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25 Contemporary DIY Projects For Your Dog or Cat

If you’re a pet parent, then you know how generic products from the pet store can be… and how expensive. So why not take a crack at making a few things yourself? They’ll be super unique, and they’re probably save you a penny or two. Here are 25 of our favorite DIY pet projects with a contemporary feel.

1. Wooden Bowl Holder

diy wooden pet bowl holder

This modern bowl holder is made of square wooden dowels, and looks incredibly chic thanks to its plain, effortless shape. It can be customized depending on the size of your pet – it would work for a kitten just as well as it would work for a St. Bernard – just adjust the measurement ratios for your dog or cat. Get the tutorial here.

2. DIY Carhartt Dog Jacket

diy dog carhartt jacket

This handsome pup is wearing a jacket made from an old Carhartt jacket that her owner was finished with. You’ll need a very patient dog for this project, because you will need to measure it on him/her frequently. But it just might be worth it! Head over to Instructables to find out how to make this cute coat.

3. Ombré Rope Leash

DIY ombre leash

Your dog will be the most stylish one on the block if you make this super trendy dip-dyed ombré leash for him or her. All you’ll need are a few basic materials, along with a container of Rit dye in your desired color. Make your way over to Curbly to find out how Capree made this lovely rope leash.

4. Cat Scratch Board

cat scratcher diy

Does your feline have cat scratch fever? You might try making one of these chic wood and rope cat scratchers to try to curb any furniture scratching behavior. It sure looks cuter than those generic ones you get at the pet store, don’t you think? Find out how to make one of these scratchers over at Design*Sponge.

5. Mid-Century Modern Dog Bed

modern dog bed

Turn a few pieces of wood and some fabric into the coolest mid-century modern bed your dog has ever seen! The key is to choose a retro color scheme, and to accent it with tapered legs. And because it is raised off the floor, it is easy to clean underneath. Check out the full tutorial over at Our Nerd Home.

6. Crocheted Cat Bed

Crochet Cat Bed

This beautiful round kitty bed is crocheted into a round shape, giving your pet the perfect little spot to curl up in. This one matches its occupent, in an off white with gray edges. Not only does this look just adorable, it will also mask any shedding that might occur. Head over to Dabbles and Babbles to read the instructions.

7. DIY Fleece Dog Toy

fleece dog rope toy

This colorful tug toy is easier to make than it looks… just cut out four long strips of brightly colored fleece and then follow the simple folding directions over at Making It Home blog. The size can be customized for your dog too, just by adjusting the width of the strips. Your dog will thank you for spending the time to make it!

8. DIY Geometric Dog House

geometric dog house

Believe it or not, this is a DIY-able project! It’s not for the faint of heart, of course, but it is doable. And isn’t it just fantastic? Fido will adore it, and it’s sure to be a conversation starter when your friends come over for a visit. Find out how to make your own geometric dog house over at HomeMade Modern.

9. Dog Bow Tie

DIY Dog Bow Tie

Well, doesn’t this little guy look handsome? This DIY bow tie is super easy to sew, and it’s sure to give your pup that fancy feel that he’s going for when he attends your next family party. It attaches right to his collar, making it extra convenient to use. Make your way over to Good Dogs & Co. to get the instructions.

10. Color Blocked Scratching Post

color blocked cat scratch post

This colorful scratching post is both functional and beautiful… the best of both worlds. The materials are really quite simple – some scrap wood, a staple gun, and some rope – and the final product will look lovely in your living room. Head over to A Beautiful Mess to find out how to make your cat one of these scratching posts.

11. DIY Paw Cleaning Cloth

dog towel mitten muddy paws

Knowing the havoc that muddy paws can wreak on your home, this paw cleaning cloth is really quite genius. All you’ll need is a hand towel, a piece of ribbon and a sewing machine. A small loop is formed with the ribbon, creating a convenient way to hang it up on your door knob so you know right where it is. Get the tutorial here.

12. Easy Donut Toy

DIY Donut Toys For Dogs

I’m not sure what’s cuter – the dog or the toy! This adorable little donut toy is incredibly simple to make, and your dog is sure to love it (although I’m guessing that it may not be suitable for aggressive chewers). Make your way over to Pretty Fluffy to find out how to make a few of these super easy doggy donuts.

