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DIY Upcycled Rope Round Mirror

So, hands up who inherited ugly but fully functional stuff from family members? And again, hands up if you feel totally uncomfortable littering them just because they’re right from the 70ties? And I’m not talking about the cool seventies – you know, fringed dresses, brown hues and glamorous high waisted bell bottom jeans. Nope, I’m talking about this plastic round mirror that we used when I was a little girl and have no idea where my mom got it from, probably a booth sale or something similar. The only thing I know is I don’t want to throw it in the rubbish because round mirrors are so damn pretty. Well, not currently, but this has the potential to be one too!

Diy upcycle rope mirror round set 2

So I decided to give it a beach boho look adding rope to its frame. Depending on the type of mirror you have you can decide to hang it or just to lean it on the wall over a cupboard or shelf. If you decide to hang it, keep in mind it must have some kind of built-in protuberance or hanging method, as the rope is “only” an aesthetic edit. Let’s get making shall we?

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 8 mm thickness rope
  • hot glue
  • old or new round mirror
  • adhesive tape.

Diy upcycle rope mirror round materials

1. Start by measuring how much rope you’ll need. Roll it over the edge of the mirror until it covers completely the original frame and try to finish at the same height of where you started. Keep the rope in position with adhesive tape and cut the exceeding part.

Diy upcycle rope mirror round preparatiion

2. Protect your working surface. Hot glue the rope as you fixed it with tape, pushing your hot glue gun through the various rings of rope. Be careful for it not to glue to your surface! Take off the adhesive tape when everything is dry.

Diy upcycle rope mirror round hot glue 2

3. Now hot glue the mirror’s frame (be quick! Hot glue dries fast!) and stick the rope to it. Press firmly for some minutes.

Diy upcycle rope mirror round hot glue

Diy upcycle rope mirror round press

4. Optionally, add thread for hanging if your mirror permits it. Of course the back of the mirror remains not so glamorous, but once it’s hanged it won’t be visible at all, so why bother? Otherwise if you decide to restyle also the back because you have a double sided mirror, you can simply repeat all the tutorial as it is on the back. Pretty straight forward, right?

Diy upcycle rope mirror round hang

Well done! So much better than the plastic frame from who knows which era. Why can’t I still see the beach from my window?

Diy upcycle rope mirror round set 3

Diy upcycle rope mirror round set<

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