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15 of the Best Farmhouse Style Wall Colors To Use

If you’re transforming your home into a vintage-inspired, rustically-inclined masterpiece, we have some inspiration for you. Below you’ll find the 15 best farmhouse style wall colors to use. So, if you’re going that route in your home redesign, these are the shades you need to be dipping your corners in.

1. Muted Navy

Mavy wall in farmhouse dining room

Spectra air showcased this gorgeous dining room and living area combination. And what stuck out to us was the beautiful mix of contemporary and farmhouse styles. And that’s highlighted so beautifully by the muted, navy wall which adds stunning contrast to the cream tones and natural lighting surrounding it.

2. Washed Taupe

Taupe wall in farmhouse living room

A washed taupe is a natural tone to take hold of when thinking about farmhouse styling. This shot from Home Lovr is a beautiful example of a rustically-inclined room that’s fully equipped for both function and fashion. And that monochromatic look creates a perfectly chic finish as well.

3. Charcoal

Charcoal wall in farmhouse kitchen

Charcoal is a color that works no matter what style you’ve decided to try and create. Even in this farmhouse-contemporary space, that charcoal provides a strong foundation, contrast, and interest to its lower stylings. Check more spaces like this out over at Coco Cozy.

4. Creamy White

Cream wall farmhouse living room

Creamy whites bold well with the country-inspired genre as well. We see this room here from Home BNC with both farmhouse and cottage vibes looking delicate and welcoming while being enveloped in the soft natural shade. It’s versatile and easy to decorate behind.

5. Blush Pink

Blush pink wall farmhouse home