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25 Genius T-Shirt Refashion Tutorials

If too many ill fitting t-shirts are cramping your style, there’s good news… there are tons of creative ways to transform your old tops into fantastic new pieces that you’d be proud to wear out in public. Your friends will beg you to help them refashion all of their tees! Keep reading to check out 25 clever ways to make over your existing t-shirts.

1. 5 Minute T-Shirt Refashion

5 minute diy tshirt refashion

Sick of that old t-shirt you picked up five years ago? Don’t get rid of it just yet… transform it into something totally different with this incredibly easy refashion idea. These tanks are great for the beach, the gym or just bumming around town. Trash to couture shows us how it’s done here.

2. No-Sew Lattice Studded Shirt

lattice stud t shirt refashion

This no-sew project is great for those who aren’t into sewing… all it requires is some skills with the scissors. And the studs add some serious metallic style. Head over to WobiSobi to find out how to craft your own studded lattice tee.

3. Gathered Back T-Shirt Refashion

Gathered Back T shirt Refashion

There’s something very unique about this lovely gathered back t-shirt from Mabey She Made It. This one combines two shirts together, giving it a fun color blocked look… and includes a couple of optional bows. Get the full photo tutorial right here.

4. Lace Embellished Tee

upcycled tee tutorial

This project couldn’t be easier… just a few cuts and some lace and you’ve transformed a boring old tee into a fun, stylish new piece. From casual to upscale in just minutes! Find out how to recreate this look on one of your own shirts over at Michele Ng’s blog.

5. Asymmetrical Ruffle Tee

asymmetrical shirt refashion

This project turns a plain white t-shirt into a ruffled top with a gorgeous asymmetrical neckline. Again, it will only take a few minutes to cut up your old tees and transform everything into this fun piece. P.S.- I Made This gives us the super simple instructions here.

6. Peplum Shirt Refashion

peplum tee refasion

This is a very drastic transformation… from a boxy, oversized basic blue t-shirt to an adorable fitted peplum style shirt. It’s not the quickest project out there, but the final result is definitely worth the effort. Check out the full photo tutorial over at Merrick’s Art.

7. Braided Asymmetrical T-Shirt

braided asymmetrical top

Here is another asymmetrical top, this time with a braided neckline and fun fringe at the bottom hemline. The braided edging is actually easier than it looks. Make your way over to My White Idea DIY to find out how to make your own braided asymmetrical tee.

8. Strapless Pocket Tee

pocket tee refashion

This casual tee has a gathered elastic top, making it super comfortable, and a set of pockets at the bottom. The cool part about this project is that the pockets are made out of the sleeves (the shirt is flipped upside down). Check out the whole tutorial over at Trinkets In Bloom.

9.  Studded White Tee

studded white tee

Metallic accents are very trendy these days… give the style a try with this cool studded t-shirt tutorial. You can customize it to your taste by using a different stud color or shape. And it won’t take you long to complete! Get the full photo tutorial over at Project 22.

10. One-Shoulder Knotted Top

asymmetrical knotted tee refashion

Here is another asymmetrical shirt, this time with knotted details down one side and at the shoulder. This is a no-sew project, so it would be great for anyone who wants to make over a shirt but doesn’t have a sewing machine. Get the full set of instructions over at WobiSobi.

11. Diamond Cut-Out Top

diamond cutout shirt

This super stylish cut-out shirt is incredibly easy to make… all you need is a pair of good scissors. And a shirt, of course. The great thing about this tutorial is that it is in video format, so you can see exactly how it’s done in real time. Check out the awesome video over at Refinery 29.

12. Multi-Shirt Anthro-Inspired Refashion

multi shirt anthro inspired shirt

This project is inspired by one of the many lovely tops sold at Anthropology… so you can get the same look for a fraction of the price! You’ll need two shirts for this one, in contrasting colors or patterns. As evidenced above, stripes look pretty great! Get the full tutorial at the Refashion Co-Op.

