diy

Skateboard shelves are definintely a thing and they should be! So stylish, so cool, and functional too. Use old ones that aren’t in good working condition or buys some at a flea market to use in the creation. Details found at Inspiration Feed.

15. Baseball Bookends

Diy baseball bookends

Mod Podge Rocks Blog always have innovative and cool ideas. Style your teens shelves with new bookends. His favorite reads can be held up with some baseball bookends that take no time at all to whip up.

16. Branch Lamp

Diy lamp with wood

Here’s another lamp DIY that works great for areas that need a masculine or natural edge. We love this branch creation from Heathered Nest. For boys who want just subtle styling in their bedrooms, this one does it well.

17. Basketball Hoop

Diy basketball hoop

My Sweet Savannahblog adds a fun piece of both art and entertainment. This basketball hook is grat for leisure and to ass some persoalization to the mix. He could even make this one himself.

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