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16 Scrumptious Monkeybread Recipes To Try Making At Home

One of the best treats to share will friends, Monkeybread can be made with so many different flavors and fillings inside. This sticky treat, also known as puzzle bread, can be savory or sweet, dunked or drizzled on and even crisp or pillow-like. It’s a versatile for around-the-year recipe concocting and so much fun to experiment with. Here are 16 of our favorite recipes!

1. Original


Over at Sally’s Baking Addiction you’ll find my personal favorite, classic monkeybread recipe. They really are like tiny cinnamon rolls you can pull right apart!

2. Salted Caramel


Just like Add A Pinch says when describing this delicious creation, the salted caramel sauce poured atop the bread here gives the classic recipe a unique twist that everyone will want to dive into!

3. Cheese Pizza


Over at A Thrifty Mom you can learn how to make this deliciously satisfying cheese pizza monkeybread that will knock the socks off of the entire family and whatever guests get to indulge with you!

4. Gingerbread


For a festive, holiday spin take a look at this monkey gingerbread recipe from Splash of Something. This would be a great starter for Christmas Eve or even Christmas morning during presents!

5. Chocolate Apple Pie


Jo Cooks gushes about her love for monkeybread and it certainly shows in her recipes. Gooey and delicious, this is a personal favorite of my pairing two of my favorite treats; apple pie and chocolate – in pull-apart form!

6. Nutella & Cream Cheese


Check out this rich and decadent recipe from Girl and The Kitchen! Stuffed with both Nutella and cream cheese, you won’t go wrong with this sweet mixture for any time of the day – all day long!

7. Muffins


Cooking Classy made monkeybread muffins! Tinier treats that everyone around can dive into. They’ll still pull apart but they start off in a single serving so everyone can top to their delight!

8. Jalapeno Popper

Cheesy Jalapeno Monkeybread

Pillsbury made a delicious rendition of classic jalapeno poppers – but in bread form! And we’re loving the innovation! Top with extra cheese and serve up this spicy appetizer or snack for family and friends.

9. Parmesan-Garlic

garlic Parm monkeybread

If you’re in the mood for something that isn’t sweet but a bit lighter on the decadence, try out this garlic-Parm recipe from Pillsbury! It would be a great accent to a pasta dinner or even a dinner salad!

10. Bourbon


Top with pecans and savored with bourbon this monkey bread from Wanna Bite will have neighbors lined up outside to have a bite – just like the recipe says! This is another great one to have around the holidays!

11. Cake Batter

cake batter monkeybread

There’s something special about a birthday cake flavor and with this batter monkey bread you’ll be getting that same taste with the benefits of pull-apart goodness. Just pop on over to Pillsbury to try it out.

12. Apple Raisins

apple raisin monkeybread muffins

Happy Hour Projects made some sticky, apple raisin concoctions and put them in muffin form! These would be great accompanied by a warm cup of coffee in the fall, don’t you think?

13. Fruit-Studded

Berry Monkeybread

Nellie Bellie made a gorgeous monkeybread full of berries and wonderful things. This is a great twist on the classic monkeybread we all know and love, especially those with a lighter love of sweets.

14. Chocolate

CHocolate mOnkey bread

Anything and everything is better with chocolate and that’s what Bite Me More did with this monkeybread recipe. Whether you use it as dessert or a special breakfast, this is a winner in our books!

15. Pumpkin

pumpkin monkey bread

Sweet Makes Three took pumpkin and spruced up her monkeybread recipe! We love these little sweet rolls and imagine them being quite the hit with the family throughout the fall season.

16. Herb & Cheese


Five Heart Home made this gorgeous – and delicious – savory herb and cheese bread that our mouths are absolutely salivating over. We find this to be a perfect party starter that all guests can grab, go and enjoy!

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  1. So many gorgeous recipes! I can’t wait to try some of these! Thank you so much for sharing, hugs always xx

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