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Simple Circle Skirt Tutorials

We love seeing the different ways that certain styles of clothing trend in and out of the stores. That’s partially due to the fact that we love shopping and partially due to our love for fashion itself. What we love even more, however, is discovering that we’re capable of making and recreating some of what we see in stores. After all, things are always more enjoyable to wear when you can make them yourselves, especially because that means you can customize them! So, what’s the latest trending garment we’ve seen in stores that we also love making ourselves, you ask? It’s circle skirts!

Just in case you’re just as into the circle skirt design as we are but you also prefer to make things yourself whenever you can, here are 15 great circle skirt tutorials that will help you make them in all different styles!

1. Easy knee length circle skirt

Easy knee length circle skirt

Is your favourite circle skirt the kind that has a little more length to it because you love the movement you get in the fabric as you walk? In that case, you might enjoy this knee-length style skirt best! It’s short enough to be stylish and cool on a hot day, but long enough to give you a little more coverage and sway as you move about your day. Get the details for making one of your own on AOL Lifestyle.

2. Simple circle skirt for little girls

Simple circle skirt for little girls

Perhaps you’re not the only one in your household who loves a good circle skirt? In that case, here’s a simple kids’ sized skirt pattern that will help you make pretty circle skirts for your little ones too! You can choose to keep them classic and plain but brightly coloured, or make the in all kinds of fun patterned fabric, just like Made Everyday did here!

3. Circle skirt with pockets and a ribbon edging

Circle skirt with pockets and a ribbon edging

Do you adore the circle skirt style but you would rather make yourself a skirt that has at least a little more detail? Then we have a feeling you’ll love this ribbon edged design with pockets from Of Dreams and Seams! Their tutorial walks you through both the process of making the basic skirt and the steps for adding the extra features.

4. Long twirling circle skirt

Long twirling circle skirt

Have you been thinking about the longer circle skirt we showed you first but wondering how if would look if the skirt was even longer for more flow? Then we have a feeling you’re going to love this lengthier design from Skirt Fixation! They show you how to create an even bigger circle than usual to make a longer skirt in the right shape.

5. Circle wrap skirt

Circle wrap skirt