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Spring Cupcake Designs

Baking treats for our family is our favourite thing to do in our spare time no matter the season. On any free evening or weekend, chances are good that you’ll be able to find us in the kitchen mixing batter, adding food colouring to icing, and making little swirls or sprinkle designs on top of moist, freshly baked cupcakes that make the whole kitchen smell sweet and fragrant. The best time to make cupcakes, however, is near any holiday or season change. You can bet that the second the snow goes away, our cupcake recipes get a lot more colourful and fruity than they were the few previous months.

Check out these 15 deliciously fresh cupcake flavours that are perfect for spring (and, if we’re being honest, pretty much mouthwatering any time of year at all)!

1. Strawberry cupcakes

Strawberry cupcakes

Sometimes it’s nice to transition into a new season light and easy, keeping things simple but delicious. In cases like this, we usually like to pick our favourite fruit and run with it! Strawberry cupcakes are a classic that we never get tired of and we’re confident that most other people would agree, barring any food allergies. Get a nice, easy recipe from Martha Stewart.

2. Strawberry rose mini cupcakes

Strawberry rose mini cupcakes

Do you love the idea of making cupcakes that include strawberries but you’d like to make them even more springlike and flavourful that the recipe you saw above? Then follow in One Vanilla Bean‘s lead and add some hints of rose to the recipe! Pop some layered strawberry slices on top of the icing and you’ve got a cute garnish and some extra taste, all ready to go.

3. Lemon cupcakes with lime and ginger whipped cream

Lemon cupcakes with lime and ginger whipped cream

Is your favourite part of summer fruit coming back into season the part where all your citrus things get juicier and more full of flavour? Well, citrus might not sound like something that goes well with cupcakes, but The Pleasure Monger begs to differ. These cupcakes taste just like fresh lemons and, as if that wasn’t good enough, they’re topped with an equally fresh lime icing! The whole thing has just a hint of ginger for contrast.

4. Orange blossom cupcake with raw cashew cream

Orange blossom cupcake with raw cashew cream

Perhaps you’re very into the idea of making spring cupcakes but you’ve also been trying to watch your calorie intake of just generally eat healthier? Well, icing made with raw, organic ingredients is definitely one way to compromise! That might not sound like the most fun, but Foodily assures you that it’s delicious, particularly on top of an orange blossom flavoured cupcake!