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15 of the Best Farmhouse Style Wall Colors To Use

If you’re transforming your home into a vintage-inspired, rustically-inclined masterpiece, we have some inspiration for you. Below you’ll find the 15 best farmhouse style wall colors to use. So, if you’re going that route in your home redesign, these are the shades you need to be dipping your corners in.

1. Muted Navy

Mavy wall in farmhouse dining room

Spectra air showcased this gorgeous dining room and living area combination. And what stuck out to us was the beautiful mix of contemporary and farmhouse styles. And that’s highlighted so beautifully by the muted, navy wall which adds stunning contrast to the cream tones and natural lighting surrounding it.

2. Washed Taupe

Taupe wall in farmhouse living room

A washed taupe is a natural tone to take hold of when thinking about farmhouse styling. This shot from Home Lovr is a beautiful example of a rustically-inclined room that’s fully equipped for both function and fashion. And that monochromatic look creates a perfectly chic finish as well.

3. Charcoal

Charcoal wall in farmhouse kitchen

Charcoal is a color that works no matter what style you’ve decided to try and create. Even in this farmhouse-contemporary space, that charcoal provides a strong foundation, contrast, and interest to its lower stylings. Check more spaces like this out over at Coco Cozy.

4. Creamy White

Cream wall farmhouse living room

Creamy whites bold well with the country-inspired genre as well. We see this room here from Home BNC with both farmhouse and cottage vibes looking delicate and welcoming while being enveloped in the soft natural shade. It’s versatile and easy to decorate behind.

5. Blush Pink

Blush pink wall farmhouse home

Blush pink will play well with natural wood textures and furniture pieces. Just look at this little peek from My Scandinavian Home for inspiration. You can easily create a farmhouse-inspired space but with a feminine vibe attached.

6. Butter Yellow

Yellow farmhouse living room

Butter yellows will do the trick too. They mesh well with creamy whites and other neutrals that are so closely associated to this style theme. Just look at this gorgeous space from Little Vintage Nest! Not everything has to be full, farmhouse interior design can be uplifting and bright as well.

7. Mauve

Mauve wall farmhouse style

Pinterest always has a host of great inspiration and that goes double when it comes to finding paint colors that inspire us. This mauve nook got our wheels churning. How gorgeous would a bout of this shade be inside a bedroom or home office that rocks the farmhouse trend?

8. Subtle Silver

Silver wall in farmhouse style home

Taryn Whiteaker went with a subtle silver shade to highlight her living room and we’re in love. Farmhouse quality is motivated by neutrals and this one will keep everything fit and in its place. Create a solid foundation by going with something similar.

9. Soft Wheat

Wheat wall color in farmhouse home

Home BNC displayed this soft wheat shade and we thought it felt quite well inside a kitchen – or even the hallways of the house. It’s a more muted tone that’s offset nicely by other browns and taupe colors. If you want traditional and calm, then this is the color to go for.

10. Distressed Beige

Beige wall color farmhouse play room

Then again if you want something a bit brightening, going with a lighter beige tone may be the perfect way to get your farmhouse-inspired play room to pop. We found this beauty thanks to our friends at Homedit. It’s just another neutral that plays well with varying textures.

11. Mink

Maybe you’re on the market for something a bit deeper. If so, this deep mink tone really looks beautiful in the bathroom. Find more inspiration like this one by visiting The Unique Nest.

12. Midnight Black

Black chalkboard wall farmhouse home

Black is a classic and works well with all kinds of style genres – including this one. But what we love so much about this inspiration from Our Vintage Home Love is that it’s actually a chalkboard wall. And that ideas fits even more nicely into a farmhouse vision, don’t you think?

13. Matte Gold

Matte gold wall farmhouse style home

This matte gold wall is unique and bold. But most importantly, it displayed this farmhouse setup in an original and personalized way. If you want more ideas then you’ll want to check out the genius creations by Kylie M. Interiors.

14. Owl Grey

Owl grey wall in farmhouse inspired dining room

Decoist had this stunning owl grey dining room features and we had to quickly snatch it up and add it to the list. It’s another sleek neutral that will set the stage for any kind of room you want to create. Including one that matched farmhouse quality to a modern art vibe.

15. Sage Green

Sage green farmhouse decor

And finally, sage green dressing on the walls will make for a fresh feel. Over at Tinyme we found this stunning, living room peek and we were immediately inspired by it’s romance and complimentary charm to the farmhouse vibe. Check out more like it after the jump.



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