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Bring In The Rustic With These 15 DIY Wood Walls

We all know that the farmhouse style is rising on the trend charts when it comes to home design. So, what are some ways that you can incorpate that into the home without being too kitschy? Add an accent wall, of course. It’s a way to add texture to the home and there are several different ways to go about it. Bring in that rustic appeal with these 15 DIY wood walls that slide right into that interior genre.

1. Planking

Diy plank wall

Our first DIY wood wall comes to us from Stone Gable. It’s a plank design finished with a white paint, perfect for bathrooms or even nurseries. Check out the details after the jump.

2. Reclaimed

Diy wood plank wall

at Charlotte’s house will walk you through the makings of this chic space. Made with reclaimed wood, it’s such a great accent wall to focus a nursery around without harping on kitschy details. And it can all be done within an afternoon.

3. Slats

Diy slat wooden wall

You’ll find some handymen going in a different route over at Instructables. This slat wall has a more refined finished than its rustic counterparts making it a great choice for more traditionally styled homes.

4. Sticky

Stikwood peel stick wood panels

Sometimes you don’t even have to use wood to get the look. Instead, you can create an accent wall with the same ethos by just finding the right kind of materials. At Pottery Barn, there are some decals that will get the job done.

5. Herringbone

Diy herringbone wood wall

Maybe you want your wood wall to have a slight unique twist. If so, check out the herringbone design found at Mr. Kate. It adds a bit of a polished, sophisticated sheen to the finished product.

6.Complete-Length Shelves

Diy wood shelves wall to wall length

Other times your wood doesn’t even have to be covered in wood. Maybe wooden shelves is where you’ll find your happen. Check out how to make wall-length wood shelving over at Chris Loves Julia.

7. Dark Framed

Dark framed wood wall diy

Joyfully Growing gave us one of the bolder designs of the bunch. We love the darker grain used here and also its woodworked frame. It really provides an extra layer rustic presence in any space.

8. Barn

Diy barn wood wall

We’re amazed at how artistic this wooden wall creation is. Found at Woodshed Diaries, it was created with all reclaimed barn wood. How amazing is that?

9. Light + Bright

Light and bright diy wood wall

If you hop on over to Jenna Kate, you’ll find this light and bright wooden wall to gather inspiration from. Learn how to recreate it at home, within any space you need, and then style it to your liking. We love the look for bedrooms or even specific home offices.

10. Shiplap

Diy shiplap wall

Little Red Brick House will walk you through a shiplap tutorial – and it’s a gorgeous one. This is a more traditional version of the “wooden” wall. Shiplap is also incredibly trendy right now throughout neutral homes that thrive off texture.

11. Faux

Diy faux barnwood wall

You can make a wood wall without ever actually using wood. How? Well, if you visit the geniuses behind this design at Make it & Love it you’ll learn pretty quickly.

12. Entryway

Diy white plank wall

Even your entryway could use a bit of texture to complete its look. At Sawdust Sisters, you’ll get an insider’s look at this cottage-inspired accent wall. You don’t even have to do the entire thing, just a portion.

13. Whitewashed

Diy whitewashed wall

Here’s a beautiful whitewashed design that we’re swooning for as well. We love the subtly and romance behind it making it a perfect addition to a little one’s nursery. Find the tutorial at Owen’s Olivia.

14. Under $40

Diy wood wall under $40

Of course if you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, you could find a way to do it on the cheap. Thankfully, there are YouTube videos for that. And with this walk-through, you’ll only spend around $40 to make it happen.

15. Headboard + Wall Combo

Diy wood headboard

You can create both a headboard and accent wall in one! All you have to do is This Old House to scour the details and snag some ideas on how to mold the project to your own liking.

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