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15 Awesome DIY Snowflake Crafts

The holidays might be over now, but that definitely does not mean that winter is already coming to an end, at least where we live. Up here, we’ve still got a few months left with the snowflakes and the cold fronts! Our kids are totally okay with this because they love playing out in the snow, but every once in a while extreme cold temperatures will keep them inside no matter how much they’d rather be building snowman and throwing snowballs. On those days, we always like to keep them feeling cheerful with DIY projects and crafting afternoons! We’ve actually found that making winter and snow themed crafts can help cheer them up on days when they’d rather be out playing in the snow but can’t, so we’ve been keeping lists of fun snow and snowflake themed crafts for a while now to make sure we have lots of ideas on those chilly, calm days in.

Just in case you could use some snow inspired crafting for your kids too, here are 15 of the cutest and most fun snowflake crafts we’ve come across in our search so far!

1. Sparkly foam paper snowflake ornaments

Sparkly foam paper snowflake ornaments

You’ve probably seen cut paper snowflake ideas before but, if your kids are avid crafts like ours, they’ve probably also already had their fill of those for the season. In that case, why not put a unique twist on the idea so you still have something simple for them to do but they still get to try something new too? Check out how Craft Hubs made little cut-out snowflakes from sparkly foam sheets instead! We love that the glitter is already built in so the snowflakes you make sparkle just like the real thing.

2. Twisted paper strips snowflake

Twisted paper strips snowflake

If you’re never heard of a “pasta snowflake” then we’re sorry to tell you that you’ve been missing out! The name might be a little misleading, since the craft is absolutely not made of pasta, but these are definitely a great way to take simple paper snowflakes to the next level. iCreative Ideas guides you step by step through the process of weaving thinly cut paper strips into lovely snowflake shapes of all kinds!

3. Painted clothespin snowflake

Painted clothespin snowflake

If you’re going to go out of your way to make snowflake crafts with your kids one afternoon, would you rather use that as an opportunity to upcycle something you already have in your house you’re not using anymore? In that case, maybe you’d prefer to make something like these wooden clothespin snowflakes from Hello Homebody! They painted theirs green but you might choose red, white, or to just keep your wood natural.

4. Finely crocheted snowflake ornaments

Finely croceted snowflake ornaments

Have your crafting skills always primarily lied in yarn crafts like knitting and crochet, and you’ve even been lucky enough to pass these skills on to your older kids, so you’ve always kind of been more drawn to crocheted crafts than paper or other materials? Well, lucky for all of us, Elly’s DIY Blog has a great pattern for crocheting fine little snowflake ornaments from lace yarn! The finished product is delicate and stunning.