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16 Scrumptious Monkeybread Recipes To Try Making At Home

One of the best treats to share will friends, Monkeybread can be made with so many different flavors and fillings inside. This sticky treat, also known as puzzle bread, can be savory or sweet, dunked or drizzled on and even crisp or pillow-like. It’s a versatile for around-the-year recipe concocting and so much fun to experiment with. Here are 16 of our favorite recipes!

1. Original


Over at Sally’s Baking Addiction you’ll find my personal favorite, classic monkeybread recipe. They really are like tiny cinnamon rolls you can pull right apart!

2. Salted Caramel


Just like Add A Pinch says when describing this delicious creation, the salted caramel sauce poured atop the bread here gives the classic recipe a unique twist that everyone will want to dive into!

3. Cheese Pizza


Over at A Thrifty Mom you can learn how to make this deliciously satisfying cheese pizza monkeybread that will knock the socks off of the entire family and whatever guests get to indulge with you!

4. Gingerbread


For a festive, holiday spin take a look at this monkey gingerbread recipe from Splash of Something. This would be a great starter for Christmas Eve or even Christmas morning during presents!

5. Chocolate Apple Pie