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15 Organized Pantries That Are Bound To Make You Smile

There’s something extremely satisfying about extra tidy closets and spaces, don’t you think? Labels, bins, and more; watching everything have it’s very own spot makes it easier to keep your mind at ease and your home feeling fresh. And today, we have an extra special treat for you. These 15 organized pantries are bound to make you smile – as well as inspire you own DIY rearranging.

1. Steel & Plastic Bins

Steel and plastic bins for pantry organization

DIY starts us off with a simple pantry that any of us could replicate. Using both plastic and metal bits (with some labels too) you can also organize and have all the essentials handy. And it’s so aesthetically pleasing, don’t you think?

2. Ultra Modern

Modern organized pantry

If you want an ultra-modern look, then check out this space brought to us by The Kitchn. Using simple, chic canisters, bottles, jars, and more, you too can recreate this look. Just unpack as much as you can and sort!

3. Pops of Orange

Orange organized pantry

We’re loving this space not only because of its easy organizing but that pop of color really speaks to us. A bout of orange, especially when paired with wooden tones, will make a youthful and light presence. It’s a happy spot and we can thank HGTV for featuring it!

4. Trellis Backsplash

Kitchen pantry with trellis background

Add some prints to pantry and use this spot from Organizing Made Fun as inspiration. You can really put your own personal twist on the closet by adding some wallpaper or decals. We’re loving this all-white and pop of black making it both chic and classic.

5. Woven Baskets

Add woven baskets to organized kitchen pantry