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Adorable Scarecrow Themed Projects

In most places, scarecrows are a fun fall feature that come out between the months of September and December, usually as décor. There’s just something so cute about their clearly homemade nature that hearkens back to nostalgic downhome memories, whether your scarecrow is an actual standing one placed outside or just a scarecrow themed craft. In some places, though, scarecrows stay out all year round because winter snow doesn’t fall and crows and other birds are always out scavenging in the garden. Regardless of which kind of place you live in, this is the perfect time of year for making yourself a new scarecrow, or even just doing some scarecrow crafts for fun because you’re feeling the seasonal autumn spirit.

Just in case you’re in need of some ideas or inspiration, here’s a list of 15 of the cutest scarecrows and scarecrow crafts we’ve come across so far!

1. Paper plate and construction paper scarecrow

Paper plate and construction paper scarecrow

Are you looking for something simple and quick that your kids can make while you’re busy in the kitchen on a chilly Saturday afternoon? Then We think this paper plate scarecrow idea is the perfect idea for you! Besides letting you upcycle a houseware that you probably already have somewhere, it lets your kids practice their simple cut and paste techniques and even get into drawing and colouring a little bit. Find out the steps for making your own on Fantastic First Graders.

2. Scarecrow popsicle stick puppets

Scarecrow popsicle stick puppets

When it comes to easy crafts that will keep our kids busy both during the crafting process and after, there are few things they love more than popsicle stick puppets. Besides the fun of actually make their shapes and characters, they get to enjoy playing little games with them when they’re all finished! Check out this feature on Pinterest that suggests making cut and paste construction paper scarecrow heads with simple, single popsicle stick bodies.

3. Scarecrow puppets with cut out paper outfits

Scarecrow puppets with cut out paper outfits

Are your kids just a little bit older and, even though they still love stick puppets and would probably like making scarecrows, you think the idea we just showed you above is a little too simple? In that case, perhaps they’d prefer to make these full scarecrow puppets instead! East Coast Mommy shows you how to either draw or print little scarecrows, colour them in with all kinds of cute outfits and details, and turn them into full bodied popsicle stick puppets!

4. Popsicle stick and foam paper scarecrows

Popsicle stick and foam paper scarecrows

Are your kids actually such big fans of making things from popsicle sticks that you think perhaps they’d rather skip the colouring tools and construction paper all together and work mostly with the sticks? Then we’d suggest giving these popsicle stick and foam paper scarecrow faces a try instead! See What We Did Today shows you how to make the base from wooden crafting sticks, as well as how to cut out details and shapes from foam to make the smile, hair, and hat.

5. Toilet paper roll scarecrows

Toilet paper roll scarecrows

Are you the kind of crafty family who loves to save regular household wares for DIY purposes and crafts with recycled or upcycled supplies whenever possible rather than just throwing them out? In that case, you’re basically the perfect family to make super cute, totally fun things out of toilet paper rolls! Grab the scissors, construction paper, and glue and check out how Crafty Morning gave some plain old toilet paper rolls cute little scarecrow makeovers!

6. Footprint scarecrow painting

Footprint scarecrow painting

In our house, painting is definitely one of the most popular crafting techniques. Besides making heir own freehand art with their paints, our kids also love that painting can be messy! It makes sense, then, that their favourite kind of painting craft is the kind that involves a hand or foot print as a base that can be transformed into just about anything! In this tutorial, Sweet and Lovely Crafts shows you how to transform a painted footprint into a cute fall scarecrow.

7. Paper bag scarecrows

Paper bag scarecrows

Did the idea of making cute crafted scarecrows out of regular old kitchen supplies really appeal to you but you don’t have paper plates on hand and the kids are ready to get crafting right now? Then consider checking whether you have paper bags sitting in the kitchen drawer at your disposal instead! 1 Pure Heart shows you how to use coloured paper and crayons to turn paper bags into little scarecrows that you can fill with fall snacks when they’re done.

