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DIY Earrings that will Dazzle

Jewelry shopping is fun, but you might not always find the style of earrings you’re looking for. If nothing catches your eye while you’re out and about, why not consider making earrings of your own? Check out these stylish DIY earring ideas that will compliment any outfit!

Tassel earrings


Trinkets in Bloom shows you how to make a classy pair of earrings from a pair of simple tassels.

Pom pom earrings


Are you a fan of the tassel style but looking for a little more colour? Check out Kristiina Anderson‘s pom pom earring tutorial instead!

Anthropologie earrings


Sometimes DIY projects are the solution to getting brand names things you’re not ready to pay for. Check out Mad Mim‘s recreation of these Anthropologie earrings!

Friendship earrings


Friendship bracelets are always in style, so why not use the same techniques to make friendship earrings instead? Kristiina Anderson shows you how!

Simple beaded loops


The Sits Girls‘ tutorial guides you through the process of making these simple earrings that look much too fancy for how quickly you can finish them!

Raffia earrings

Raffia Earings

PS I Made This shows you how to make these adorable earrings that have every adornment you could ask for. Beads, colours, texture… you name it!

Perler bead earrings


Perler beads make the perfect jewelry for gamer girls because they look like pixels! Check out the different styles in Kristiina Anderson‘s perler earring tutorial.

Flower cabochon earrings


Sada Lewis shows you just how easy it really can be to make your own adorable earrings.

Double spike earrings


The back of your earrings can be just as adorable as the front! Check out I Spy DIY‘s double spike earrings to see the proof.

Fabric button earrings


Looking for ways to use up old buttons and fabric scraps! Sada Lewis figured out on way that we bet you’ll think is cute.

Nautical earrings


It’s never a bad thing if your jewelry makes you feel like you’re visiting the seaside! Check out how The Average Girl’s Guide made these adorable beachy adornments.

Ombre bead earrings


Happy Go Lucky‘s ombre earring tutorial is simple but oh so glamorous!

Chevron earrings

DIY earings

PS I Made This has the perfect match for your favourite chevron dress… and they’re made of drinking straws!

Tangerine chandelier earrings


A few circular beads and some ornate rings are all you need to create some dangly glamour. Check out how Happy Hour Project made these ones.

Turquoise chandelier earrings


The best part about DIY jewelry is that you can take a classic style you like and switch it up! Maybe you like chandelier earrings but these ones from Happy Go Lucky are more your style?

Have you DIY earrings that you just can’t stop wearing? Tell us how you did them in the comments!

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