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Impressive DIY Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Even if you’re the kind of person who wears a lot of fun makeup and experiments with your style all year round, Halloween is still a time for a little extra creativity! When we dress up each year, makeup is usually one of the biggest components of our look. If you’re the same, then you know the value of practicing the look beforehand and picking a great tutorial to follow.

Just in case you’re having trouble choosing a look or finding a good inspiration picture to follow, here are 15 great Halloween makeup tutorials that we’ve actually tried before!

1. Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas

Sally from the nightmare before christmas

Okay, so maybe this one’s a little daunting because, if you do the full look like Fashionably Geek did here, you’ll have to paint your entire body! The great part about this idea, however, is that the technique is quite simple even though it looks thorough. Put stitches wherever you think looks good to make it look as though you’ve been pieced together just like Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas!

2. Full zebra makeover

Full zebra makeover

Do you actually love the idea of body painting yourself for a reall dramatic look, but you’d rather something a little less spooky than a stitched girl? Try transforming yourself into your favourite animal instead! We absolutely adore how this idea featured on Model Mayhem takes the idea further than just painting your skin and extends up into the hair.

3. Turquoise pop art zombie

Turquoise pop art zombie

If you’re got Instagram and you’re a makeup enthusiast of any level, you’ve probably seen countless pop art, comic book, and Lichtenstein style makeup looks in your scrolling. This pop art zombie, however, is one of our absolute favourites! It’s a colourful, creative take on the idea of turning yourself into a flesh eating creature, without having to cover yourself in all that sticky fake blood. Check this look out on Pop Sugar.

4. Pulled jaw teeth

Pulled jaw teeth

The beauty of makeup is that, with a  few careful strokes of a brush, you can turn your whole face into an optical illusion. Whether you have an entire look put together to suit this design or not, this idea from Pop Sugar will impress people on its own. It’s also a lot easier to do than you might think!