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15 Ways to Reuse Shower Curtains

Have you recently updated your bathroom decor, changing the colour scheme and getting bath mats and a new shower curtain to match? Perhaps the original shower curtain you had just doesn’t tickle your fancy anymore and you picked a new one up on the way home from work? Either way, a spare shower curtain that you no longer need is an awesome DIY resource to have lying around.

Check out these 15 creative crafting and DIY projects you can make by upcycling an old shower curtain!

1. Shower curtain tote bag

Shower curtain tote bag

If you ask us, there’s no such thing as too many reusable tote bags! Buying them, though, can add up in cost. Instead, try making one from spare materials you already have! That spare shower curtain we mentioned earlier will work perfectly. Check out how to make it happen on Patches of Sun.

2. Shower curtain produce bags

Shower curtain produce bags

Perhaps the spare shower curtain you have isn’t the prettily patterned outer one but rather the plastic liner curtain that goes on the inside? That’s a very useful thing to have too! In fact, sometimes it’s even more handy. For example, Oh So Lovely suggests making these little produce bags to keep vegetables extra fresh and crisp.

3. Porch swing and shower curtain “stage”

Porch swing and shower curtain stage

Regardless of whether it’s plastic or fabric, there’s one particularly exciting use that your kids can get out of it if it’s opaque rather than clear. Use an old porch swing frame, grab some extra shower curtain rings to loop along the top bar, and put the curtain up just like you would on the shower rod. Voila, you have a new stage for when your kids put on plays! Check out how it’s done on Kind Cotton.

4. Shower curtain chair cushion

Shower curtain chair cushion

Have you found an old chair at a yard or rummage sale that you just couldn’t resist buying even though the cushion was damaged? You can use your old shower curtain to reupholster the seat in a way that’s surprisingly quick and simple. Oh So Lovely walks you through it! Use a fabric curtain if you plan to use the chair indoors and a plastic one if you’d rather put it on your patio.

5. Dog bed cover

Dog bed cover

Are you tired of seeing your dog’s fur gather in clumps in their bed, sticking to the soft fabric so that you have to clean it out often? Try making him a smoother bed cover that will let the fur slide off or be easily swept up instead! A shower curtain made from a harder material than what most soft dog beds are made of is the perfect thing for creating a slip cover that will slide right over the bed your dog already has. Find out how it’s made on Hub Pages.

6. A fancier shower curtain

A fancier shower curtain

Just because you’re upcycling something doesn’t mean you have to upcycle it into something completely different than what it is! HGTV suggests turning a drab shower curtain that doesn’t have much personality into a version that’s a little more fun by lining the edges with brightly coloured pom poms! Same function, great new look.

7. Shower curtain picnic blanket

Shower curtain picnic blanket

Using a shower curtain as a picnic blanket is a great idea because the material will protect you from any dew or moisture in the ground while you sit and eat. Even better than a plain blanket, however, is one that folds up into a convenient little picnic tote! Get the instructions for making it on Craft Buds.

8. Stretched fabric wall art

Stretched fabric wall art

Does your spare shower curtain have a beautiful design, pattern, or picture painted on it that you just can’t bear to get rid even if you no longer need it in the bathroom? Preserve it as whimsical wall art! If you’ve ever seen or done stretched fabric art then you might have already thought of this option, but just in case, Home Talk shows you how to stretch the curtain over a canvas in a simple but appealing way.

9. Beach pool liner

Beach pool liner

Plastic shower curtains are especially useful in cases where you need something strong and water proof! We absolutely adore this idea for creating a safe pool on the beach so that little kids can enjoy swimming closer to your camp rather than out in the open water. The plastic curtain will keep the water in the pool all day rather than letting it absorb back into the sand. Check the idea out on Life Aspire!

10. Weather proof patio cushions

Weather proof patio cushions

If your shower curtain is even a little bit moisture resistant then it’s exactly what you need to make a set of weather proof cushions for your patio furniture! You’ll be especially pleased with the final product if the curtain has pretty colours and patterns. See how it’s done on The CSI Project.

11. No-sew dinner place mats

No sew dinner placemats

Do you love the idea of upcycling your shower curtain but you’re looking for a project that’s simple and doesn’t involve sewing? Then these dinner place mats are a great option! You’ll be especially pleased with them if your curtain is moisture resistant because the mats will be super east to wipe down and clean after dinner. L’Amour Chez Nous walks you through the steps for making them.

12. Water proof bed liner

Water proof bed liner

Are you in the process of potty training your little one and you’re ready to have them try sleeping through the night without a diaper? Then a bed liner is a really good idea, just in case. Store bought ones can be expensive, though, so why not make your own? Hazelnut Girl suggests taking advantage of the moisture-proof nature of your old shower curtain for this project.

13. Kids art smock

Kids art smock

Are you loving the idea of maximizing the fact that your shower curtain is both water proof and easy to clean, but none of the suggestions on our list so far have quite caught your attention? Well, here’s the ultimate way to put those characteristics to good use! Crazy Little Projects shows you how to transform your curtain into a children’s paint smock, protecting your kids’ clothes from all kinds of messy art!

14. Giant wall game board

Giant wall gameboard

Craft Some has a great suggestion specifically for shower curtains that feature nice, neat rows of even circles! Hang it up on the wall, grab two colours of paper plates, and attach tape or Velcro to the backs of the plates so they’ll stick to the curtain. Let your kids take over so they can play endless rounds of “Connect 4”!

15. Floor drawing mat

Floor drawing mat

Are your kids going through that particular phase in childhood and creativity where they just want to colour everything? Obviously you don’t want to let them colour all over the walls, but Filth Wizardry has found a creative way to let them have fun “colouring” on the floor! A clear plastic shower curtain is the perfect canvas for fun doodles that will keep kids busier than a plain old piece of paper.

Do you know someone who’s recently redone their bathroom, or who just plain loves upcycling things? Share this post with them for a little bit of shower curtain inspiration!

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