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Adorable Scarecrow Themed Projects

In most places, scarecrows are a fun fall feature that come out between the months of September and December, usually as décor. There’s just something so cute about their clearly homemade nature that hearkens back to nostalgic downhome memories, whether your scarecrow is an actual standing one placed outside or just a scarecrow themed craft. In some places, though, scarecrows stay out all year round because winter snow doesn’t fall and crows and other birds are always out scavenging in the garden. Regardless of which kind of place you live in, this is the perfect time of year for making yourself a new scarecrow, or even just doing some scarecrow crafts for fun because you’re feeling the seasonal autumn spirit.

Just in case you’re in need of some ideas or inspiration, here’s a list of 15 of the cutest scarecrows and scarecrow crafts we’ve come across so far!

1. Paper plate and construction paper scarecrow

Paper plate and construction paper scarecrow

Are you looking for something simple and quick that your kids can make while you’re busy in the kitchen on a chilly Saturday afternoon? Then We think this paper plate scarecrow idea is the perfect idea for you! Besides letting you upcycle a houseware that you probably already have somewhere, it lets your kids practice their simple cut and paste techniques and even get into drawing and colouring a little bit. Find out the steps for making your own on Fantastic First Graders.

2. Scarecrow popsicle stick puppets

Scarecrow popsicle stick puppets

When it comes to easy crafts that will keep our kids busy both during the crafting process and after, there are few things they love more than popsicle stick puppets. Besides the fun of actually make their shapes and characters, they get to enjoy playing little games with them when they’re all finished! Check out this feature on Pinterest that suggests making cut and paste construction paper scarecrow heads with simple, single popsicle stick bodies.

3. Scarecrow puppets with cut out paper outfits

Scarecrow puppets with cut out paper outfits

Are your kids just a little bit older and, even though they still love stick puppets and would probably like making scarecrows, you think the idea we just showed you above is a little too simple? In that case, perhaps they’d prefer to make these full scarecrow puppets instead! East Coast Mommy shows you how to either draw or print little scarecrows, colour them in with all kinds of cute outfits and details, and turn them into full bodied popsicle stick puppets!

4. Popsicle stick and foam paper scarecrows

Popsicle stick and foam paper scarecrows

Are your kids actually such big fans of making things from popsicle sticks that you think perhaps they’d rather skip the colouring tools and construction paper all together and work mostly with the sticks? Then we’d suggest giving these popsicle stick and foam paper scarecrow faces a try instead! See What We Did Today shows you how to make the base from wooden crafting sticks, as well as how to cut out details and shapes from foam to make the smile, hair, and hat.