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Beautiful Sewing Patterns for Little Girls

Learning to sew is an awesome, versatile skill that will be useful to you in so many contexts we can hardly count them. Besides allowing you to make things that you actually need for daily life yourself, being able to sew is also a veritable gold mine when it comes to making gifts for friends, family, and the people you love! When we were first learning to sew, we found ourselves sewing an awful lot for our kids. Besides the fact that you’re using less fabric and making everything in miniature when you sew for kids, making thing for our daughter’s, nieces, and so on made for particularly awesome practice because there are so many incredible sewing patterns for little girls that will get you learning a whole range of skills but trying them out for the first time in a way that’s still quite simple to grasp.

Check out these 15 completely adorable sewing patterns for little girls! Your family and friends will certainly appreciate that you’ve learned to sew in no time once they see the beautiful things you’re capable of creating.

1. Super ruffled tank top

Super ruffled tank top

Learning how to make even the simplest kids’ shirt yourself opens up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to dressing your kids in things that actually fit when they’re growing quickly, or making good use of old clothing and scrap fabric. Why make something basic and simple, though, when you can make something flashy and totally adorable instead? Sewing in Nomansland agrees! That’s why they’ve got this amazing tutorial for a ruffled top that’s so cute we can hardly stand it. Learning ruffles is a technique that’s simpler than it looks but certainly useful for projects of all kinds!

2. Petal ballerina tutu

Petal ballerina tutu

You’ve probably seen tutorials out there for DIY tutus that don’t involve any sewing at all. Those make for awesome, quick projects and we make them all the time! The slip knit technique is simple and effective. What if, however, you’re looking to make a tutu that’s got a little more character and detail than the average design? Then we think perhaps you’ll prefer this design from Totally Stitchin’ instead! Rather than just knotting your tulle and leaving it the way it is, they show you how to make a pretty silk overlay that sits on top and looks like flower petals. Your little ones will run around looking like adorable garden fairies!

3. Patterned ruffle dress

Patterned ruffle dress

Are you a huge fan of bright colours and eye catching patterns? Have you already accumulated a huge stash of scrap fabrics and little ends that are probably to small for most projects? Then this awesomely ruffled striped dress might be the perfect project for you! Crazy Little Projects shows you how to make an easy tank top dress with a ruffling bottom edge, but also how to make it extra fun looking by using colour blocking techniques to make brightly popping stripes!

4. Fabric Shoelaces

Fabric shoelaces

Speaking of projects that are great for using up fabric scraps, what about those really little pieces that you’re almost on the verge of throwing out? Well, hold off just a little bit longer and take a look at this adorable shoe lace tutorial from Make It, Love It! Besides being a useful project for you because it saves you from wasting fun fabrics, it also lets you easily replace the laces in your kids shoes if they get too filthy and frayed. We all know, though, that the best part of making these is how awesomely fun they look! Suddenly your kids will actually want to learn how to tie their shoes as quickly as possible.

5. Boxy pleat dress

Boxy pleat dress

Do you love the idea of making your kids simple dresses but you’re not sure ruffles and crazy patterns are quite what they’ll want to put on in the morning? Then try making them something a little more soft and casual instead. These cute little dresses are comfortable and easy to move in but they still have some personality thanks to a simple pleat at the neck and a few little buttons near the collar. See how they’re done on iCandy Handmade!

6. Baby circle skirt

Baby circle skirt

Circle skirts are trendy right now no matter what length you make them or how old you are. Believe it or not, they’re also surprisingly easy to make! We love the idea of practicing the technique by making a little version of a classic circle skirt for a baby. On top of the practice you’ll get, check out how incredibly cute the look is on Made Everyday!

7. Layered ruffle tote bag

Layered ruffle tote bag

Have you already made a few ruffled clothing pieces for the little girls in your life but now they’re getting older and they’re starting to get into cute accessories too? Then perhaps making them a matching tote bag for sleepovers, dance class, and school would make a great gift! Check out how Crazy Little Projects made this bag with adorable overhanging ruffled layers and contrasting fabric patterns and colours once more.

8. Cute girls’ headbands

Cute girls' headbands

Are you looking at some of these projects and feeling a little bit intimidated by the level of skill required because you really are a beginner in the true sense of the word? In that case, try starting with the accessories first and leaving things like shirts and dresses until you’re feeling a little more confident in your skills! We love these cute little fabric headbands from Craft Snob (and we also think they’re another good opportunity for using up fabric scraps once you’ve progressed and built up a stash).

9. Simple raglan tee

Simple raglan tee

Did you love the idea we discussed earlier of making your kids nice, simple shirts in whatever colours and patterns you choose but you’d rather have them in t-shirts than thank tops so their shoulders don’t get sunburned this summer? Then here’s an alternative tutorial for you! Craftiness is Not Optional guides you through the process of not only making a t-shirt, but making a raglan style shirt that will let you create a cute contrasting look.

10. Flowy ballet dress

Flowy ballet dress

We’ve talked a little bit about tutus, but what if you’d rather make your little girls more movable dresses that mimic a tutu without actually involving scratchy tulle and big puffy skirts? Then you might prefer this adorable tutu-inspired dress from It’s Always Autumn instead! We love the way the colour of the skirt complements the polka dots!

11. Pom pom twirly skirt

Pom pom twirly skirt

Perhaps you’re familiar with how circle skirts are made and you’ve actually become quite good at making them, so now you just like to keep your eyes out for cute ways to customize them and change the classic look up a little bit? Then here’s a totally adorable idea for you! Bombshell Bling shows you how to add an adorable pom pom fringe to the hem of the skirt in a cute, quick way.

12. Let’s Go Fly a Kite sundress

Let's go fly a kite sundress

Have you always loved the idea of dressing little girls in cute, graphically designed dresses that resemble something their favourite ragdoll might wear? Then this sweet, simple style from Ribbon Retreat might be exactly what you’re looking for! It’s got a little more shape and character than your average store bought tank top dress, but it’s still comfortable to wear and cool for hot summer days. It’s also a great project for learning how to make neat, even seams under the bust where the fabric changes.

13. Princess hooded towel

Princess hooded towel

Perhaps you’ve been looking for projects that will help you learn what it feels like to sew using fabrics with different textures? Then we’re happy to introduce you to the super fun concept of making things from terry cloth! To get you started, here’s an awesome towel project from Crazy Little Projects. They’ll show you how to make a simple hooded towel that’s fit for a princess. You’ll get that textured experience without taking on something that’s a little too hard for your first try at sewing with something that feels and behaves a little differently than what you might be used to putting through your sewing machine.

14. Ruffled toddler apron

Ruffled toddler apron

Just in case you haven’t caught on quite yet, we love ruffles! We also love getting our kids involved in the kitchen because, on top of being sewing enthusiasts, we’re also avid cooks and bakers. Making your little ones adorable aprons to wear while they help you making dinner and dessert, then, is the perfect opportunity to merge all of the things you’re passionate about! Bombshell Bling guides you step by step through the process of making a cute, miniature apron complete with pattern changes, colour blocking, and, of course, ruffles.

15. Easy knit heart dress

Easy knit heart dress

Sometimes in the world of sewing you’ll encounter terms and wording that might seem a little confusing at first. Talking about knit fabrics, for example, might make you think initially that this dress is supposed to be knitted in the classic style- with yarn on needles. What they’re really referring to is a comfy, breathable material known as knit fabric! Lexi Made is here to show you how simple and enjoyable it can be to sew with, and how lovely the finished products can be!

Do you know someone who absolutely adores sewing for the little girls in their life and is always on the lookout for new, fun patterns to try? Share this post with them so they never run out of awesome projects to make!