8. Potato stamp and yarn scarecrows

Potato stamp and yarn scarecrows

If you and your kids have never tried potato stamping crafts, then we’re sorry to tell you that you’ve been missing out! Even simply just cutting a potato in half and dipping it in some paint, which is something we know our kids certainly have a blast with, can be turned into an awesome little seasonal picture. Check out how Glued to My Crafts made little potato heads and decorated them with cut and pasted paper hats and cute yarn hair!

9. Wizard of Oz themed pumpkin scarecrows

Wizard of oz themed pumpkin scarecrows

When you decided you wanted to make scarecrow crafts, were you immediately set on the idea of making something a little more involved than popsicle stick puppets? Like us, do you also usually think immediately of the scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz? Then these hilarious movie themed pumpkins featured on Pinterest are the perfect idea for you! It’s like playing dress up but with painted pumpkins instead of your friends or kids.

10. Mini pumpkin and buttons scarecrow

Mini pumpkin and buttons scarecrow

Do you love the idea of crafting with pumpkins and making pumpkin scarecrows but you’ve already used all your full sized pumpkins for the year and only have mini pumpkins left? Then you should definitely take a look at this adorable mini pumpkin and small terra cotta planter scarecrow from Glued to My Crafts instead! We love the way they added buttons down the front and used faux leaves to make a cute collar and a hat.

11. Little crocheted scarecrow

Little crocheted scarecrow

Are you a yarn crafting enthusiast who absolutely loves to crochet and you’d been looking for ways to share that passion with your kids? Well, this adorable amigurumi crocheted scarecrow is an amazing way to do it! If your kids are a little bit older and already crochet themselves then this pattern might actually be a manageable one for them to try themselves! If not, then simply making them this cute doll will make a great seasonal gift and might also peak their interest in crochet. Check the pattern itself out on Sanity by Stitches.

12. Kid scarecrow from hand-me-down clothes

Kid scarecrow from hand me down clothes

Have you just done a fall clear out of your kids’ clothes and you’ve got them all packed up and ready for donation, but you just haven’t gotten around to taking the bag down to the depot yet? Well, before you do that, grab an old pair of jeans and a shirt and make a kid sized scarecrow, just like Just a Girl and Her Blog did here. Imagine how cute your kids will look standing next to a scarecrow version of themselves in some lovely fall pictures!

13. Scarecrow cupcakes

Scarecrow cupcakes

Have you been scrolling through these scarecrow projects thinking about how you definitely appreciate these cute, crafty ideas, but knowing that your best DIY skills actually lie in the kitchen? Then here’s an idea that might be a little bit better for you! We can’t get over how Holidays Page used shredded wheat as hay, graham crackers and Twix bar for hats, and orange M&M’s for noses in order to make adorable scarecrow cupcakes!

14. Scarecrow taco dip

Scarecrow taco dip

Are you still looking for food based scarecrow crafts because making cute things in the kitchen is your absolute favourite kind of DIY, but you’ve already done a lot of baking this fall and you just don’t really need more cupcakes right now, like the ones we showed you earlier? Then maybe you’d prefer to make this delicious bean taco dip arranged and design to look like a scarecrow! Betty Crocker guides you through the process of making it with black olives, cherry tomatoes, shredded lettuce, shredded cheese, and pita slices.

15. Wooden spoon scarecrow

Wooden spoon scarecrow

Are you still very into the idea of making an actual little scarecrow but you live in an apartment building and you don’t have a yard to stand a full sized one in? In that case, maybe you’d prefer this miniature straw character made from a wooden spoon! We love the way The Nature of Grace dressed theirs up in a beautiful little seasonal dress and even gave it a little crow friend made from a wooden paint stick!

Have you made other super cute scarecrow crafts with your kids before that you don’t see on our list but that you all really enjoyed making? Tell us all about it in the comments section or link us to pictures of your finished projects!

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