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Cute DIY Welcome Signs for Your Home

When it comes to decorating our home, we’re always mindful that we can’t forget about the outside! After all, that’s the part of your home that people see and experience right away, which means it’s also the part that gives visitors their first impression. That’s why we love making our own features and projects for our porch, walkway, and front yard. People might as well know that we’re an avid crafting household right away! What’s our favourite thing we’ve made the outside of our home so far, then, you ask? We actually really love making welcome signs!

Just in case you’d like to make a DIY welcome sign for your home too so that everyone knows you’re a huge DIY lover right off the bat, here are 15 tutorials, inspirations, and designs for your consideration.

1. Wooden post and drawer knob sign

Wooden post and drawer knob sign

Have upcycling projects always been some of your very favourites? Then here’s one that will use up some of the weirder things in your garage in order to make visitors feel a little more welcome when they arrive! Check out how House Number Three used a spare fence post and a leftover decorative dresser knob to make a stand for a nice, hand painted wooden welcome sign.

2. Stenciled stone and ribbon welcome sign

Stenciled stone and ribbon welcome sign

Do you like the style and idea of the hanging welcome sign we showed you above but you’re not sure you have the space or need for a stand to go with it? Well, there’s nothing wrong with hanging the sign directly on the side of the house! Now that you’ve chosen a new style, are you concerned that a wooden sign won’t quite suit with the siding of your house? Then perhaps you’d prefer a DIY stone etching instead, just like this one from Our Way of Normal!

3. Spider web welcome sign

Spider web welcome sign

Halloween might be several months away right now, but that does not mean that we don’t spend most of the year stockpiling awesome spooky crafting ideas that we can pull out and make when the time is right! We love the idea of making seasonal welcome signs so we can switch up the outside of our house without losing that element of crafty hospitality that we love so much. That’s why we thought this DIY spider web welcome sign project from The Momerie was so cool!

4. Moss covered welcome hanger

Moss covered welcome hanger

Were you quite into the idea of making a slightly rustic looking wooden welcome sign but the front of your house has quite a few hanging plants and a lot of greenery so you’d like to making something that looks cohesive with that? In that case, We think you should take a look at this hanging moss covered door sign from Fashionably M. French! You’re getting all the things you’re looking for in one place.