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These 50 DIY Room Decor Tutorials Will Help Transform Your Space In No Time!

Whether it’s a dorm room or your master bedroom, there are tons of inspiring ways to jazz up corners, take care of bare spaces and add your own personal touch. We’ve compiled a fun list of 50 DIY room decor tutorials that will help transform any space in no time! Take a peek!

1. Air Globes

Mod podge balloons diy

Seventeen gives us this super snazzy tutorial that’s so easy to follow! All you need are some balloons and mod podge to get yourself started!

2. Black & White Graphic Door

Diy black and white graphic door

Check out I Spy DIY and learn how to put a special twist on your bedroom door. We’re loving this trendy, black and white Aztec-inspired print.

3. Instagram Coasters

Diy instagram coasters

Lilies and Loafers shows us how to put our favorite Insta photos to good use! Check out how to turn them into coasters in no time!

4. Macrame Hanging Planter

Diy macrame hanging planter

Follow along at  ModCloth and learn how to make one of these gorgeous macramé plant holders. Add a breath of fresh air to your studio apartment or bedroom.

5. Heart Pillow

Diy heart pillow

Create some comfortable style for any room of the house by whipping up some new throw pillows. We especially love this style with its varying textures and feminine quality. (via)

6. Lipstick Framed Art

Lipstick art diy

Seventeen has another great idea up their sleeve. Use your lips and favorite gloss as inspiration for some new art bits around any nook of any room you need to pack a punch in.

7. Hammock ChairDiy hammock chair

Here’s another bout of comfortable style and décor you can use to jazz up a bedroom or even a home office inside your home. Check out A Beautiful Mess for all the details.

8. Ceiling Fan Painting

Ceiling fan painting diy

In My Own Style gives us a more unique way to transform your room. Add a bit of color and pizzazz to your ceiling fan for an unsuspecting surprise of style.

9. Flower Lights

Diy flower lights

Oh Happy Day brings us some fabulous flower lights to learn how to DIY. Add light and a bit of whimsy quality to your room with this little project.

10. T-shirt Door Mat

Diy tshirt rug

Grab all of those old t-shirts that you don’t have the hear to throw away but you don’t wear anymore either. Then get started on this fabulous project from HGTV.

11. Braided Basket

Diy braided basket

Corner Blog shows us how to braid our own baskets! We love how colorful this one is but keep in mind that it can be dipped in neutrals too!

12. Ombre Dresser

Diy ombre dresser

Over at Seventeen you’ll find another great project to try your hand at. Add some color and trendy style to your furniture pieces. Some of the older ones could use a makeover!

13. Clothespin Picture Frame

Exif jpeg picture

My Little Artichoke gives us a great idea for showing off some of our favorite memories. This clothespin photo frame is really easy to recreate too.

14. Fur Chair

Diy fur chair

Fresh Idea Studio shows us how to knock off one of those super expensive furry chairs we keep seeing rolling around. Grab the details after the jump!

15. Drop Cloth Lamp

Diy drop cloth lamp

Lower shows us how to make our very own light! Add a bit of contemporary and Asian-inspired spirits with the help of this tutorial.

16. Twisted Rope Rug

Twisted rope rug diy

Brit + Co makes a super fun mat that you can place at the back door or the friend. With some pops of color and rope you too can create this artistic masterpiece.

17. Copper Tubing Side Table

Diy copper side table

The House That Lars Built put together this snazzy little side table we’re swooning over. With a bit of modern style and neon pops you can learn how to make it too!

18. Tiny Neon Pots

Diy tiny neon pots

Check out the genius behind I Spy DIY and start dipping your pots! This is such a simple DIY and so easy to get creative with!

19. Ring Cone Holders

Diy ring cone holders

We’re loving this modern ring cones from Cupcakes & Cashmere. It’s such a great way to organize, display and add a fun bit of color to your vanity.

20. Coat Rack

Diy coat rack

Brit + Co makes a snazzy little coat rack that will get your corner piles up off the floor. Hang your everyday jacket, purse and throw your scarves up there too.

21. Gold-Dipped Mirror Frame

Diy mirror frame

Here’s a really fun way to add a bit of extra stylish pops without breaking the bank. Dip your mirror in some gold paint like they did at Pretty Providence.

22. State Cork Art

Diy state cork art

Brit + Co show us how to take all of our old corks and turn them into pretty pieces of art! Turn your home state into your newest piece of dining room decor!

23. Hanging Shelf

Diy hanging shelf

Brit + Co also shows us how to make some colorful floating shelves! Use them to create dimension on the walls and to organize and display a bit too!

24. Custom Curtains

Diy custom curtains

Check out HGTV for this custom curtain DIY! Add some extra personal pizazz to your window treatments in an afternoon!

