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These 22 DIY Makeup Storage Ideas Will Have Your Vanity Thanking You

Instead of lipstick being strewn across the counter and eyeliners and shadows filling up every drawer, create something to hold all of the supplies. You’d be surprised how many innovative and space-saving ways there are to keep your beauty products tidy. And these 22 DIY makeup storage ideas will have your vanity thanking you.

1. Magnet Board

Diy makeup magnet board

Laura Thoughts created a makeup magnet board that gets your supplies off the countertops and ready to wear. It’ll be so much easier to find what you need in the morning.

2. Hanging Jars

Diy makeup storage

Run on over to Hit Me With your Smile and check out this simple storage solution. Hanging jars will divide and conquer the clutter in an instant.

3. Christmas Boxes

Diymakeupstoragefromoldchristmasboxes2beautifulkayekie zps25665f9b

Over at Beautiful Kayekie, you’ll learn how to take some leftover Christmas gift boxes and turn them into storage help. It’s such an easy way to upcycle!

4. Ikea Cart

Raskog ikea hack makeup diy

Polkadot Chair shows us how to take an Ikea rolling cart and turn it into a storage space for our vanity. Separate, organize and conquer the beauty chaos.

5. Pots

Diy makeup storage

Who knew you could use planter pots and plates to help organize your makeup. Vegan Kmbrly has all the details you need to make this happen.

6. Scrap Wood

Make up brushes diy holder

You can take some scrap wood too and make a brush holder. Keep them clean and off the floor with help from Earnest Home Co.

7. Sushi Roll

Sushi roll makeup brush holder diy

Irina’s Cute Box gives us another great way to organize our brushes. Using a sushi mat, this can double as a traveling piece.

8. Station

Makeup storage station diy

This makeup storage station from Blah Blah Magazine, may be our favorite on the list. Again, this gets all of your pieces off the countertops and ready-to-be used in a super trendy way.

9. Shoe Organizer

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Bustle gives us a super easy idea! Grab an old show organizer and use it to separate your giant collection of lipsticks, nail polishes and more – right on the back of the door.

10. Candle Holders

Candle holder makeup storage diy

Ann Le used some candle tumblers as her inspiration. Check out the easy tutorial and freshen up that vanity in no time.

11. Rods, Baskets, Pails

Diy makeup storage

Bustle also showed up how to take from buckets and dowel rods to create a little makeup station. Everything has its place and isn’t getting lost int he shuffle of the mornings.

12. Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottle organiser diy

We’re really loving this innovative idea from A Little Craft in Your Day. grab some old plastic bottles and use them as your foundation!

13. Gold Animal Jars

Spray jar gold animals diy

Bang On Style took some plastic animals and old jars and turned them into a really chic addition to the vanity. Separate your goodies and keep them tidy in style.

14. Copper Cups

Copper cup diy makeup storage

A Beautiful Mess took some leather and copper and turned them into something great for your makeup as well. If you have a edgier style, take a look.

15. Fabric Frame

Sew a frame fabric organizer haberdasheryfun

Over at Haberdashery Fun, you’ll learn how to grab some fabric and create a framed piece of organization. This too is a great travel piece.

16. Recycled Materials

Diy make up cup 1 ghirlanda di popcorn 1

Using recycled materials, like tape pieces, plastic cups and some twine, you can create similar pieces like you see here from Heart Handmade. They’re charming and will hold your necessities nicely.

17. Vertical Pails

Make organizer diy

Made with the help of Ikea, but also great for inspiration, pails and rope can be used to create something similar. We found this on Decorating Your Small Space and we love it!

18. Wire Containers

Diy makeup storage

You can always use containers that fit inside your drawers to divide your makeup up. Check out this easy solution from Tater Tots and Jello.

19. Copper Pieces

Diy lipstick holder

You’ll be using copper again for this lipstick holder DIY from Amanda Katherine. It’s chic and you’ll find your favorites in an instant.

20. Leather Wrap

Diy leather makeup brush organizer

Hello Glow gives us a chic, leather DIY that’s perfect for traveling and keeping your brushes neat, clean and tidy. Grab the details now!

21. Multi-Use

Diy makeup stroage

Bubblegarm gives us a glimpse at her simple solutions. Using baskets and other pieces we’d find in the store, it’s a beautiful example of how to use what you’ve already got.

22. Chevron Tray

Diy glitter chevron

Hop on over to Craft A Doodle Do and learn how to make this glittered, chevron tray. Use it to keep all your makeup in one, clear spot on the vanity.

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