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The 10 Best Clothes Drying Racks For Outdoors and Indoors in 2023

Are you the kind of careful buyer who likes to research your options when it comes to just aboutany purchase no matter how ordinary? Actually, if we’re being honest, sometimes we conduct evenmore research when it comes to some of the most seemingly boring things we purchase since we use them so often that we need them to both workand last.

Best clothes drying rack

That’s how we recently found ourselves making lists of bookmarked clothes drying rack options lately!

Best Clothes Drying Rack

Have we got you feeling rather intrigued by the idea of there being all different kinds of drying racks out there worth looking at

1. AmazonBasics Foldable Clothes Drying Laundry Rack

Amazonbasics foldable clothes drying laundry rack

Are you intent on getting a clothes drying rack that will help you air dry some of your finer things rather than putting them in the dryer, but you don’t necessarily have the space for something more permanent or a large spanning clothesline? Then we think you’ll enjoy this design from Amazon Basics instead.

Besides how space efficient this particular design is thanks to the way that it grows upwards but stays quite thin, this option is good for three reasons. One is affordability. Another is how many bars it features up its length, letting you hang more clothes. The final one is just how small the piece collapses down, making it simple and discreet to store away when you’re not using it.


  • Great for indoor use as it doesn’t take up a lot of space.
  • Durable but lightweight.


  • Some find that it’s too small.
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2. Whitmor Clip and Drip Hanger with 16 Clips

Whitmor clip and drip hanger with 16 clips

Do you absolutely have need of a clothes dryer because you don’t always have the opportunity to use the dryers in your little apartment building, since there aren’t very many, but you also don’t really have the available floor space for a rack like the one you see above? Then we think this design fromWhitmor might be a little better suited!

Rather than unfolding to stand on the ground, this clothing rack hangs from a convenient pole or something near where it’s convenient to your laundry machines. Instead of bars to drape clothing over, this rack features dangling clothespins that you can clip garments to. It’s especially effective for smaller pieces like undergarments or light camisoles.


  • Features 16 clips to hold your laundry.
  • You can hang it on shower curtain rods, clotheslines, and so on.


  • It’s a bit expensive.
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3. CRESNEL Stainless Steel Clothes Drying Rack

Cresnel stainless steel clothes drying rack

Do you actually have quite a lot of space to work with and you’re looking for the largest design that will let you hang the most clothes because you like to avoid putting them in the dryer whenever possible, whether for energy saving reasons or to avoid ear and tear on your garments? Then maybe this rack fromCresnel will be a little more your speed.

Rather than only giving you the option of hanging clothes up the rack’s length, this design lets you expand two spacious pieces to the side for garments that need to hang a little differently. We especially appreciated the fact that the angle of the horizontal pieces can be adjusted depending on what you’re drying.


  • Great for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Easily stored.


  • Product is not very sturdy
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4. exilot Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Laundry Drying Rack

Exilot heavy duty stainless steel laundry drying rack

Do you almostexclusively air dry your clothing because you’re trying to use your machine dryer as little as possible, so you’re looking for something larger and more heavy duty that can handle that task? Then we think you simplymust take a look at what exilot has to offer!

This much larger standing rack is made of steel for durability and good weight bearing. It’s X-shape allows you to hang things differently on each side and also avoids tipping, even if the weight distribution is uneven. Try taking the most space efficient advantage of what the bars offer by hanging clothes on hangers all along their lengths.


  • Easily foldable drying rack.
  • Can be used outside and inside.


  • It’s not very stable when outside.
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5. Honey-Can-Do Heavy Duty Gullwing Drying Rack

Honey can do heavy duty gullwing drying rack

Were you quite interested indeed in the classic “gull wing” drying rack we showed you above but, even though it seems like a very small detail to some, you’ve always preferred lighter shaded finishes than metal ones? Then we have a feeling you might prefer this design fromHoney-Can-Do!

We like that this white plastic coated design has quite so many bars for hanging garments on and is also extremely easy to clean or dry off thanks to the way its covered. This particular rack also has a nice feature in the differently angled bars near the very bottom of the legs on each side, which are great for drying shoes.