25. Yarn Wall Art

Diy yarn art

We’re swooning for this yarn art from Oleander + Palm. Hang it up in the foyer or in the hallway for a unique spin on classic home decor.

26. Geo Photo Display

Diy geo photo display

Display some of your family’s favorite photos with some help from The Caldwell Project. This geo display is easy to recreate and perfect for more modern homes.

27. Colorful String Chair

Colorful string chair diy

Seventeen shows us how to give our desk chairs super easy makeovers. A bit of string is all you need to provide the extra fashionable touch.

28. Washi Wallpaper

Diy washi tape wallpaper

Wow is all we can say after checking out this fabulous DIY from Brit + Co. Washi tape can even be used on the walls … as wallpaper. Who knew!?

29. Fabric Pouf

Diy fabric pouf

Create a new furniture piece from scratch that can add some personality to the space! A pouf project is all you need to get started. Check it out at HGTV.

30. Dip Dye Duvet

Diy dip dye duvet

HGTV also shows us how to dip dye our plain duvets and turn them into something extra special and new! We’re loving this boho purple look.

31. Bottle Lamp

Diy bottle lamp

Did you know that you can take a bottle and turn it into a lamp? Brit + Co knows. And they’re showing us how.

32. Marbled Votives

Diy marbled votives

We’re swooning for these marbled votives to. Collect them on the mantle or in your bedroom’s side table to add small bits of decor to a larger space. (HGTV)

33. Branch Hook

Diy branch hook

We’re also loving this branch hook from Brit + Co. It’s super trendy but it’s also really functional – the best of both worlds!

34. Slouchy Storage Bags

Diy slouchy storage bags

If you visit Brit + Co again, you’ll also learn how to put together one of these slouchy storage bags. They’re great for the home office or the kids playroom as they help clean up and decorate!

35. Constellation Wall Art

Diy constellation wall art

Brit + Co has so many wonderful ideas, we just couldn’t even begin to choose our favorites. But here’s a personal favorite, create some personalized constellation art for your apartment!

36. Pom Pom Blanket

Diy pom pom blanket

HGTV knows how to utilize the perfect set of pom poms. Just take a look at this sweet throw blanket that can both warm up and cozy up any corner.

37. Gold-Dipped Feather Garland

Diy gold dipped feather garland

Simply Stylings makes a feather garland that’s a bit rustic, very trendy and sweetly bohemian too. We love how this adds a touch of uniqueness to the mantle.

38. Zen Garden

Diy mini zen garden

Brit + Co has this genius project up their sleeve as well. Bring a bout of quirkiness and relaxation to your home office in no time.

39. Mini Desk Marquee Light

Diy mini desk marquee light

A Joyful Riot makes a mini marquee light that can ignite some personality in your smallest of corners. On your desk or even on a side table, this could set up the right style.

40. Pom Pom Rug

Diy pom pom rug

We’re loving this clever pom pom rug from Poppytalk. Whether it’s all different colors or one slated neutral, it’s a fun and textural way to add depth to a tile or hardwood floor.

41. Jute Twinkle Lights

Diy jute twinkle light shade

Ella Claire also has a great way to add a bit of light to your personal space. These jute twinkle lights are both subtle and trendy.

42. Free Wall Art Printables

Free printables wall art

Hop on over to Little Gold Pixel and pick out some of their free printable and use them as art for your own walls. There’s enough to create an entire gallery!

43. Chalkboard Wall Squares

Chalkboard squares diy

Seventeen shows us how to use chalkboard squares around our room too. We’re loving all the possibilities!

44. Geo Painted Pillows

Diy geometric painted throw pilllows

If you want some throw pillows but can’t find the right ones in the stores, visit Brit + Co. They’ll teach you how to whip up these trendy, geo-printed ones!

45. Rope Headboard

Diy rope headboard

Create a new and personalized design with a bit of rope. Your brand new headboard, like this one from Homes, will provide a new bout of artistry.

46. Golden Brick Bookends

Diy golden brick bookends

Camille Styles  grabbed some bricks and gave them a quick makeover. We’re loving how chic and clever this project is!

47. Bright Floor Cushions

Diy floor cushions

Archie and the Rug created some incredibly floor cushions and we’re in love! Just think of how a plain room can transform with the addition of some of these!

48. Washi Tape Frames

Washi tape frames diy

Learn how to display your favorite photos and art pieces with Design Sponge‘s clever little idea. Grab your washi tape and get creative!

49. String Wall Art

Diy string wall art

Honey & Fitz will show you how to create something snazzy string art for any wall of the house. We really love this rainbow design!

50. Customized Accessory Holder

Diy accessories holder

Seventeen has another great idea up their sleeve. This personalized jewelry organized is both functional and acts as a sweet vanity addition.

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