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15 Organized Pantries That Are Bound To Make You Smile

There’s something extremely satisfying about extra tidy closets and spaces, don’t you think? Labels, bins, and more; watching everything have it’s very own spot makes it easier to keep your mind at ease and your home feeling fresh. And today, we have an extra special treat for you. These 15 organized pantries are bound to make you smile – as well as inspire you own DIY rearranging.

1. Steel & Plastic Bins

Steel and plastic bins for pantry organization

DIY starts us off with a simple pantry that any of us could replicate. Using both plastic and metal bits (with some labels too) you can also organize and have all the essentials handy. And it’s so aesthetically pleasing, don’t you think?

2. Ultra Modern

Modern organized pantry

If you want an ultra-modern look, then check out this space brought to us by The Kitchn. Using simple, chic canisters, bottles, jars, and more, you too can recreate this look. Just unpack as much as you can and sort!

3. Pops of Orange

Orange organized pantry

We’re loving this space not only because of its easy organizing but that pop of color really speaks to us. A bout of orange, especially when paired with wooden tones, will make a youthful and light presence. It’s a happy spot and we can thank HGTV for featuring it!

4. Trellis Backsplash

Kitchen pantry with trellis background

Add some prints to pantry and use this spot from Organizing Made Fun as inspiration. You can really put your own personal twist on the closet by adding some wallpaper or decals. We’re loving this all-white and pop of black making it both chic and classic.

5. Woven Baskets

Add woven baskets to organized kitchen pantry

This pantry already had some built-in cubbies so it made organizing even easier – or some would argue harder. Either way this spot from Nina Hendrick will certainly bring smiles and inspiration. Woven and wire baskets take center stage here!

6. A lot of Clear Containers

Pantry clear containers organization

House Beautiful had an organized pantry with a whole lot of personality too. There’s backsplash and there’s beautiful labeling too! And all of those clear canisters will help to focus your organizing and make it easier to grab what you need when you need it.

7. Container Store Help

Container store organized pantry

The Container Store showcased this beautiful bad boy and we were absolutely swooning. Everything has its spot, every container makes sense, and everything is labeled. If this doesn’t make you smile, we don’t know what will.

8. Extra Small

Small pantry organization

Even our extra small pantries can bring a smile and be organized to a “T.” Check out the inspiration we found at The Happy House. And then spend your Sunday afternoon fashioning your own cabinet after this one!

9. Attention to Color

Organized pantry with attention to color

Can you see the attention to both color and detailing throughout this pantry. Everything has its place and there’s a matching effect with color codes. Just like your own clothes closet, your snacks can be on point. And you can thank Pinterest for this find.

10. Label Love

Pantry makeover organization with large labels

See Vanessa Craft has some of our favorite labels on the list. We also love that everything is white so it gives off a modern vibe. But really, check out those DIY labels on those canisters – so chic!

11. Stackable Baskets

Organized pantry with stackable baskets

Just adding some stackable baskets to the pantry could be the breakthrough you need. Check out the easy ideas over at Decorating Your Small Space. The best part is that those pieces won’t break the bank, even if you buy a whole bunch!

12. Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse style organized pantry

Creative Green Living took their farmhouse style love right into the pantry. Just check out how neatly organized and stylish this one is! From the labels to the bins, it all falls under that interior design genre flawlessly.

13. Dreamy Amounts of Space

Extra large kitchen pantry

Do you have the luxury of an extra-extra large pantry? If so, you may have so much space that you don’t know how to handle it. Check out this bit of inspiration at House Beautiful to help you with that.

14. Chic & Girly

Chic and girlish organized kitchen pantry

Pinterest always has a lot of inspiration and ideas to peek at which we all know. And this beautiful pantry has a bout of girlish charm attached to it. That makes it one of our favorites, especially since those glass canisters really add a touch of luxury.

15. Ladder Included

Organized pantry with ladder

And finally, if we hop on over to Interiors by Studio M and check out this spacious pantry too! Add a ladder for harder to reach places and color coordinate as much as possible. There’s a variety of canisters and jars used here, providing ample amount of texture and interest.

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