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Springtime Cupcakes That are Perfect for Welcoming Warmer Weather

The first warm days of spring are like a breath of fresh air. You can open the windows, leave your heavy coat at home, and maybe even have a snack out on the patio! Cupcakes are the kind of treat that you can eat all year round, but some designs, flavours, and special features are especially great for spring. Check out these bright, cheerful, and delicious cupcake recipes and designs that are perfect for the season!

1. Orange Crush cupcakes

Orange crush cupcakes

The taste of delicious orange cream will have these cupcakes reminding you of cool orange pop with every bite!(Source: I Heart Nap Time)

2. Triple citrus cupcakes

Triple citrus cupcakes

What’s better than the deliciously refreshing taste of springtime fruits? More than one fruit flavour mixed together, of course!(Source: Tracy’s Culinary Adventures)

3. Coconut lemon cupcakes

Coconut lemon cupcakes

The flavours of coconut and lime together are enough to remind you of a warm, tropical vacation.(Source: I Heart Nap Time)

4. Peach tea cupcakes

Peach tree cupcakes

These delicious cupcakes have just a hint of peach flavour without overwhelming you, just like a warm mug of peach tea.(Source: Paula Deen)

5. Toasted coconut with mini eggs

Toasted coconut mini egg cupcakes

Who doesn’t think of Easter when they think of springtime? These cupcakes are the perfect combination of the two!(Source: I Heart Nap Time)

6. Coconut pineapple cupcakes

Pineapple coconut cupcakes

Never has Hawaii tasted so close to home! Spring is the time for all the delicious fruity flavours we forget about over the winter.(Source: Two Tiny Kitchens)

7. Carrot cupcakes

Carrot cupcakes

Vegetables start growing in the spring too, just like fruits! Carrot cupcakes are a delicious, slightly more savoury option (and they’re especially great when they’re decorated with adorable candy carrots)!(Source: I Heart Nap Time)

8. White chocolate strawberry ice cream

White chocolate strawberry ice cream cupcake

Nothing screams warmer weather like ice cream! These cupcakes have a deliciously chilly surprise inside that will make your guests’ mouths water.(Source: Bakingdom)

9. Coconut lime cupcakes

Coconut lime cupcake

If the other citrus and coconut combinations look good don’t quite hit the spot for you, try coconut and lime instead!(Source: Boastful Baker)

10. Lemon poppyseed cupcakes

Lemon poppyseed cupcakes

This classic favour is a winner every single year when the warm weather sets in and the treats come out!(Source: I Heart Nap Time)

11. Beehive cupcakes

Beehive cupcake

These spectacularly bright cupcakes are sweetened with honey and topped with meringue. Irresistible!(Source: Grace’s Sweet Life)

12. Pink lemonade cupcakes

Pink lemnonade cupcakes

These adorable looking cupcakes harness the flavour of one of spring’s best, freshest drinks: pink lemonade!(Source: I Heart Nap Time)

13. White coconut cupcakes with coconut swiss meringue buttercream

White coconut cupcake with coconut swiss meringue buttercream

The citrus combinations are certainly delicious, but sometimes a little bit of pure coconut is what you really need to prepare for warm weather!(Source: Tracy’s Culinary Adventures)

14. Black raspberry cream cupcakes

Black raspberry cream cupcake

Spring time doesn’t have to mean fruity citrus combinations! Check out this decadent and rich idea for black raspberry cream cupcakes.(Source: Easy Baked)

15. Lemon blueberry cupcakes

Lemon blueberry cupcake

Berries are an important and blooming part of spring too! Make sure you get your fill but still enjoy a tart summer flavour with these lemon blueberry cupcakes!(Source: Dainty chef)

16. Gluten Free Shirley Temple cupcakes

Gluten free shirley temple cupcakes

Your friends with gluten allergies should still be able to participate in the springtime treat fun! We all remember how delicious Shirley Temple drinks were as a kid, so how about harnessing that fruity flavour into a cupcake that won’t make friends with sensitive stomachs sick?(Source: Simply Gluten Free)

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