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Identify Yourself In Style With These 26 DIY Name Tags!

Whether it’s on a drink or on your shirt, there are plenty of times where you need a quick and easy way to identify yourself or your things! And instead of the usual sticker suspect, why not create something that makes a personalized splash. Identify yourself in style with these 26 DIY name tags!

1. Fabric

Diy fabric name tags

Learn how to make these sweet and charming fabric name tags with some help from Paper & Ink. We love its simplicity and versatile style.

2. Fringe

Wine glass name tags close

Squirrelly Minds made these fringe wine glass tags that we’re absolutely swooning over. Of course these can be pinned to collars too!

3. Button

Button name tags

If you want something a bit more pristine, then follow along at Julep to find out how to make these mini button name tags. They can come in handy for a variety of reasons and they’re adorable!

4. Metal Stamped

Stamped metal tags diy

Positively Splendid shows us all how to create some metal stamped tags that we find incredibly innovative and creative! These are great for bridal showers, don’t you think?

5. Sparkle

Diy sparkle name tags

Over at Crafternoon you’ll find these beautiful – and sparkling – name tags that are perfect for a variety of fun celebrations! Of course you can personalize the colors too.

6. Cork

Diy cork name tags

Morning Creativity knows how to mark everyone’s place at the table with these cool, casual and sweetly sophisticated cork name tags. Hop on over for the details.

7. Clothespins

Diy clothespin name tags

Aren’t these clothespin and lace name tags perfect for a rustic, vintage-inspired wedding reception? Hello Lidy will give you all the instruction on how to recreate them.

8. Paper Flower

Diy paper flower name tag

Learn how to make some gorgeous paper flower name tags for your next dinner party, birthday celebration or even a wedding reception. These are over at Lydia & Pugs!

9. Star

Diy star wine name tags

Avec ses 10 petits Doigts made these easy peasy star wine glass name tags that we love! Make sure to utilize these at your next big event at home!

10. Rosemary Sprigs

Rosemary sprig diy name tags

Over at Spoon For Bacon, you’ll find these lovely rosemary sprig name tags that are perfect for the holidays or to dress up your dinner party table.

11. Hexagon

Diy gold copper leaf hexagon gift tags fiskars osbp 1

Oh So Beautiful Paper made these gorgeous hexagon gift tags that can easily double as name tags with just a pin or a piece of string on a glass. They’re quite pretty with the copper and gold accents.

12. Shrinky Dinks

Shrinky dinks name tag diy

You have to run and check out these name tags made from Shrinky Dinks! Intimate Weddings has the scoop and your keychain will thank us.

13. Watercolor

Watercolor name tag diy

We stumbled upon these watercolor DIY name tags on Pinterest and instantly fell in love. All you have to do is a bit of dipping to get this started!

14. Ribbon + Paper

Rehearsahl dinner name tags diy

These tags were made with a bit of paper and ribbon at the forefront. They were used at a rehearsal dinner but we can imagine a host of possibilities for them. (via Brides)

15. Feather Necklaces

Necklace name tag diys

Identify everyone at the party or celebration or even while pledging a sorority with some snazzy, feather name tag necklaces. Grab the details at Kayla Aimee.

16. Chalkboard

Chalkboard name tags diy

Make these for your mason jar drinks or pin it to your shirt pocket. These were made over at Junghwa so hop on over to find out how to recreate them for yourself.

17. Confetti

Confetti name tags diy

We found these beauties over at Edyta and we’re in love! Confetti, free and frilly, they’re a beautiful addition to a wedding reception or just to tac on to your blouse at a shower!

18. Flags

Button diy name tags

These little button flags can easily mark your spot! Follow along with Morning Creativity to grab all the know-how behind the makings of these cuties.

19. Washi Tape

Washi tape name tag diy

Jentertaining used just a bit of washi tape to get her name tags some. On a collar, on a placemat or on a wine glass – it works!

20. Bunting

Diy banner name tags

Perfect for parties, just sling them around a neck and go. Frolic has the details on how to make these bunting-esque name tag necklaces.

21. Stickers

Sticker name tag diy

You could always do something really simple like Madigan Made and use sticked to label wine glasses or yourself! Some paper and pretty stickies could really do the trick with ease.

22. Leaf

Diy leaf name tags

Vicky Barone made these pretty leaf name tags that are super versatile and super easy to make! Grab the instructions for this snazzy idea after the jump!

23. Cupcake Liners

Cupcake liner name tag diys

My Insanity made these awesome cupcake liner name tags that are so much fun to make but even more fun to wear! Use these to point out the bride, the grandma, the maid of honor and more!

24. Bows

Bow name tag diys

Who loves bows?! Well, if you want to shout out your name with an charming little bow, then you’ll need to find out how over at The Paper Mama!

25. Clippies

Diy name clippies

Are these name clippies not the absolute cutest you’ve ever seen?! Ann Kelle has all the details behind these sweet and unique tags.

26. Silhouette

Silhouette name tags

These beautiful silhouette name tags would be fabulous for showers or even work events! Check out how to make them over at Monica Wants It.

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