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15 DIY Projects Made with Paper Straws

Paper straws might not be quite as common for drinking as they once were, unless you’re a big fan of 1950s style diners and frequent them often, but they’re still around and we’re certainly glad for it. It’s not that we prefer them to drinking out of plastic straws, but rather than paper straws, with their fun stripes, patterns, and colours, are an awesome crafting tool! You’d be surprised what you can make out of these simple paper tubes.

Check out these 15 awesome DIY projects that are made with paper straws for a fun, old fashioned look!

1. Paper straw easels

Paper straw easels

Wants and Wishes guides you through the process of making simple miniature easels out of paper straws in any pattern or colour. We love the idea of using these to display single photos or small pieces of art that your kids drew or painted for you.

2. Paper straw hanging frames

Paper straw hanging frames

Do you adore hanging printed photos on your wall but you’re currently living somewhere temporary, like a dorm room or an apartment building that you can’t hang things up in because the walls are concrete? There are still plenty of fun ways that you can display your favourite prints! One of our recent favourites is this paper straw idea from The TomKat Studio! Cut a slit all down the length of two straws from end to end and slide them along the bottom and top edges of the picture. Then glue a string to the back of the top straw and voila! A quick but adorable hanging frame.

3. Paper straw chalkboard mini bunting

Paper straw chalkboard mini bunting

As if cupcakes weren’t already adorable enough, Yes Bliss Road went and added festive birthday bunting to them! Make the banners from cute printed templates or hand drawn letters on nice craft paper and string them along some cute string that has a bit of colour. Next, stick two paper straws in the cupcakes like flag posts and tie the ends of the string around the top to “hang” the bunting up above the icing!

4. Paper straw cupcake “candles”

Paper straw cupcake candles

Do you love the idea of birthday candles in cupcakes but you’re not fond of having numerous little fire sources being passed around a party? Try faking the flame instead! These “candles” are made of paper straws with a little bit of tissue paper twisted into the top. Thanks to Icing Designs for this adorable fire alternative!