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Delicious Homemade Mustard Recipes

In our house, condiments are the key to a good meal. For just about everyone in our family, however, there’s one clear forerunner, despite the fact that we’ll all eat nearly any sauce or dip presented to us. Above all, nothing beats mustard! There’s just something so delicious about the tangy flavour that it adds to every dish we put it on that keeps us coming back from more. We’ll happily east any kind of mustard we come across, too, whether it’s a standard store bought yellow or a gourmet flavoured dijon handmade on site. As a crafty, DIY loving family, however, we’re sure it’ll come as no surprise to you to learn that we really enjoy learning how to make our favourite things ourselves, almost as much as we enjoy those things in the first place. Thinking about that lately is how we recently found ourselves sitting down at the computer and scouring the Internet to try and find as many recipes for mustard and mustard based dishes as we can possibly get our hands on!

Just in case your family love and adores mustard just as much as we do, if not more, here are 15 of the very best and most unique mustard based recipes that we’ve come across in our search so far and either tried immediately or bookmarked to try as soon as we have the opportunity.

1. Homemade yellow mustard

Homemade yellow mustard

Has your favourite kind of mustard always really been the classic yellow you can buy in stores, but learning how to make your favourite foods in your very own kitchen gives you a sense of satisfaction? Well, we sure can’t say we blame you! We love knowing precisely what goes into our foods, which is what happens when things are homemade. That’s why we’re pleased to be able to show this fantastic homemade yellow mustard recipe featured on Leites Culinaria!

2. Tortilla wrapped bratwursts with homemade beer mustard

Tortilla wrapped bratwursts with homemade beer mustard

If you’re going to go to the trouble of making a special kind of delicious, gourmet level homemade mustard that’s new for your family, would you prefer to use a recipe that will also show you how to make something delicious that actually goes with it as well? We love when other kitchen enthusiasts can vouch for us that a particular dish tastes great in a homemade condiment, which is why we were such big fans of this tortilla wrapped bratwurst idea paired with homemade beet mustard, as outlined on Homemade Hoopla.

3. Carolina mustard barbecue sauce

Carolina mustard barbecue sauce

Perhaps you’re the kind of barbecue loving family that keeps the grill fired up long into the fall, so you’re still enjoying all kinds of delicious meat sandwiches like burgers and homemade pulled pork on a bun? Then we think you sound like the perfect group to give this fantastic mustard sauce from Self Proclaimed Foodie a try around this time of year! Check out their tutorial to see how this Carolina mustard BBQ sauce is made.

4. Baked honey mustard chicken

Baked honey mustard chicken

Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about how delicious homemade mustard sauces can taste on meat, but you’ve always been a bigger fan of chicken in flavourful marinade than you have of working on the grill? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll get along very well indeed with something like this baked honey mustard chicken recipe outlined step by step on Cooking Classy.

5. Spicy honey mustard sauce

Spicy honey mustard sauce

If you’re going to venture into the world of making your very own mustard, would you rather give your recipe a bit more of a kick than you’re used to tasting in the stuff you’ve bought in stores? Well, if honey mustard is your favourite kind, then we think we’ve found the absolute perfect recipe for you, because Epicurious found a way to combine both of those concepts! Check out their tutorial to learn more about how their spicy honey mustard balances itself out perfectly.

6. Honey mustard baked chicken fingers

Honey mustard baked chicken fingers

Were you a pretty big can of the idea of baking your chicken in mustard but you also know that there’s one particular kind of chicken that your kids adore above all else? Well, we’d be willing to put our money on the fact that it’s chicken fingers! We actually did make these honey mustard baked chicken fingers at home and our own kids gave it a high seal of approval, particularly after we gave them even more honey mustard to dip each bite in. Get the full instructions for making them as well on Damn Delicious.