13. Lace Detail Shirt

lace detail shirt

This is an incredibly easy project, with such lovely results! All you’ll need for this one is a boring old top that you’re sick of, a long strip of lace and a needle and thread. You could try experimenting with unusual color combinations, too. Get the whole how-to over at Sweet Verbena.

14. Asymmetrical Ruffle Neck Tee

asymmetrical ruffle neckline shirt

If you’re in the mood for a quick little t-shirt refashion, this might be the project for you. This easy tutorial shows you how to add a cute little asymmetrical ruffle to the neckline of any basic tee. Janey from Analog Me shows us how to do it over on her blog.

15. Strapless Striped Tunic Tee

striped strapless dress

This strapless striped tee has a relaxed, summery vibe… and is surprisingly easy to make. Unlike many of the rest of the tutorials, this one involves paint! Which means that the color combination possibilities are endless. Head over to the I Love To Create blog to check it out.

16. Bleached Chevron Tee Refashion

bleached chevron diy refashion

If you have an old tee that’s a color other than white, then give this refashion a try. All you’ll need is some bleach and a paintbrush! The chevron is super cute, but you could also test out other patterns too. Head over to Candy & Clothes to find out how to make your own bleached shirt.

17. Draped Zipper Shirt

Fashion Mode Styling Outfit DIY

This one is very unique, utilizing a brightly colored zipper to drape one side of the large shirt over the other. The arms are also cuffed and attached with the same bright accent color. Head over to Dana’s Fashion Blog to read the full tutorial (and click “English” at the top if you don’t speak Dutch).

18. No-Sew String Back Top

no sew string back top refashion

This open back top is made using a basic black top, and doesn’t require a sewing machine! All you’ll need to do for this fun shirt is make a few strategic cuts and then create a long string out of the remaining material. Head over to Trash To Couture to find out how to make it.

19. Dip-Dyed Printed Top

dip dye printed tee refashion

This project works best on a lighter t-shirt, one that will really highlight the print and the fun dip-dye look. All you’ll need for this one is fabric paint, dye and something to print with… they used a button! Head over to Trinkets In Bloom to check out the instructions.

20. Tube T-Shirt Refashion

canalis shirt refashion tutorial

This t-shirt refashion looks almost sculptural, with pretty fabric tubes sewn all over the top in different directions. Despite the complex-looking design, it’s really quite simple to recreate. Make your way over to RoCa & Company to find out how to make one of these beautiful tops for yourself.

21. Cut-Out Back Tee

cut out back tee

Cut-outs are all the rage these days, so why not take advantage of the trend by transforming an old tee that you already have? This stylish one uses cute little bits of lace to accent the cut-outs in the back. Make your way over to Love Maegan to find out all of the details.

22. No-Sew T-Shirt Vest

vest tee refashion

This t-shirt vest is unbelievably easy to make, and it can be layered over anything from a dress to a long sleeve tee. And there is absolutely no sewing involved! This is another one from the always clever and talented WobiSobi. Check out the super simple tutorial right here.

23. Simple Crop Top

crop top tee refashion

This adorable little crop top is perfect for those hot summer mornings spent lounging in bed. It’s very, very easy to make, requiring only three cuts and no sewing machine (unless you choose to hem it). Check out the full tutorial with diagrams at the Cotton and Curls Blog.

24. Feather Printed Top

feather printed tee

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a t-shirt… but this technique could be applied to any type of top (including a tee). This adorable feather printed top requires fabric paint and a stamp –  you can make your own if you’re feeling ambitious. Get the full tutorial at Sincerely, Kinsey.

25. Lace Sleeve Tee

lace sleeve tank tee

Transform an old tank into a beautiful lace sleeved blouse using this simple tutorial. You’ll need a needle and thread and lace to pull it off, but it’s one of the simpler refashions that involves sewing. And with such beautiful results! Head over here to check out the full tutorial.

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