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15 DIY Christmas Cards To Pop In The Mailbox This Year

Instead of a pack of expensive, store-bought greetings, why not put a bit of your creativity to use? Grab some art supplies and imagine up new ways to tell your loved ones that you wish them a wonderful holiday season. We’ve found 15 DIY Christmas cards worthy of creating and them promptly popping in the mailbox this year to send to family and friends. Let’s have a peek at the best of the best below!

1. String Lights

Christmas garland diy card

A Subtle Revelry send off some string lights in their envelopes. This is a really fun and unique take on the classic greeting cards. Send your warm wishes in a way that’ll really light up your friends and families faces this year.

2. Washi Scarves

Diy washi tape scarf christmas cards

How charming are these little washi scarves and the sweet girls hiding underneath? Check out the inspiration from Molly Moo Crafts. Even if you aren’t the most artistically-inclined, you’ll be able to make this happen!

3. Printable Santa Card

Diy printable santa card

If you’re looking for a base to get yourself started, check out this printable Santa card from HGTV. Once you’ve printed it out, you can accent it any way you’d like. Use cotton balls, pom poms, glitter, and personalize the inside!

4. Gingerbread

Diy gingerbread card diy

You could always add some candy to the design as well. Check out this gingerbread greeting from One Charming Party! You could probably get the kiddos involved and helping you with this project since they’re are marshmallows involved.

5. Pipe Cleaners

Diy pipe cleaner christmas cards