7. Spinach, mustard greens, and baked ricotta cheese

Spinach, mustard greens, and baked ricotta cheese

If you’ve already tried mustard greens before, then you know without us needing to tell you that they’re completely delicious. In fact, they’re one of the few ways that we can actually get our kids to eat leafy green vegetables. Imagine how much better they taste than usual, then, when you bake them into ricotta cheese alongside some spinach! Cookstr shows you how to make it happen.

8. Dutch mustard soup

Dutch mustard soup

Have you ever tried a kind of mustard that was so darn good you very briefly wondered whether people might think you were weird if you just… ate an entire spoonful of it? Well, we wouldn’t necessarily suggest doing that with actual plain mustard, but we promise you that this insanely delicious Dutch mustard soup outlined step by step on Have Another Bite comes pretty close, only with even more flavour!

9. White wine and mustard gravy

White wine and mustard gravy

If there’s one kind of sauce we had to pick as our absolute favourite besides mustard, it would definitely be gravy. It’s just so flavourful and diverse, and both the flavour and aroma remind us of home cooked meals. We’re sure you can imagine, then, just how excited we were when we stumbled upon this mouth watering white wine and mustard gravy, as outlined by Serious Eats! This is an irresistible way to add a lot of extra flavour to just about any meal.

10. Whole grain roasted garden mustard

Whole grain roasted garden mustard

Unlike some people, have you actually always preferred that very gourmet style mustard made with actual mustard seeds that have not been ground, rather than the smoother kind you’re probably used to buying in stores? Then we have a feeling this stunningly flavourful whole grain roasted garden mustard might be right up your alley. Get the full recipe on Natural Contents.

11. Herbed honey mustard

Herbed honey mustard

Are you very possibly the biggest fan of honey mustard in the whole world, but even you think it’s worth adding an exciting twist to your favourite foods sometimes, just to keep things interesting? In that case, we think you simply must take a look at how The Splendid Table made this extra flavourful version of honey mustard that is herbed, meaning it’s got a little extra unique flavour than you’re probably used to (and that makes for a nice occasional change).

12. Mustard greens dal

Mustard greens dal

Did we almost have your attention when we started talking about the mustard soup we showed you earlier because you do like the thought of something that’s primarily mustard broth or sauce, but you think you’d prefer a dish that’s got a little more substance to it in terms of what’s actually in that with each spoonful? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Veg Recipes 4 U made this aromatic and delicious mustard greens dal.

13. Paneer in mustard gravy

Paneer in mustard gravy

Are you the kind of creative kitchen enthusiast who is always trying to share the flavours you love most with the people in your life but you also want to make sure you’ve got recipes on hand that are friendly for all your family members and closest pals; even the ones with dietary restrictions? Then we’d absolutely encourage you to take a look at how Archana’s Kitchen made a vegetarian friendly mustard based dish by cooking paneer in fragrant mustard gravy.

14. Hard cider mustard

Hard cider mustard

Have you been scrolling through our list and thinking that, while all of these actual meals and dishes made with various mustard elements do sound quite delicious, you can’t stop thinking about how much you like the sound of simply making actual homemade mustard of various kinds? Then here’s another recipe for your consideration! The Splendid Table guides you step by step through the process of making a hard cider mustard that, despite being quite simple to make, has a flavour unlike any other we’ve tried before (an we’ve tried lots).

15. Sausage bites with fig pomegranate mustard

Sausage bites with fig pomegranate mustard

We know we’ve already talked all about how great it is to find a recipe that gives you a complementary dish to enjoy along with the new kind of homemade mustard you’d like to try, and that’s kind of why we liked this recipe from Spoonabilities so much, but if we’re being honest… these sausage bites are really just a yummy vehicle for the utterly mouth watering experience that is the fig pomegranate mustard you see here! Check out their recipe to see step by step how each of these things are made.

Do you have another favourite kind of homemade mustard or mustard dish that you adore making and eating but that you don’t see here on out list? Tell us all about it or link us to the ingredients and recipe so we can give it a try as well!

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