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25 Ways To Refashion Your Flip Flops

Are you sick of plain old flip flops? Or maybe you’re still tempted by the wall of affordable flip flops at the mall even though you already have a pair in every color? Well, we have the solution for you. Use one of these inventive sandal makeover ideas to refashion them into something more exciting. Here are 25 of our favorite flip flop refashion tutorials.

1. Braided Flip Flops

braided flip flops

Turn leftover fabric into stylish new sandals by braiding them using this simple tutorial. Your friends will want you to make them a pair!

2. DIY Sling Sandals

sling sandals

Give your feet a break! These reportedly “outrageously comfy” sling sandals are easy to make using stretch fabric and an old pair of flip flops. Head over to Down Home Inspiration for the tutorial.

3. Jeweled Flip Flops

Jeweled Flip Flops

These stunning jeweled flip flops could be fancy enough to wear to a wedding! Find out how to make them over at Pretty Designs… you’ll be surprised how easy they are!

4. Gold Disc Flip Flops

gold paillette sandals

These gold discs, called paillettes, add some serious glamour to basic pink flip flops. Learn how to make your own metallic paillette sandals here.

5. Colorful Tassel Sandals

tassel flips flops

Tassels are hot right now… so why not add them to your flip flops? Oh Oh Blog has an easy tutorial that will show you how to create the look above.

6. Strappy Sandals

fabric flip flops

These strappy sandals are easy to make using a few long pieces of fabric… Make your way over to Cut Out and Keep for the full tutorial.

7. Embellished Flip Flops

beaded flip flops

These embellished sandals are a great way to use up old costume jewelry that you may have lying around. Check out the photo tutorial here.

8. Button Sandals

button flip flops

2 Good Claymates gives us this adorable button sandal tutorial… head over here to find out how to make a pair for yourself.

9. Puffy Paint Flip Flops

puffy paint sandals

What a brilliant idea… grab a few bottles of puffy paint at the craft store and paint the plastic part of your flip flops! Here’s the tutorial.

10. Embroidery Floss Wrapped Sandals

embroidery floss sandals

Make a pair of striped sandals using embroidery floss, a material that comes in almost every color you could ever dream of. Find out how to make them here.

11. Fabric Flip Flops

Fabric knot Flip flops

These fabric flip flops are made by simply replacing the top plastic straps with bright, colorful pieces of cotton material. Head over to Domestically Speaking to check out the tutorial.

12. Floral Sandals

floral summer sandals

These gorgeous flower-topped sandals would be perfect for an afternoon party or shower. Get the simple instructions right here.

13. Fabric Gladiator-Style Sandals

gladiator sandals

The key to these gladiator-style sandals is to tie them the right way… head over to Inspired Life Photos to learn how to make a pair.

14. Striped Flip Flops

Striped flip flops

A little white paint goes a long way with these striped sandals… check out the simple tutorial over at Crazy Little Projects.

15. Knotted Fabric Flip Flops

fabric strip flip flops

These fabric flip flops are knotted, adding a fun little detail…. get the easy tutorial at Must Have Mom. You could even use two different fabric colors to make them more unique.

16. Friendship Bracelet Flip Flops

friendship bracelet sandals

These flip flops are actually made completely from scratch using cork and yarn. Dream A Little Bigger shows us how to do the whole process here.

17. Rhinestone Sandals

rhinestone flip flops

Gluing rhinestones to the tops of your sandals is another easy way to embellish them. Check out the easy tutorial at Classy Clutter.

18. Crocheted Sandals

crochet flip flops

Use some leftover yarn to dress up your flip flops a bit. Head over to Petals To Picots to find out how to crochet your own pair of sandals.

19. Elastic Strappy Sandals

strappy flip flops

These strappy sandles are made using elastic… find out how to wrap and sew the elastic pieces over at Delia Creates.

20. Chevron Flip Flops

chevron flip flops

These chevron flip flops are made using fabric and some blue glitter. Amber from Crazy Little Projects shows us how to make them here.

21. Black Ribbon Sandals

ribbon flips

Sweet Charli shows us how to make these adorable refashioned flip flops using black ribbon and fabric flowers. Get the tutorial here.

22. Wooden Beaded Sandals

bead sandals

Fabric and wooden beads are combined to make these sunny yellow summer sandals. Get the tutorial over at Six Sisters’ Stuff.

23. Criss Cross Sandals

criss cross sandals

Prefer not to have your flip flop straps meet between your toes? Give these criss cross fabric flip flops at try. Here are the instructions.

24. Crocheted Shoes

crochet shoes

Before we showed you how to crochet over your flip flop straps… take it a step further and make a full pair of shoes. Get the tutorial here.

25. Ruffled Baby Sandals

baby sandals

What’s cuter than a tiny pair of shoes for baby? Find out how to make these ruffled sandals using this tutorial from The Mother Huddle.

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