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Recipes Using Sweet Strawberry Jam

When it comes to baking things, there are two different types of treats that we love most: rich chocolate desserts or delicious baked goods that taste like strawberries. We can seldom choose between the two if we have the option of either, but in our own kitchen, we’ll choose something strawberry based any time that we suddenly have access to good strawberry jam. The problem then is choosing what we actually want to make, since there are just so many delicious options for strawberry desserts!

Just in case you’re also a huge lover of strawberry jam but you also need some guidance when it comes to picking what you’ll make, here are 15 of the best recipes we’ve tried so far!

1. Strawberry jam Swiss roll cake

Strawberry jam swiss roll cake

Do you remember eating those store packaged Swiss roll cakes that are often sold for kids’ school lunches when you were a kid and totally loving them? Well, if you thought those were delicious, wait until you’ve tried the homemade version! Cooking Channel TV guides you through the process of making the flat sponge cake, spreading it with jam and whipped cream, and rolling it carefully so the inside looks like a spiral. Top it off with a sprinkle of powdered sugar!

2. Strawberry jam panna cotta in a jar

Strawberry jam panna cotta in a jar

Have you always been a big fan of making individual serving desserts because you can put them in your fridge for later and then take them out and help yourself as you please after dinner in weeks to come? In that case, we have a feeling you’re going to love these little single serving strawberry panna cotta jars from Boulder Locavore! They show you how to mix the cream and layer it over a generous helping of your favourite sweet strawberry jam, then pop the lid on until you’re ready to eat it.

3. Homemade strawberry jam cookies

Homemade strawberry jam cookies

Have you ever had delicious store bought cookies that have a layer of jam and cream or vanilla icing in the middle of two sugar or shortbread cookies? We’ve had those as well and they are completely delicious, but they’re nothing compared to how incredibly yummy the homemade version of the very same idea is. Check out how Food Platter made their own strawberry jam cookies from scratch.

4. Fruity strawberry cake

Fruity strawberry cake

Have you always loved cakes that have a denser, chewier texture to them? Then why not combine that texture with your love for sweet strawberry jam? We’ve tried this delicious fruit cake from Fifth Floor Kitchen before and loved it so much that we’ve actually made it again and again since then! It’s a popular recipe for arties and family get togethers every time we make it.

5. Strawberry sponge pudding

Strawberry sponge pudding

Are you very into the idea of a delicious sponge cake but you quite enjoy the strawberry jam element the most when it’s in the form of a sweet sauce or compote? Then we have a feeling this strawberry sponge pudding recipe from Celtnet Recipes Blog will be right up your alley! You and your family will love the satisfying rush of strawberry that happens when you cut into the cake with your fork.

6. Vanilla lemon layer cake with strawberry tarragon

Vanilla lemon layer cake with strawberry terragon

Even though strawberry is undoubtedly your favourite fruit flavour when it comes to baked desserts, are you occasionally open to combining that with other refreshing tastes as well if it means that you get the most delicious dessert possible? In that case, we definitely suggest taking a look at this drool-worth strawberry lemon layer cake from The Pot Licker . It features a light vanilla icing along the top that’s sweet enough to complement all the fruit flavour but not so sweet that it overpowers the delicious lemon and strawberry tastes.

7. Strawberry jam swirl sour cream bars

Strawberry jam swirl sour cream bars

Squares and bars might not be everyone’s very favourite kind of baked goods, since many people tend to think of cakes and pies when they think “baking”, but if it’s a sweet dessert, you won’t find us being picky! Crunchy Creamy Sweet gives you strawberries in the same place as a delicious sour cream mixture that’s topped on a sweet pastry crust.

8. Rice pudding with strawberry jam

Rice pudding with strawberry jam

Even though it’s not a baked good, rice pudding is a classic dessert that we find practically irresistible, no matter what kind it is. One of the best parts is that its subtle vanilla flavour suits so many different toppings, so you can make all different flavours. It’ll come as no surprise, though, that our favourite topping for rice pudding is deliciously sweet strawberry jam! Check out how it’s made on Dual Notes.

9. Moist strawberry loaf cake

Moist strawberry loaf cake

Loaf cakes might not be as classically “sweet” as an actual sponge cake covered in icing, but that doesn’t mean they don’t make a totally delicious dessert! This is especially true of loaf cakes made with strawberries, since they’re already quite sweet themselves. This is the kind of smaller dessert we’d make our family to have after dinner together! Get the full ingredients list on Cupcakes n’ Curries.

10. Little sweet jam cakes

Little sweet jam cakes

Are you completely obsessed with strawberry cake, but your family is little and you don’t need a huge cake like you would normally make if you were baking for a party? In that case, here’s a smaller portioned miniature recipe that might serve you a little it better but still give you the delicious flavour you want. Bringing the Heat shows you how to make cute little sweet jam cakes that have an irresistible pocket of jam in the middle on the inside.

11. Strawberry cupcakes with strawberry jam filling and strawberry icing

Strawberry cupcakes with strawberry jam filling and strawberry icing

When you were picturing strawberry desserts that you could make yourself, did your mind start imagining something totally over the top that really goes all out with the strawberry details? In that case, we have a feeling we’ve actually found a recipe that might satisfy your strawberry cravings, at least for now! These strawberry cupcakes have bits of strawberry in the sponge, a sweet strawberry filling in the middle, a strawberry buttercream icing on top, and Veena Azmmanov topped each one with a whole strawberry, just to really top the whole thing off!

12. Strawberry jam donuts

Strawberry jam donuts

Have the things that have stood out the most to you in all of the things we’ve listed so far been the ones with strawberry fillings and now you want to see more of those? Well then here’s the ultimate strawberry filled dessert for you! Taste.com teaches you how to make a delicious donut dough filled to the brim in the middle with strawberry jam, then rolled in sugar for a little extra sweetness.

13. Almond covered strawberry jam cake squares

Almond covered strawberry jam cake squares

We’ve shown you a couple recipes for squares already but they were pretty heavy on the dairy thanks to things like sour cream based icing mixtures. If that’s not your thing, perhaps you’d prefer these almost strawberry squares instead! They still have the texture of a cake but they’re a little less sweet with more of a rich nuttiness to them. Find out how to make your own on Simply Sweet n’ Savoury.

14. Chocolate layer cake with white chocolate cream cheese icing and strawberry jam

Chocolate layer cake with white chocolate cream cheese icing and strawberry jam

We already talked about a strawberry and vanilla layer cake that we know for a fact is completely delicious, but what if vanilla desserts aren’t really your thing and you much prefer chocolate goods? In that case, we think you’ll be more interested in this chocolate cake with strawberries and white chocolate cream cheese icing! If the other recipe was irresistible, this one is practically delectable! Find out how it’s made on Collecting Memories.

15. Strawberry cream cheese jam muffins

Strawberry cream cheese jam muffins

Do you love the texture of cupcakes in the cake department and you like all the different flavours you can choose from, especially when it comes to fruit, but you just can’t take how much icing most cupcakes have piled on top? Then perhaps you’d prefer a deliciously sweet muffin recipe that involves your favourite strawberry jam instead! Besides, a sweet muffin is basically the same as a cupcake, right? Hugs and Cookies XOXO shows you how it’s done.

Do you know a fellow DIY enthusiast who loves making themselves and their family sweet treats of all kinds, but also adores strawberry flavoured things more than just about anyone else you’ve ever met? Share this post with them so they can try their favourite thing in all kinds of new ways!

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