  • Features lots of room to dry clothes and even a few holders for shoes.
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors.


  • The bars bend easily.
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6. Household Essentials 6524 Tall Indoor Folding Wooden Clothes Drying Rack

Click image to open expanded view household essentials 6524 tall indoor folding wooden clothes drying rack

Are you still feeling quite fond of the very first rack we showed you, with it’s accordion-like vertically unfolding shape, but you’ve built a naturally finished aesthetic in your home down to thevery finest details and you’ve been holding out for something with a more suited materiality? ThenHousehold Essentials has just what you need!

This particular rack is made from naturally stained bamboo, with feet carved on an angle for stability against the ground when you pile it full and things get a little on the heavy side. Its joints are designed to fold smoothly without any wood catching, but to resist just right so the rack doesn’t collapse during drying either.


  • Sturdy and stable.
  • Fits more than a laundry load


  • Pricey.
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7. Minky Homecare Trio Concertina Drying Rack

Minky homecare trio concertina drying rack

Have you honestly been looking at both the accordion and the gull wing racks we’ve shown you and had trouble deciding between the two because you quite like certain features of both? Then we’ddefinitely suggest checking out this piece fromMinky Homecare!

This particular rack gives you the metal stability and convenient rack shape of the gull wing options you’ve seen with wider spread, while the stacked accordion construction of the rack is more reminiscent of the vertical design. The best part about this combination model, however, is that the blue clips allow you to choose how many levels your rack will have each time you set it up, depending on how much laundry you have to dry.


  • Rather tall so longer clothes fit well.
  • Double locking mechanism for more stability.


  • Can’t carry multiple laundry loads.
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8. Household Essentials 5012-1 Portable 2-Tier Clothes Drying Rack Tri-pod

Household essentials 5012 1 portable 2 tier clothes drying rack tri pod

Does the idea of a space saving vertical rack still interest you greatly but even the accordion designs we’ve shown you might be too wide for the limited spare space you have to work with? Then we’d suggest considering something like this design fromHousehold Essentials instead!

Rather than being built like a stacked piece, this rack is set up much more like a tripod with three riveted hanging bars at different heights. Should you only be hanging shorter garments, you might leave the bars at the top folded if you don’t need them. The height of the pole in the centre is adjustable and the whole thing is very easy and discreet to store when you’re done.


  • Doesn’t take up a lot of space.
  • Features 2 tiers.


  • Arms aren’t very sturdy.
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9. Whitmor Garment & Drying Rack

Click image to open expanded view video whitmor garment & drying rack

Have we piqued your curiosity quite well with the idea of a tripod style rack but you’re mostly interested in it for hanging longer garments like dresses or suit jackets? Then check out this piece fromWhitmor!

It’s much the same as the first, with the exception of the fact that it doesn’t have the extra set of folding hanger pieces near the centre. Instead, it has a twisting mechanism that will let you adjust height, only this model has a little more height so spare than what else is on our list.


  • Can hold up to 36 garments on its three extension arms.
  • Folds up nicely.


  • It’s not very sturdy if used outside.
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10. Leifheit 83100 Telefix 100 Wall Mount Retractable Clothes Drying Rack

Leifheit 83100 telefix 100 wall mount retractable clothes drying rack

Are you still thinking about how you have essentially no floor space at all to work with so a hanging rack would be best, but the one we showed you previously won’t easily hang on anything near your laundry, since it’s quite an empty space? Then we’re pretty sureLeifheit has a simple solution!

This rack is one that mounts very simply to the wall in a surprisingly sturdy durable way, staying sturdy even when it’s loaded with clothes. Of course, you wouldn’t want it sticking outwards into the room like that at all times, which is why it’s got a convenient folding feature that releases it down flat against the wall when it’s not being used.


  • Great for small spaces.
  • Features 8 rails with a total drying lenght of 7.2m.


  • You can’t hang heavier clothes on it.
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