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15 Ways To Make and Use Classic Chain Link Garland

Little kids everywhere cut construction paper, tape it together and create paper chain links to decorate the house for birthdays, holidays and, well, just because! And we love it! But we’re taking that classic idea and pumping it up a bit with vibrant colors, outside-the-box ideas and inspiration regarding this traditional craft. Let’s take a peek at 15 wonderful ideas!

1. Glittered

DIY Glitter Paper Chain Link

HGTV gave us a quick way to makeover the classic chain link idea. Add some glitter to it and learn how to do it this precisely after the jump!

2. Everywhere

DIY Paper Chain Link Ceremony

This wedding utilized this childish treat to the absolute fullest and Green Wedding Shoes featured it for good reason. It’s such a great inspiration and fun idea for photo-ops and uniqueness.

3. Reading Log

DIY Paper Chain Link Reading Project

Eighteen25 featured this great idea for summer reading with your kids. After every book read, you create a new link to add to your chain of memories.

4. Christmastime

DIY Lace Paper Chain Link

Of course, Christmastime is a great time to use these classic, paper chains. But put a spin on it like Sjarmerende, and use lace-like paper or glittering sheets to adorn the house with.

5. Mini

DIY Mini Paper Chain Link Cake Topper

Sweet Designs showed off a mini paper chain link as a cake topper! This is such a creative and easy idea to replicate for your event desserts!

6. Countdown

DIY Paper Chain Link Easter Countdown

At Little Family Fun we see how to utilize a paper chain as a countdown. And this Easter Bunny one is just too darn adorable not to have featured.

7. Windows

DIY paper chain link windows

Cover the windows like they did on Cakes Likes A Party for events and other entertaining purposes. It’s easy to recreate and such a great way to spruce and create festivity.

8. Everyday

DIY Paper Chain Link Everyday Garland

Create some everyday decor like this precious piece from Jolly Good. Adorn the mantle or a headboard with any of these subtle, whimsical ways.

9. Memories

DIY Paper Chain Link Memories

Cupcake Vixens‘ paper chain garland was used to create memories and display them! This is the perfect way to enhance the classic garland look!

10. Pentagon

DIY Paper Chain Link Garland Pentagon

You don’t have to stick to the usual shapes. Go with a heart, a square or even a pentagon like Party Perfect did! And embellish with some washi tape!

11. Edges

DIY Paper Chain Link

Pay attention to the edges too. On Pigment they use scallops and soft edges to give the decor more texture and a more festive feeling.

12. Halloween


We’re so used to associating paper chains with Christmas that we forget to utilize them throughout other holidays! Just look how festive you can create one for Halloween like Eighteen25 did.

13. Arch

DIY Paper Chain Link Arch

Intimate Weddings showed off this great idea for a canopy or arch at weddings. It’s picturesque and perfect to create a focal point.

14. Background

DIY Paper Chain Link Background

As a photography background and even more so as a background to a party table, you can infuse so much personality and creativity into this simple DIY. Thank you to Floridian for this genius idea!

15. Two-Toned

DIY Two-Tone Paper Chain Link Decor

Color Sizzle used different colors and patterns to create a paper chain link fit to decorate the house. Added to the entryway table or dining room buffet, it’s a summertime treat!

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