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15 Awesome Star Wars Themed Crafts

Don’t get us wrong; we love all kinds of crafting. There’s just something extra special, however, about getting the opportunity to make things that are themed after our favourite movies or something that’s trending right now. After all, we love pop culture references almost as much as we love crafting! With the release of the new Star Wars movie, for example, it only makes sense to us to do as many crafts themed around the movie franchise as we can.

Just in case you love Star Wars and themed crafting as much as we do, here are 15 awesome tutorials and inspiration shots to get you crafting your favourite space characters and features too!

1. Glow in the dark Star Wars logo canvas

Glow in the dark star wars logo canvas

Have your kids followed in your footsteps and developed a love for Star Wars that’s just as strong as yours? Then it makes sense that you’d want to collect DIY ideas that have a little extra something to them to make them extra fun for your kids. Savvy Sassy Moms, for example, guides you through the process of making a logo canvas that actually glows!

2. Star Wars action figures shadow box display

Star wars action figures shadow box display

Have you been collecting Star Wars figures for a while now and you have some vintage models that are actually quite valuable, so you’re very proud of them and want to put them on display? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll appreciate tis DIY shadow box idea from MrMovieGuySC! They show you how to safely mount and keep the figures in place inside the box without damaging them.

3. Paper mache star fighter craft

Paper mache star fighter craft

Are you and your kids the kinds of crafters who will always choose the messiest projects 100% of the time because they’re simply a lot more fun in your opinion? Then we have a feeling you’ll have a total blast making this paper mache star fighter outlined on StarWars.com! They even show you how to make the wings from painted cardboard.

4. Painted cardboard snow speeder

Painted cardboard snow speeder

Have you always fancied yourself quite a talented model artist but you’re tired of making only expensive premade model kits, so you’d rather try making something from scratch? Then we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at this amazingly impressive DIY snow speeder created by Cardboard Toy Maker! They show you how it’s built, how to paint it to make it look worn, and even how to load it up with Lego storm troopers.

5. Construction paper Yoda ears

Construction paper yoda ears

Have you actually been scrolling through our list in search of something very simple because you want to be able to make it with your kids but also have them do most of the steps themselves? Then these simple Yoda ear hats from Nerd Craft Librarian are the perfect idea! We particularly like that they’ll get hours of amusement out of the ears by wearing them after they’ve finished making them.

6. BB-8 paper lantern

Bb 8 paper lantern

Do you have the kind of creative mind that always has you looking at things at normal things in stores, for example, and picturing them as other things you can craft yourself? Then you’ll totally understand how Desert Chica immediately saw how these simple paper lanterns from the dollar store might quite easily be transformed into a cute BB-8 window hanger! Find out how it’s done in their tutorial.

7. Toilet paper roll Star Wars characters

Toilet paper roll star wars characters

Have you always been partial to crafts that use simple supplies like construction paper and empty toilet paper rolls because they’re simple, affordable, and super diverse? Then we absolutely think you should take a look at how Huffington Post made these rolls into classic characters from the Star Wars movies! We love the way they embellished them with light sabers made of straws.

8. Homemade concrete Star Wars push pins

Homemade concrete star wars push pins

Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about messy crafts but you and the kids actually made other paper mache crafts recently so you need another idea that’s just as fun? In that case, if you’ve never worked with DIY concrete before, we’re about to introduce you to a total game changer in the messy crafts department! The Domestic Heart teaches you how to use Star Wars candy moulds to make awesome pins and cufflinks.

9. Frosted Star Wars mason jar candles

Frosted star wars mason jar candles

Glass frosting is usually a craft that we save for holiday projects and we most often create and feature shapes like delicate snowflakes or cute snowmen. Those aren’t really the only shapes you can make though! This awesome glass frosted mason jar lamp from StarWars.com is the perfect example of what we mean! Their tutorial shows you how to frost the shape of Darth Vader so it looks like a silhouette.

10. Pool noodle light sabers

Pool noodle light sabers

If your kids are as rambunctious as ours, then chances are probably good that their favourite part of any Star Wars movie is actually the primary weapon rather than any character. Our kids are absolutely obsessed with the entire concept of light sabers! Naturally, that means they’ll pretend just about anything is a sword that they can fight their siblings with. We decided to help them make their own colourful light sabers from pool noodles using this tutorial from All For The Boys, which turned out to be a very wise decision because the noodles are soft, so there are a lot less tears in our household right now when the kids fight each other like Jedi’s.

11. DIY Star Wars snow globe

Diy star wars snow globe

Ever since you were a kid, have you always thought that snow globes reminded you of the winter battle scenes in the original Star Wars movies? Well, Christmas might be over, but who says you can’t make a traditionally holiday themed craft a little differently so that it’s themed how you would like it instead? We love the way StarWars.com laid out the steps for making a snow globe featuring all kinds of awesome Star Wars characters!

12. DIY Star Wars coat rack

Diy star wars coat rack

Are you very proud of your many years of Star Wars fandom and you don’t care who knows it? In fact, are you so in love with the movies that you’d almost prefer people know that about you right up front? In that case, we see nothing wrong with making yourself a bit of DIY Star Wars décor that’s more permanent and also more useful! Check out, for example, how A Little Craft in Your Day made this awesome themed coat rack that would look great in a front entry way.

13. DIY Star Wars lunch bag

Konica minolta digital camera

Have you always been totally enamoured with the Star Wars themed fabrics you’ve seen in stores but you’ve never been much of a skilled sewing enthusiast and you can’t think of anything small and simple you could make yourself that would look good in that fabric? Then here’s a suggestion you’ll totally be able to make as a beginner and that you might actually use! Ben Franklin Crafts walks you through the process of making your very own Star Wars lunch bag out of fabric, complete with a duct tape lining in case anything spills.

14. DIY Star Wars shoes

Diy star wars shoes

Do you have a pair of shoes you’ve decided are far too plain to wear and a stack of old Star Wars comic books that you’ve already read but that you don’t have plans to keep because they’re not special editions of any kind? In that case, the only other things you need are scissors, a paint brush, and some Mod Podge and you’ve got everything it takes to make awesome DIY Star Wars shoes! Get the full instructions on Geek Craft Story.

15. Hand painted Star Wars wooden peg dolls

Hand painted star wars wooden peg dolls

Has the idea of hand painting your own figurines always appealed to you, and you’re quite confident in your painting skills so you’re ready for the challenge of painting something other than just a canvas? In that case, you might be the perfect person to make these adorable wooden peg characters from Pink and Green Mama! Check out how they added all kinds of detailed and features to make a whole hand painted version of the cast of Star Wars.

Do you know someone who loves Star Wars just as much as we do, if not more, and will take any opportunity to meld that with their love for crafting? Then share this post with them so they have some fun new ways to combine their favourite things!

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