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12 Savory Vegan Breakfast Recipes To Swoon For

We are talking all about the most nutritious and delicious in the world of breakfast this morning. And what makes this list so special is that it does not have a single shred of dairy or meat on the menu. Instead, it’s completely vegan but still packed with flavor, protein, and all of the other healthy nuggets that you want in your early hour bites. Check out these 12 savory vegan breakfast recipes – they’re absolutely swoon-worthy!

Delicious vegan breakfast ideas

1. Baked Sweet Potatoes

Baked sweet potatoes

Here are a few ways to whip up some baked sweet potatoes that are worthy of a breakfast or brunch. They both have a savory punch – but one may hit your savory spirits a little harder than the other. This is really a level up from classic avocado toast! –Minimalist Baker Recipes

2. Shakshuka (Tofu!)

Shakshuka (tofu!)

If you already love tofu, learned to love it in the mornings too. There are so many ways to incorporate it into a breakfast dish. Just check out this go-to treat from our friends!

“Silky, soft tofu rounds cooked gently in a fiery, garlicky and chunky tomato sauce. My Vegan Shakshuka or Tofu in Purgatory as I like to call it, is the perfect brunch dish!”A Virtual Vegan

3. Chickpea Omlete

Chickpea omlettes

You don’t need eggs to make an omelette. Instead, you just need some chickpeas and the right recipe. And that’s where this beauty comes in handy. It fits so many diets too – it’s a breakfast that anyone can get on board with.

” I love how this completely gluten-free yet super filling protein rich omelette can be both a breakfast or a lunch or dinner. I’m sure it’s a perfect camping food, too!” – VeganSandra

4. Holiday Frittata

Frittata vegan gluten free

Frittatas are quite literally always a great time. And this one is no exception. It’s filled with fresh, delicious ingredients. Colorful dishes will always bring the joy and nurtrition!

“A centerpiece and a showstopper of a dish that will impress even your omni friends. It is wonderful sliced up and served cold as well. Think picnic. I use Kala Namak (a type of salt) in this recipe and in all recipes where I want that sulfurous taste of eggs. You can find it at most Indian markets.” –SunnysideHanne

5. Breakfast Platter

Austin vegan breakfast platter

How does an entire breakfast platter sound? There’s a bit of Texas in every bite of this brunch dream. You won’t go hungry with its packed protein and flavor punches.

“Calling all savory vegan breakfast fanatics! This Austin breakfast platter is a panoply of spicy scrambled tofu, refried beans, breakfast potatoes, and guacamole. All of your brunch favorites on one plate. Gluten-free optional. Just add corn tortillas instead of flour!” Cadry’s Kitchen

6. Loaded Chickpea Omelet

Loaded vegan chickpea omelette

Here’s another omelette that’s made with chickpeas and fully loaded with delicious, fresh ingredients. A bit of hot sauce on top takes this breakfast meal into overdrive and that sliced avocado looks scrumptious as well.

“An easy to make chickpea omelet that is not only good for breakfast, but is also great for lunch and dinner. And it’s an egg-free omelet?! Why yes, yes it is.” – Sweet Simple Vegan

7. Tofu Scramble

Easy tofu scramble

We love a good scramble – and you can make just as good of a scramble without the egg! How you ask? Well, follow along with this amazing recipes – and make sure you throw in those fresh ingredients to amp up the favor and nutritional value.

Easy Tofu Scramble with Mushrooms – a protein packed, plant based breakfast to get you through your day!” Veggie Inspired

8. White Bean Scramble with Almond Bacon

Vegan white bean scramble almond bacon

Maybe you don’t like tofu. Don’t worry, you can still make a scramble or an omelette. We love chickpeas but we love how white beans can fit the bill too! It just depends on your preference!

“ThisVegan White Bean Scramble with Almond Bacon is super easy to make, full of flavour and perfect for a healthy brunch!” –Rhian’s Recipes

9. Sweet Potato, Turnip, and Chickpea Hash

Sweet potato, turnip, and chickpea hash

With the right plant-based ingredients, you can conjure up the most flavorful of dishes. And that goes for traditionally meat-based dishes like a hash! Instead, chickpeas, radishes, and sweet potatoes can do the job.

“This recipe uses seasonal turnips and sweet potato in a robust, rustic, vegan dish where the rich flavours all work beautifully together.” –The Circus Gardener’s Kitchen

10. Jicama Home Fries

Jicama home fries

There are just so many wonderful dishes you can make with a bit of jicama at your side. And that includes home fries! Of course, as a vegan, you can snack on potatoes – but this recipe is so much better for you!

“Jicama Home Fries are the perfect no potato option when you are looking for a nightshade-free breakfast. Once you sauté them long enough, they begin to take on the texture and taste of potatoes, and is a new way to introduce this water-based root vegetable to your kids and family.”Fork and Beans

11. Scallion Pancakes

Scallion pancakes

Kick out those sweet pancakes this weekend and bring on the savory! We love a good scallion pancakes with some vegan sour cream or dill sauce. You have to check out this recipe!

“With only a few ingredients, you can make this soft and easy savory pancakes for breakfast or brunch. The secret to these soft pancakes is yogurt.” – Healing Tomato Recipes

12. Spinach-Mushroom Omelet

Spinach mushroom omelet

And end our savory journey with another omelette. This time though, it’s packed with spinach and mushroom. The fresher the ingredients – the better. Don’t be afraid to add tomato or peppers as well.

“ThisVegan Spinach-Mushroom Omelet is perfect for weekend brunch! It also makes a fun weeknight brinner meal, too. It’s very versatile – if you’re not a fan of spinach or mushrooms, you can use whatever veggies you prefer.” – Dianne’s Vegan Kitchen

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