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Cute DIY Backpacks for Back to School

Sometimes we find ourselves needing to replace something we used all the time and, because it’s a necessity, are first inclination is to go but it at the store. That’s what happened when the zipper on a backpack we used to run errands with all the time. Instead, however, we reminded ourselves how good we are at making things and decided we’d have a lot more fun replacing the bag with something we made ourselves! That’s why we’ve been on a DIY backpack binge lately, looking up every option and resource we could find.

Just in case you’re as keen to try your hand at making yourself a DIY backpack as we were, if not more, here are 15 of the best designs, tutorials, and concepts that we stumbled upon in our search for guidance!

1. Denim scraps backpack

Denim scraps backpack

We’ll fully admit that we’re a lot more likely to choose a design or tutorial if there’s some kind of upcycling elements involved in the process of making it! That’s probably why this backpack from Salute to Cute which is made from denim scraps and fabric ends of other kinds from previous projects, caught our eye so well.

2. One eyed monster backpack

One eyed monster backpack

Maybe the backpack you’re trying to replace actually belong to one of your kids and not you, or perhaps your little ones have just grown a little bored with the plain, solid colour of their school bag? Either way, here’s a fantastic tutorial from Lia Griffith that shows you how to embellish the surface and pocket of the backpack with an eyeball and sharp teeth made from felt in order to transform it into a monster!

3. Fluffy monster backpack

Fluffy monster backpack

Have we really caught your attention with the fun idea of making a monster themed backpack but you’d actually prefer to take the idea a step further, adding the texture and actually making the base bag yourself? In that case, we think you’ll get a real kick out of this fluffy monster backpack from IdunnGoddess that looks like it’s wearing shades.

4. Fuzzy bunny backpack

Fuzzy bunny backpack

Monsters aren’t the only things you can turn into soft, fluffy backpacks! Just in case your little one isn’t a big fan of monsters but really likes texture, here’s an adorable fluffy bunny inspired backpack that comes complete with its own little tail and ears. Get the full details for the bag itself and its bonus features in great detail on Sew Much Ado.