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25 Coconut Oil Hair Masks

Coconut oil has many beneficial properties for health, both for topical use and when it is used to cook with. But did you know that it also does great things for your hair? Today we’re sharing lots of nourishing recipes for your hair that will leave your locks looking lovely. Keep reading to check out 25 of our favorite coconut oil hair masks.

1. Basic Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Basic coconut oil hair mask

Coconut oil on its own can be the perfect mask for your hair, if that’s all you have at home and you’re in need of a quick fix. The key here is to figure out the best way to get the coconut oil out once you’re finished with the mask. Head on over to Elements of Ellis to find out how to do it.

2. Banana, Avocado and Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Banana avocado coconut oil hair mask

This hair mask has many fantastic benefits to your hair, thanks to the nutrient rich avocado and banana which accompanies the coconut oil. The healthy fats in the coconut nourish your hair, while the potassium in the banana softens the hair. Head on over to Hello Nature blog to find the recipe.

3. Egg, Honey and Coconut Oil Mask

Coconut oil honey egg miracle hair mask 0

Honey is one of those superfood ingredients that is great for all kinds of beauty treatments. It is great at conditioning hair, and it may also help to grow hair longer faster, believe it or not! Make your way over to Berry Trendy to learn all about the amazing benefits of these ingredients for the hair.

4. Olive Oil, Egg, Honey and Coconut Oil Mask

Diy coconut oil honey hair mask

This amazing mask combines a number of different ingredients with coconut oil to create an incredibly nourishing hair mask. The olive oil will help replenish your hair’s natural oils, while the egg’s nutrients restore the health of your hair. Check out the full post over at The Budget Savvy Bride.

5. Castor Oil Hair Mask

Castor oil hair mask