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Trendy Ways to Repurpose Old Jeans

It might not be summer just yet, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t already started going through our wardrobe and setting aside old clothes that we can get rid of to make room for new garments when we do our annual spring and summer shopping! Each year, we find that the number one thing we end up getting rid of is jeans. We’re not sure how we always end up with so many pairs of jeans, nor where they come from every year, but they’re always there! Jeans are great to donate but, if you’re a DIY enthusiast like us, you also know how great of a tool old jeans are for awesome upcycled denim projects of all kinds.

Check out these 15 great DIY denim projects that will help you repurpose your old jeans so they don’t go to waste!

1. Recycled jean footwear

Recycled jean footwear

Do you love having a simple pair of slip on shoes lying around in the summer so you can quickly slide your feet in before you go out to enjoy some sun in the yard or walk to the corner store for ice cream? Then make them now so they’re ready for when the warm weather comes, and put your old jeans to good use while you’re at it! Do Night shows you how these cute little denim slip-on shoes are made.

2. Denim arrow cushion

Denim arrow cushion

Do you have a few different shades of denim in your pile of old jeans that are up for grabs int he DIY department? Take advantage of that by making something that actually uses those different colours! If you’re not afraid of a bit of sewing, then we definitely suggest giving these quilted together denim pillow cases by Etsy Blog a try.

3. Denim pom poms

Denim pom poms

We’ve posted plenty of times before about pom poms, always marveling over how many different kinds if pom poms there are out there and how many different ways there are to make them, but Zakka Life just made us realize that there’s one kind we never knew about! They guide you through the process of making awesome little fringed pom poms our of strips of denim that you can easily cut from your old jeans.

4. Denim cut-offs wine bag

Denim cut offs wine bag

This DIY project from Design Sponge is actually a great way to make yourself two new things in one, and what’s better than that? We can’t think of many things! By turning an old pair of jeans into a pair of cut off shorts, you give yourself two very useful denim tubes to make something else out of. Try following this tutorial to turn the cut off jean legs into picnic bags that are perfectly sized for a bottle of wine!