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No-Sew Fashion Accessory

If you’ve got left over fabric from that last DIY, we’ve got an idea for you to use it before deciding to throw it away.  We all need hair accessories- why not make your own with a few simple supplies from your sewing room.

Fabric hair accessory 10

Fabric hair accessory 1

For this DIY, you’ll need:

  • Scrap fabric
  • 16 Gauge wire
  • Hot glue and gun
  • Scissors

Deciding which fabric to use could be the hardest part of this DIY.  No worries. If you don’t have any scrap fabric that’s log enough, head out to the fabric store and get your favorite textures and colors. Be sure to choose something light, for easy manipulating.

Fabric hair accessory 2

Start by measuring the wire around your head, if using for a headband, or around your wrist, if using it for a bracelet.  Be sure to use enough wire so there’s a little bit extra just in case.  These measured about 20 inches.  Cut three pieces of wire at about the same length.

Fabric hair accessory 3

Cut three pieces of fabric the same length as the wire.  Wrap each piece of fabric around each of the pieces of wire.  Don’t worry about it looking too pretty here- as long as the fabric is fully wrapped around, you’re ready for the next step.

Fabric hair accessory 4

Begin a three strand braid, starting in the middle of the wire.  It might take a minute to get it started, but the sturdy wire helps each “strand” stay in place.

Fabric hair accessory 6

Braid all the way to both ends, making sure it’s as tight as possible.

Fabric hair accessory 8

Secure the ends by wrapping a 1 inch piece of fabric around the three strands.  Secure it with hot glue at the end.  Cut off the remaining wire and fabric and add a layer of hot glue at the very end to seal it and secure any frays.  Do this on both ends.

Fabric hair accessory 9

Fabric hair accessory 11

Because this is flexible, you can form it into any shape of accessory you like.  If you want a headband, slightly bend it to be so- or if you want a bracelet or anklet, you can wrap it around your wrist.  Play around with different colors and braiding patterns to give this DIY some variation.

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