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25 Different Ways To Recycle Your Old Blue Jeans

We all have them. Those old favorites. Those comfortable, stylish and fit just right pair of blue jeans. But there comes a time in every worn to the fullest piece of denim needs to call it quits. But that doesn’t mean you need to throw them out. Instead, upcycle them in some creative ways. From more accessories to ingenius ideas, here’s a like of 25 ways to recycle and reuse you old, trusty blue jeans.

1. Denim Backpack

DIY Denim Backpack

If you can’t bear to part with your most trusty paid of jeans, why not turn those worn bits into something you can reuse all over again? And everyday, like a backpack! {found on YouTube}

2. Denim Place Mats

DIY Denim Place Mats

Find inspiration in more unsuspecting of places like in the dining room. Your jeans can live on throughout dinner parties as adorable, charming place mats. {found on Living Well Spending Less}

3. Denim Buckets

DIy Denim Bucket

Organizational buckets can easily be made out of a thick piece of fabric. Great for the craft room or bedroom, learn how to make these sturdy, functional home additions. {found on Recylart}

4. Denim Clutch

DIy DEnim clutch

Denim goes with everything. So take those old jeans and create a clutch that will go with every outfit without a hitch. {found on Denim Do Over}

5. Denim Quilt

DIY Denim Quilt

Turn more than a few scraps of old denim into a quilt. This is a perfect project for a dorm room, teen’s bedroom or a family room for every movie night to come.{found on Marion’s Blog}

6. Denim Phone Case

DIY Denim tablelet cvase

Create a new home for your iPhone, iPad or even your smaller, digital cameras. Here they will stay snug and protected, and your favorite denim can live on. {found on Denim Do Over}

7. Denim Lunch Bag

DIY Denim Snack Bag

Or, you can create a lunch bag to use everyday at the office or at school. Tie with a belt of your choice and personalize it however you’d like. {found on Between the Lines}

8. Denim Rug

DIY Denim Rug

If you’re really feeling courageous, why not try out this DIY? Create something new for the foyer or backdoor with several old scraps of the family’s denim. {found on Brooklyn Art Project}

9. Denim Journal

DIY Denim Journal

Here’s a great way to make journaling more fashionable and have your favorite pair of blue jeans live on and memorialized. {found on Life Made Creations}

10. Denim Wreath

DIY Denim Wreath

Perfect for dressing the door during the 4th of July or Memorial Day, this wreath can welcome all guests during the holidays filled with hours in the swimming pool and dinner on the grill. {found on A Fish Who Likes Flowers}

11. Denim Pillows

DIY Denim Pillows

Of course you can use the denim to cover some pillows for the living room. Jazz up a drab space and learn how to sew all with one easy DIY. {found on Ashbee Design}

12. Denim Tool Roll

DIY Crayon Roll

Perfect for your art supplies, this tool roll can hold crayons, pens, markers, paintbrushes and more. And we love how it’s made from just a bit of denim. {found on Until Wednesday Calls}

13. Denim Wallet

DIY Denim Wallet

You can also create a wallet out of your darker denim pieces. And then trim it with fabric of your own choice for a bit more personalization. {found on the Reformatory}

14. Denim Shoes

DIY Denim Shoes

Yes, you can even make shoes. If those jeans were comfy on your legs, you know they’ll be even better on your feet! {found on DoNight}

15. Denim Pocket Organizer

DIY Pocket Wall

Personally, this is my favorite on the list. You’ll need more than one old pair of blue jeans, but the result is not only fun but functional and useful too! {found on Interior Design Files}

16. Denim Cocktail Napkins

DIY Denim Cocktail Napkins

Add even more style to your casual dinner party with friends with some easy-to-make denim cocktail napkins. {found on Brit+Co}

17. Denim Bowl

DIY Denim Bowl

Small additions to the house are what can cultivate something magical. Like this blue jean bowl that can be as simple as a piece of decor or jewelry holder. {found on Hello Natural}

18. Denim Pouf

DIY Denim Pouf

For a bigger project to dive into, make more than just a home accessory. Instead, make an entirely new piece of furniture, like this pouf! {found on Michele Made Me}

19. Denim Whale

DIY Denim Whale Toy

Of course, toys are always an option as well. This is a perfect bridal shower gift or snuggly present for a new baby boy or girl. {found on Valaan Villapaita}

20. Denim Bows

DIY Denim Bow

Accessorize yourself or your little one with some bows made of your old blue jeans. Embellish and personalize to your delight! {found on Salute to Cute}

21. Denim Coin Purse

DIY Denim Coin Purse

Small coin purses may not be a necessity but they sure come in handy in the checkout line. Create one from scratch with this tutorial. {found on Mami Made It}

22.Denim Pot Holder

DIY Denim Potholder

Here’s something really practical to create and something you can add extra style to. Pot holders are a used daily but they’re hard to find in the stores with a lot of pizazz. {found on Alisa Burke}

23. Denim Basket

DIY Denim Basket

Weave your own basket with pieces of your favorite denim. We love the finished product of this great DIY! {found on DIYReal}

24. Denim Camera Bag

DIY Denim Camera bag

If you need a bag to keep your camera cozy, you’ll need to check out this tutorial. Create a place to keep your camera snug and stylish. {found on Denim Do Over}

25. Denim Tote

DIY Denim Tote

Of course, one of the most obvious of upcycles is the tote bag. Spacious and versatile, you can use this on every shopping trip or vacation to come. {found on Denim Do Over}

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