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Simple Circle Skirt Tutorials

We love seeing the different ways that certain styles of clothing trend in and out of the stores. That’s partially due to the fact that we love shopping and partially due to our love for fashion itself. What we love even more, however, is discovering that we’re capable of making and recreating some of what we see in stores. After all, things are always more enjoyable to wear when you can make them yourselves, especially because that means you can customize them! So, what’s the latest trending garment we’ve seen in stores that we also love making ourselves, you ask? It’s circle skirts!

Just in case you’re just as into the circle skirt design as we are but you also prefer to make things yourself whenever you can, here are 15 great circle skirt tutorials that will help you make them in all different styles!

1. Easy knee length circle skirt

Easy knee length circle skirt

Is your favourite circle skirt the kind that has a little more length to it because you love the movement you get in the fabric as you walk? In that case, you might enjoy this knee-length style skirt best! It’s short enough to be stylish and cool on a hot day, but long enough to give you a little more coverage and sway as you move about your day. Get the details for making one of your own on AOL Lifestyle.

2. Simple circle skirt for little girls

Simple circle skirt for little girls

Perhaps you’re not the only one in your household who loves a good circle skirt? In that case, here’s a simple kids’ sized skirt pattern that will help you make pretty circle skirts for your little ones too! You can choose to keep them classic and plain but brightly coloured, or make the in all kinds of fun patterned fabric, just like Made Everyday did here!

3. Circle skirt with pockets and a ribbon edging

Circle skirt with pockets and a ribbon edging

Do you adore the circle skirt style but you would rather make yourself a skirt that has at least a little more detail? Then we have a feeling you’ll love this ribbon edged design with pockets from Of Dreams and Seams! Their tutorial walks you through both the process of making the basic skirt and the steps for adding the extra features.

4. Long twirling circle skirt

Long twirling circle skirt

Have you been thinking about the longer circle skirt we showed you first but wondering how if would look if the skirt was even longer for more flow? Then we have a feeling you’re going to love this lengthier design from Skirt Fixation! They show you how to create an even bigger circle than usual to make a longer skirt in the right shape.

5. Circle wrap skirt

Circle wrap skirt

We know by now that you love circle skirts, but did you know that there are other types of circle skirts you can make than the kind that simply slide on? This beautiful circular wrap skirt from Simple Simon & Co. is the perfect example of what we mean! They show you how to cut a full circle for the skirt but make a slit in the side so you can wrap it around your waist for a slimming, stylish fastening.

6. Circle skirt with a zipper

Circle skirt with a zipper

Speaking of ways to fasten circle skirts, what if the material you like the most isn’t a stretch fabric and therefore can’t be slid on like some others? Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t use that fabric, it just means you’ll have to learn how to put a zipper in! That might sound intimidating, but this tutorial from Whitney Sews guides you through the steps nice and clearly for a surprisingly easy process.

7. Double layered circle skirt

Double layered circle skirt

Have you always loved the look of full, short skirts with crinolines underneath but you don’t like having to wear so many skirts at once to get the volume? Then perhaps you’d prefer to fake it a little and get the look a less hampering way instead! We’ve actually done that before by following this cute layered circle skirt tutorial. Made Everyday shows you how it’s done. We love that you can use different colours and patterns on each layer for contrast.

8. Circle skirt with a waistband

Circle skirt with a waistband

Perhaps you much prefer wearing your skirts a little bit higher on your waist than you do down on your hips but you think that a high waisted skirt with a shirt tucked in looks unfinished if the edge just cuts off? Then we have a feeling you’ll much prefer this fantastic circle design with a waistband sewn to the top for a clean, finished look. See the whole idea in more detail on Brittany Eman!

9. Barbie doll reversible circle skirt

Barbie doll reversbile circle skirt

In your house, is the policy usually that your kids’ favourite doll needs an outfit whenever the kids get one? Well, you might find doll sized clothes in the same colours and styles as your kids’ clothes, but making things yourself means you can customize the doll clothes to match precisely! Try matching your kids’ newest circle skirts by making a little doll sized one from the scraps you didn’t use when you made the kids’ skirts, just like Nest Full of Eggs did here.

10. Circle skirt with a dainty hem

Circle skirt with a dainty hem

Are you quite fine with the idea of a simple circle skirt but you kind of wish you could add a bit of delicate detail along the edge for some class and visual appeal? Then this tutorial from iCandy Handmade for adding a delicate frilled eyelet trim all along the edge of any type of circle skirt you please is absolutely the one for you! We like the idea of using a contrasting colour to the material you’ve sewn the skirt in so the trim stands out in a pretty, subtle way.

11. Easy circle skirt pattern making guide

Easy circle skirt pattern making guide

If you’re going to start making yourself all kinds of awesome coloured and patterned circle skirts then it only makes sense to make yourself a good pattern that you can use over and over again! Learning how to make that pattern might seem like a little bit of a challenge, but luckily What Does She Do All Day is here to show you how to make one precisely for your own size so that each skirt you make fits just right every time.

12. DIY long circle skirt using a bed sheet

Diy long circle skirt using a bed sheet

Are your favourite DIY projects always the ones that also involve upcycling something you’ve already got, especially when it comes to clothing? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll get a kick out of this awesome floor length circle skirt tutorial that Nadira037 made from a bed sheet! Their tutorial walks you through the surprisingly simple process step by step.

13. Circle skirt with elastic waist

Circle skirt with elastic waist

We’ve talked about circle skirts with all kinds of waistbands and fastening styles so far; stretch fabric slip-ons, zippers, wrap skirts, and so on. What if, however, the fabric you want to use is, once again, one that doesn’t stretch but you really don’t think you’re ready to learn how zippers are installed? In that case, Cotton and Curls has just the solution for you! They show you how to put an elastic waistband in the top so that you can slide it on after all.

14. Maxi quarter circle skirt

Maxi quarter circle skirt

Perhaps you’re a fan of the way circle skirts move, especially when they’re maxi length, but you just don’t think you’ll be able to handle all that fabric getting in your way all day? In that case, this quarter circle skirt might actually be the best full length design for you. See how this process differs from the standard full circle skirts you’ve seen or made before on By Hand London.

15. DIY dress with a circle skirt

Diy dress with a circle skirt

We certainly do love a good circle skirt, but there’s something to be said about how pretty a circle skirt attached to a full dress that’s also extra pretty! The idea of sewing sleeves and a neck hole on top of a skirt might sound like a bit of a challenge, but with the help of this tutorial from Melissa Ting, we think you’ll be able to make the alteration no problem.

Do you know a fellow sewing enthusiast who loves to learn new techniques as often as possible but who has yet to quite master the art of the circle skirt? Share this post with them to give them a helping hand (and some inspiration)!

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