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Creative DIY Ways to Recycle Old Tights

Anyone who has ever worn tights or pantyhose knows how easy they are to rip and tear. As frustrating as that is, it’s not the end of the world! With a little bit of DIY innovation, you can find all types of ways to use your old tights, pantyhose, and even leggings!

Check out these useful ways to put your old tights to good use.

1. Vegetable storage

Store vegetables

The longer you let your onions sit without chopping them up, the more they’ll start to peel layers all over your counter. Keep them in tact by hanging them in knotted sections along the leg of your old pantyhose!(Source: Zero Waste Week)

2. Knitting “yarn”

Knitting %22yarn%22

Leggings or thick tights cut into strips and knotted end to end make a great alternative knitting material! The effect will be like using a very chunky wool. It’s perfect for mats, blankets, and big circle scarves!(Source: Eudoxia Friday)

3. Woven floor mat

Woven floor mat

Just like with the legging “yarn”, you can create a mat like this by stripping tights or leggings, knotting them end to end, and then braiding them together in long strands. Coil the braids around themselves, gluing all along, and voila!(Source: Miaou Crafts)

4. Headband


Making a headband has never been simpler! Cut the tights open, choose how long you want your section to be, and cut again to make a rectangle. Wrap it around your head and knot it however you like!(Source: Trusper)

5. Gift wrap

Gift wrap

Reusable gift wrap is a growing trend because it’s environmentally friendly and avoids waste! Using old tights also makes wrapping gifts bright and colourful.(Source: We Love Colours)

6. Ballet crop

Ballet crop

Cut off the feet and cut a circle for your head, then put the tights on your torso upside down. Now you have a simple, sheer crop top!(Source: Pointe Til You Drop)

7. Long ruffled socks

Long ruffled socks

What’s better than turning old fashion in to new fashion? We can’t think of anything. Reuse the legs of tights that only tore near the top to create these cute ruffled thigh-high socks.(Source: Chantelle Fashion)

8. “Soap on a rope”

%22soap on a rope%22

Putting soap inside pantyhose does a few useful things! Firstly, the fine netting of the hose exfoliates your skin. It also lets you use soap to the very last tiny bit by keeping several little soap ends together in one place, making them easy for you to hold and scrub with.(Source: Instructables)

9. Vacuum screen

Vacuum screen

Have you ever lost something really tiny and struggled to find it? Stretching old pantyhose over the nozzle of the vacuum hose and holding them in place with an elastic is a great way to suck up the lost item… without actually sucking it up forever!(Source: Instructables)

10. Toy caterpillar

Toy caterpillar

This adorable craft can be made with socks, tights, pantyhose, ot nylons. It’s a cute plush that both kids and animals will love.(Source: Kco1)

11. Sweater bows

Sweater bows

Ballet pink tights make particularly cute bows because of their delicate colour! Cut the legs of your tights into strips so that they form a ring, and tie each ring in a knit at the middle. Sew them onto a shirt however you please!(Source: Firebird Zine)

12. Decorative door wreath

Decorative door wreath

Not all door wreaths are for Christmas! Colourful tights legs, faux flowers, and some ribbon are all you need to make a cute wreath for springtime.(Source: Hi It’s Jilly)

13. Flower hairpieces

Flower hairpieces

Bendable wire and sheer tights or pantyhose in different shades of pink give you the power to make gorgeous, delicate flowers. Glue or sew them to a hair clip!(Source: Thee Kiss of Life)

14. Victorian lace bolero jacket

Victorian lace bolero jacket

The legs of a pair of footless tights make perfect sleeves! With some scissors and a little bit of basic sewing, you can turn an old lace pair into a cute shrug jacket in no time.(Source: Thee Kiss of Life)

15. Lace trimmed socks

Lace trimmed socks

Do you like the idea of making your own socks, but the thigh-high socks above aren’t your style? Try transforming your pantyhose into these cute little lacy ankle socks instead!(Source: Thee Kiss of Life)

Have you recycled your old pantyhose in other awesome ways that you don’t see here? Tell us about how you did it in the comments section!

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