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How to Make a Subway Tile Shower and Other Home Projects

If you’ve ever considered redoing the tiling work in your shower, or perhaps adding some in the first place, then we have no doubt that you’re familiar with the fact that “subway tiles”, or those standard sized, square ceramic tiles that we’ve all seen in hotels and most homes, are the most common thing. They’re also trending right now for their ease of installation and how low maintenance they are to keep clean! We noticed recently that the main shower in our old little house could really use some retiling and we’re determined to do it ourselves rather than calling a contractor, so we’ve had our eyes open recently for all kinds of tips, tricks, advice pieces, and resources that might help us figure out the best way to tile, the best kinds to use, and what kind of style we’re aiming for.

1. Beginner’s tips and tricks for installing subway tile

Beginner's tips and tricks for installing subway tile

Are you actually completely new to the idea of DIY home renovations, even the small kind, and retiling your shower is about to be the very first home project you tackle? In that case, we have a feeling you might find a resource like this one from Lovely Etc, which outlines a whole list of useful tips and tricks for tiling beginners, very useful indeed!

2. Tips and tricks for choosing the right kinds of subway tiles

Tips and tricks for choosing the right kinds of subway tiles

Perhaps you feel surprisingly confident in the concept of actually installing the tiles because you’ve already done a lot of research about that but now you’ve been to the store and seen just how many kinds of subway tiles are available, so you’ve come home feeling like that is where a little more learning could be done? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a read through resources like this discussion of pros, cons, tips, and tricks for different types of subway tiles, featured on Jennifer Rizzo.

3. The biggest do’s and don’ts of subway tiling

The biggest do's and don'ts of subway tiling

Just in case you’re feeling almost ready to tackle the project but you’re also totally open to some last pointers from people who have experience before you get started, here’s a fantastic list of do’s and don’ts outlined in detail on My Blessed Life! For example, they suggest, from experience, that you do make sure the very first row of tiles you lay is perfectly level and straight, since that’s the line you’ll be following all the way up, from there on out. On the other hand, they urge you to make sure that you don’t apply too much mortar underneath your towels with your trowel, or it’ll squeeze out between the tiles and affect how they sit on the wall.

4. Work with existing ledges for guidance

Work with existing ledges for guidance

If you’re going to start doing research and looking for tips on how to subway tile your shower, why not seek out resource that will help you with the specifics to get you started? You can read all of the general information you want, after all, but sometimes it’s nice to have really clear instructions of the very first fundamentals before you start learning about the rest of the process. That’s why we’d suggest looking at The DIY Playbook‘s discussion of how to work with the existing ledges you already have in your shower space for guidance when it comes to that all-important straight line we were just talking about above!

5. DIY subway tile kitchen sink backsplash

Diy subway tile kitchen sink backsplash