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15 Landscape Edging Ideas To Pull From This Spring

It’s time to sharpen up those weedeater blades and make sure your lawn mower is gassed up. Spring is coming in hot and that means the grass will be growing, the weeds will be showing, and the flowers are almost in bloom. Below you’ll find 15 landscape edging ideas to pull from and get your yard in working order for the season of entertaining and enjoying the sunshine.

1. Wood Cuts

Cheap wood garden edging ideas

houzz showcased this easy-to-replicate, wood cut edger that can be done inexpensively and by novices. You can even use recycled wood bits to get the design going – or even go for a more contemporary style by adding some neutral paint. Or go a more rustic route by keeping them organic.

2. Terracotta

Terracota lawn edging ideas

Over at primrose, you’ll find a more traditional being aroused. This terracotta edging will give a smooth and chic ending to your proper landscaping. If you want to stray from the deshelved, go for this look.

3. Brick

Brick garden edging ideas

hgtvhome brings us another classic edging material that’s worth the feature. Brick always works and is perfect for all kind of homes in all kinds of climates. They’re also really easy to lay even for those without a lot of experience in landscaping.

4. PVC

Cheap lawn edging ideas home depot

There are a lot of different ways to use PVC lining as well. You can get really creative with the designs, as you see here with this space found on aliimg. This spiraling is a good option for when you have more square footage to work with.

5. Recycled Wood

Recycled wood edging