13. Cat Toy IKEA Hack

cat scratcher toy ikea hack

This combination cat toy and scratcher is made from the IKEA Rast bedside table, along with a few other simple materials. Your kitty can play with the colorful ball toy while sitting on top, or while standing on the ground. Head over to We Are Scout to find out how to create this genius IKEA hack.

14. Rope Ball Surprise Dog Toy

rope ball treat surprise

This toy cleverly hides a treat inside, making it an interactive toy for your pup. The rope is knotted in such a way that it can be unwound with a bit of effort by your dog – and he’s sure to give it a try once he smalls the biscuit inside. Head over to Hands Occupied to find out how to make this smart little dog toy.

15. Retro Pet Bed

retro dog bed diy

This retro style pet bed is the perfect napping spot for your stylish cat or dog. It takes a bit of time and effort to make the curved shape of the sides, but it sure it worth it! And if you’re a novice woodworker, you could certainly just substitute square corners for curved ones. Head over to A Beautiful Mess to check out the full tutorial.

16. DIY Dog Feeding Station

DIY Dog Food Station Storage

This feeding station functions as both a food storage area and a place to eat – making it super convenient if you have a small home and are trying to save space. And it’s not all that difficult to make. Head over to Addicted to DIY to find out exactly how to make one of these genius feeding stations for your own home.

17. Padded Dog Jacket

dog jacket sewing tutorial

Surprisingly enough, this adorable jacket has a tutorial that goes along with it… so you can make it yourself! Martha Stewart shows you all the ins and outs of making this lovely padded jacket in this easy tutorial which includes templates. Fido will thank you when it keeps him warm and stylish all winter long.

18. DIY Braided Leather Leash

leather braided dog leash

Step up your dog walking game with this uber stylish braided leather leash. Although it looks complicated, it actually isn’t… it’s just a series of folds that you do repeatedly until you reach your desired length. Head over to the Sketch 42 blog to find out how to make this lovely leather leash for your pup.

19. Doggy Backpack

dog hiking backpack

Going for a hike with your pooch? Don’t do all the work! Have your pup carry his own water and plastic bags. Make one of these handy doggy backpacks to strap over his back… it will give him a better workout, and it will lighten your load too. Get the full photo tutorial from Craftster. 

20. DIY Chalkboard Bowl

pet chalkboard bowl

Make one of these adorable chalkboard bowls using chalkboard spray paint…. that way you can customize it for your pet with a name or a drawing. And it will probably only take you 20 minutes to make! Head over to the Ammo The Dachshund blog to find out how to make your own chalkboard bowl.

21. DIY Dog Kennel End Table

diy dog kennel end table

This multi-functional piece is not a simple project, but it sure would be worth the time and effort to create a multipurpose piece for your living room if you’re short on space. And you can finish it with any paint color or stain to match your decor. Get the full tutorial with measurements at Ana White’s blog.

22. Travel Pet Cushion

travel pet cushion

This compact little bed would be great for a cat or a dog, just switch up the towel size according to the size of your pet. It would come in handy on a long car ride, or if you’re visiting friends who may not have an extra bed for your furry friend. Make your way over to Martha Stewart to find out how to make one.

23. Leash Holder

dog leash hooks

This is a great idea, especially if you have more than one dog. Create one of these handy leash holders with multiple hooks to hold the leashes, and add your pets’ names to avoid any confusion when the dog walker comes. Head over to Dawn Nicole Designs to find out how to make one of these lovely leash hangers.

24. Plaid Collar

fancy plaid dog collar

Dress your pooch up for a big night out with one of these incredibly adorable plaid collars. All you need is an old shirt and a pair of scissors… and it will slip right over his existing collar. So easy… your pup will be styling in no time! Make your way over to UPSOCL to check out the photo tutorial.

25. Oversized Pet Print

large dog print

Okay, so maybe this one isn’t really for your pet… it’s more for you! Show your love for your cat or dog (or any other pet, really) by making one of these gorgeous oversized prints for your wall using an existing photograph. Make your way over to ParkPost to learn how to do it. Spoiler alert… really it’s easy!

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