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Make Your Own DIY Sand Box for Summer

If there’s one thing we remember extra fondly about childhood summers, it’s playing in the sand. Whether you’re at the beach or at the park, your kids will adore building sand castles and generally getting messy in the sand this summer as well! What if you don’t live near any sandy parks or beaches, though? DIY sandboxes are your definite solution!

Check out these 15 great DIY sandbox tutorials that will have you digging and building with your kids in no time.

1. Canopy sand box

Canopy sand box

Building a canopy above the sandbox gives your kids some shade while they play. This will help protect them from heat stroke and sun burns, even if they insist on building sandcastles for hours on end. Check out how this one is made on iGriza.

2. Simple sandbox on wheels

Simple andbox on wheels

Especially if you live in an apartment complex or have a very small yard, attaching wheels to your sandbox can prove surprisingly useful! The wheels will let you move the box to make space for barbecues or patio furniture, and they’ll also let you store it away in the winter. Just make sure you choose wheels with locks and always keep them locked while the kids play! Check this design out on Nonchalant Mom.

3. Portable mini sandboxes

Portable sandboxes

Are you going on a road trip and looking for a way to help your kids unwind on the breaks between long driving stretches? Dollar Store Crafts suggests filling portable tubs with sand and packing a few shovels and toys along for the ride! This helps your kids get some fresh air before you get back on the road. Pop the lid back on the tub and head out.

4. Old wine barrel sandbox

Old wine barrell sandbox

Perhaps you want to make your kids a sandbox for the backyard but you’re not that handy of a wood worker? Little Eco Footprints has the solution for you! Check out your local garage, rummage, antique, or farm sales to find an old wine barrel. They’re the perfect size for kids to sit in cozily as they play in the sand, and all you have to do is fill it.

5. Brick edged sandbox

Brick edged sandbox

Have you had bad experiences with wooden splinters and your kids? Eliminate the need for wood all together by outlining your sandbox with cement bricks instead! The Golden Gleam teaches you each step.

6. Wooden sandbox with doors

Wooden sandbox with doors

Adding doors that close over your sandbox lest you prevent it from turning into a mud pit in the rain. It also lets you close the box at night so the neighbour’s cats don’t use it as a giant litter box! Modern Parents, Messy kids guides you through the process.

7. Striped sandbox

Striped sandbox

Sometimes a regular old sandbox just isn’t what you had in mine, despite wanting to give your kids the classic place to play. Instead, try making your own version of Made Everyday’s colourful striped sandbox with a seat in each corner!

8. Pool noodle sandbox with webbed lid

Pool noodle sandbox

Are your kids very little and prone to toppling over as they run around in excitement? Protect them from rigid wooden edges by lining the sides with pool noodles. DIY Network shows you how to split the noodles to transform the box into a more little-kid-friendly spot.

9. $10 mini sandbox

$10 mini sandbox

Are your kids in love with the sand but you simply don’t have the space for a whole sandbox? Make them a mini sandbox instead, just like this one by Pretty Prudent! The best part is that this whole project only cost about $10!

10. Sandbox in a drawer

Sandbox in a drawer

This adorably easy project is a great way to both upcycle your old furniture and give your kid a great new place to play. Check out Play Based Learning to see how easy it really is to turn an old dresser drawer into a sandbox.

11. Tire sandbox

Tire sandbox

Are you looking for something other than would to edge your sandbox with, but also something that’s sturdy enough for your kids to sit, jump, and play on? A big old truck tire is exactly what you need! Get the instructions for this design on Hub Pages.

12. Car sandbox

Car sandbox

Are you feeling up for a challenge in the wood working and tools department? Then you definitely need to check out this awesome car sandbox design by This Old House! It’s a lot simpler to make than you might think.

13. Backyard beach sandbox

Backyard beach sandbox

If your chances to make it to the beach this summer are unfortunately limited, then bring the beach to your kids instead! Better Together walks you through the process of creating this luxuriously big sandbox complete with a tent, a lounge chair, and a swimming pool!

14. Sailboat sandbox

Sailboat sandbox

Besides being an awesome place to play and pretend, this “sailboat” sandbox is a great way to keep your kids out of the sun while still letting them play, learn, and get some fresh air. See how it’s made on Jasey’s Crazy Daisy

15. Tree stump sand circle

Tree stump sand circle

If you can, why not make use of the raw materials around you? Plenty of cottages, campsites, and country homes are surrounded by large log sections and tree stumps set aside for bonfires. Grab a few of these, arrange them in a circle, and fill the center with sand! The logs will stop the sand of escaping so your kids can play for as long as they want. See the full tutorial on Dearest Daughters.

Have you built another type of awesome sandbox that we should definitely see? Tell us about it in the comments section or link us to a picture of your work!

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