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Fall Is Here! Let’s Celebrate With These 16 Pumpkin-Inspired Breakfast Recipes!

Soon the leaves will be falling and the air will be a bit crisper in the morning. It seems like we’re all looking forward to the autumnal spirit, especially since those pumpkin spice lattes are already being sipped on and enjoyed. But what are some other ways we can infuse our favorite gourd into our diet? Well, we can start with our morning munchies. Let’s celebrate fall with these 16 pumpkin-inspired breakfast recipes!

1. Pumpkin Spice Latte Donuts

Pumpkin spice latte donuts

Who doesn’t love a good donut in the morning? Infuse some fall into that daily bite by going with this recipe from Sarah Bakes Gluten-free Treats. A pumpkin spice latte donut, which includes a sweet icing, will have smiles on the entire family.

2. Pumpkin Bagel Pop-Tarts

Pumpkin bagel pop tarts recipe

Half Baked Harvest combined two favorited quick breakfasts options but leveled it up with bouts of pumpkin flavors and sugary sweetness. These pumpkin bagel poptarts are such a treat in terms of both creating and enjoying. Jump on over and grab the details now.

3. Overnight Cider-Pumpkin Waffles

Overnight cider pumpkin waffles

You’ll have to visit Half Baked Harvest again for this one. Some overnight madness needs to happen to bring them to fruition. But a place of these cider-pumpkin waffles will truly light up the room. Bring these to family brunch!

4. Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Pancakes

Chocolate chip pumpkin pancakes recipe

Pumpkin and chocolate chip go so nicely together. At See and Savor, you’ll learn how to whip up a batch of chocolate chip pumpkin pancakes for the fam. These are a great option for those looking for a holiday tradition (we have them for Thanksgiving breakfast every year!).

5. Pumpkin Breakfast Cookies

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