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15 DIY Projects That are Totally Kitschy

If something is “kitschy”, then it’s probably a little strange looking around other cohesive, stylish decor. Kitschy things are often mismatched in colour or borderline tacky, and yet they have a weird appeal that we just can’t get enough of. They’re also a great DIY opportunity!

If you’re a kitsch lover like us, something on this list will probably catch your eye!

1. Pom pom napkin rings

Pom pom napkin rings

Pom poms aren’t usually something you’ll see on the dinner table, but we’re totally into this idea just for that reason! Check out how Art Bar made these simple napkin rings that are perfect for a fun dinner with friends of an afternoon picnic.

2. Disco ball succulent planters

Disco ball succulent planters

We all know plants aren’t normally potted into disco balls, but A Bubbly Life doesn’t care about the norm and neither do we. Particularly if the rest of your decor is sparkly and bright as well, putting a succulent into a hollowed out, pink, mirrored ball adds a neat little touch.

3. Perler bead paperclip bookmarks

Perler bead paperclip bookmarks

Perler beads are an easy way to create weird colour combinations and interesting shapes. You can add a kitschy touch to even the simplest aspects of your life, like reading your latest novel or marking the recipe that you want to make for dinner otnight with these wonderfully obnoxious little paperclip markers.

4. Cardboard cat clothing hangers

Cardboard cat clothing hangers

Get your kids in on the kitsch too! These little kitty cat hangers are made from cardboard, so all you need to do is draw them! Follow old pictures of kitschy cat cartoons for guidance or go with the flow and create any fuzzy cat you like. No matter what, they’ll look hilarious sticking out of your kids clothes like they’re wearing them. See how Ilevo el Invierno made these ones!

5. Vintage postcards with crocheted frames

Vintage postcards with crocheted frames

Sometimes you just need a little bit of wall decor to spice the place up. Check out your local garage sales and thrift stores and pick up vintage post cards (old cardboard packaging or very thick magazine pages will work as well). Crochet a simple, single row edge and tack it all around the edge of the picture. The final products will look like something that might have hung in your grandma’s kitchen many years ago, just like these ones by  Las Eje y Maneje.

6. Tiny tableau necklaces

Tiny tableau necklaces

This necklace idea from Pinterest is kitschiness to a T! If you can scrounge up ball chains and clasps, a tiny decorative tin, and some random little figurines or beads in shapes that you might not regularly see in modern jewelry, then you’re set! Get to gluing and create a little scene.

7. Picture, bead, and ribbon cameos

Picture, bead, and ribbon cameos

Homemade cameos seem like instant kitsch to us, and we adore them. Take old pictures or images that you’ve printed out and put them on a cardboard backing. Glue tiny beads all around the edges and affix a piece of ribbon to the top, tied in a bow. Whether you make them into brooches by attaching a safety pin, like these ones from Pinterest, or string them onto a necklace, they’ll bring a strange but vintage aesthetic to your look.

8. DIY pinata taxidermy

Diy pinata taxidermy

Real taxidermy isn’t for everyone, so Shrimp Salad Circus created this hilarious alternative! The thought of a silly, colourful pinata head staring down on you like a hunting prize is kitsch and humour all in onr place.

9. Perler bead pixel coaster

Perler bead pixel coaster

My Poppet suggests making little floral coasters that look intentionally pixelated and uneven. Perler beads are a great way to do it. We love that these almost look like old cross stitching patterns.

10. Mushroom and fern frame

Musroom and fern frame

Blue Moss Girls

Remember the little necklaces with a 3D theme inside from earlier on the list? You can make those scenes in picture frames too! Find an old frame at a thrift store or garage sale and treat it like a shadow box, creating a little motif inside using beads, figurines, paper, or things you’ve made from clay.

11. Old key lampshade

Old key lampshade

Have you ever seen a lampshade made completely of keys before? Probably not, but that’s part of why we love kitsch so much. Check out how Cactus Creek attached these old keys to a cylinder made of chicken wire.

12. Coloured animal storage jars

Coloured animal storage jars

Because why not? Find animal toys at thrift shops, dollar stores, or toy stores and grab some empty, clean mason jars. Get out your paints and glue, glue an animal to the top of each lid, and get painting! The effect is a sort of pop art appearance that’s perfect for storing your art supplies (or anything else, really)! We loved these ones when we saw them on Pinterest.

13. Hanging plastic lid art

Hanging plastic lid art

Have you ever thought about how many plastic bottle lids or plastic straws you throw out or recycle each month, or each year? Have you ever thought about upcycling them instead? Recyclart suggests creating unique, kitschy art pieces instead of getting rid of them!

14. Button and spool bouquets

Button and spool bouquets

Do you have old, unused sewing supplies lying around that you’re not sure you’ll ever use? Try turning them into kitschy decor and crafts! Bella Dia suggests turning buttons into little flowers and spools of thread into their pots. We love how strangely adorable these look.

15. Cassette tape coin purse

Cassette tape coin purse

Have you stumbled across an old box of cassette tapes that you no longer have a player for? Recycle them into these funny little coin purses instead of getting rid of them! You can find the clasps at most craft stores and the steps to make this project on Crafster.

Do you know someone whose home decor is full of kitschy style? Share this post with them so they can think about adding a few more projects!

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