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15 Red Christmas Decor Ideas That Will Light Your Traditional Style Fire

Whether you’re trying to bring some traditional vibes back into your seasonal home styles or you’re already a fan of the favorited holiday color, we’re here to shine a light on the shade that Rudolph’s nose glows. These 15 red Christmas decor ideas will surely light your traditional style fire and have you ready to revamp some of your home’s frequented spaces. Let’s have a look – from tutorials or just remixing inspiration!

1. Filled Lanterns

Lanterns filled with christmas ornaments

While searching on Pinterest, we fell upon this gorgeous little set up. Grab your outdoor lanterns and then fill them up with some of your red ornaments! It’s a quick and easy way to add some feel-good tradition to your Christmas decor.

2. Berry-Inspired

Berrie inspired christmas dining room table

You can fashion your holiday dining room table around some winter berries to really infuse some more red into the season. We found this scene on Home BNC with tons of other great ideas to sift through!

3. Presents on the Step

Presents on the step christmastime

At Elle Decor we caught a glimpse of this staircase idea. Grab some faux presents and add them to the walk to the bedrooms. This works especially well if you can see your steps from the front door – as a way to create a cohesive style when your guests walk inside.

4. Peppermints & Candy Canes

Peppermints in apothecary jars

Mommy Decorates utilizes the season’s most popular candy as style inspiration. Fill up apothecary jars with peppermints and candy canes to add some red and add some festive, kid-friendly charm to the house too.

5. Cozy Throw Pillows

Red plaid throw pillows