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Hang Em’ Up With These 15 DIY Hat Racks

Get all your baseball caps and fedoras off of the floor. Instead, hand em’ up with any one of these 15 DIY hat racks. Novice crafters can whip these up in no time and some are not only functional but super stylish too. Perfect for organization a cluttered closet or tiny dorm room, let’s have a look at the innovation, shall we?

1. Wall-Mounted Zig-Zag

Wall mounted zip zag hat rack diy

Over at House and Home, you’ll be swooning for this functional hat rack. But not only is it usable, it’s stylish and acts as a fun piece of art for the wall. Check out the deets and instruction after the jump.

2. Copper

Diy copper hat rack

A piece of copper and some rope is all you need for this minimal design. Over at A Pair & A Spare, you’ll find all the directions behind the know-how here, and the tutorial is super easy for even novices to follow. So, hop on over, and start turning your foyer, studio apartment, dorm room, or bedroom into something a little more chic and organized!

3. Stand-Up

Stand up hat rack diy

If you have the space and fancy the design, why not use a stand-up hat rack? We love the quaintness and charming appeal of this easy setup. Check it out by visiting Frankie.

4. Animals

Diy animal hook hat rack

If you’re looking to create a rack for a kids’ space, utilize those plastic animals. A bit of paint, a plank of wood, and VOLIA! you’ve got this cutie to enjoy. The details can be found at Say Yes.

5. Clothing Line

Diy clothing line hat rack

Sometimes simplicity really is key. And with this idea we found at Apartment Therapy, you can get your hats off the floor, display them beautiful, and not cause any more fuss in your personal space. Some string and some clothespins are all you need to get started!

6. Mismatched Hooks

Diy hat rack with hooks

We’re loving this inspiring idea from Redbook! Grab some funky hooks at a local home store and then start making your very own, unique design. It’s a beautiful way to brighten up the foyer or mudroom.

7. Traditional

Traditional diy hat rack

Of course you can always go the traditional route. Create an easy hat rack with some wooden pieces and pegs. You an hang up the kids bags too like you see here in this example from Pinterest.

8. Trophy

Tropy hat rack diy

What can you do with all of those old trophies? You may feel bad throwing them out, but you can actually utilize them as such. Check out more details by visiting Design Sponge.

9. Antlers

Diy antlers hat rack

Camille Styles has some beautiful, DIY-style antlers featured and we think they’d make great hat racks too. Paint them to  your own liking and even add a bit of glitter if you’re feeling extra fancy. We love them as necklace holders too.

10. Wooden Pegboard

Diy pegboard hat rack

The Merrythought had this gorgeous wooden pegboard design featured and it’s perfect for our minimal, modern lovers out there. It’s a DIY beaut and you can use it all around the house in various ways – including to hand your hats (and bags!).

11. Vintage Records

Diy record hat rack

That vintage record collection you have can help out too. Or you can grab some inexpensive ones at the flea market to put this project to shame. Grab the deets as you visit BHG.

12. White Tree

Diy tree hat rack

Similar to the antlers, you can use tree pieces as you rack too. Paint it – we’re loving the sleek white – and then hand it up. Those branches will become your best friends. Idea straight from the genius of Hello, Scarlett.

13. Family-Style

Home and family 6160 final photo assets

This idea is really similar to our first on the list but we really love how it climbed across the wall. Hallmark Channel does a great job surprising us with it’s beauty and the instruction behind it.

14. Nautical

Diy nautical hat rack

The Lily Pad has this nautical rack up for grabs. Visit now and check out the easy details. The distressed wood and hooks give this just the right amount of beachy grit.

15. Clip-Up

Clip up diy hat rack

YouTube has an easy-to-follow video for creating this clip-up style hat rack. It’s condemned, it’s functional, but it also makes a fun piece for your walls to handle. Check it out after the jump.

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