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Lovely Homemade Coastal Home Decor

Whether you’re actually living on the coast or you’re simply a beach lover who has slowly been turning your home into an homage to your favourite place, we still maintain that DIY coastal home decor might be the absolute most fun to make! There are just so many simple designs and pieces out there that look nothing short of stunning one they’re finished and on display. We have a coastal themed guest bedroom in our house, so we’re always on the lookout for pretty tutorials that will help us make something stylish and new to update it with.

1. Seashell string lights

Seashell string lights

We’ve always been huge fans of string lights, almost no matter the style or aesthetic of the room in question. Our kids have always loved them too because they call them fairy lights! We’re sure it’ll come as no surprise to you, then, that these lovely seashell covered string like, which we have made several times now, are always a huge hit in our home. Get the full details for making some of your own quickly and simply on Martha Stewart.

2. Pottery Barn inspired rope wrapped beach candles

Pottery barn inspired rope wrapped beach candles

Have you ever seen something beach or coastal themed in a store and longed to buy it but you simply can’t justify spending that money in your mind when it’s something you could very easily make yourself, since you do possess so many DIY skills? That’s precisely how we felt when we saw rope wrapped, seaside style candles on sale at Pottery Barn. Instead of buying them, however, we looked the concept up online and found this awesome DIY tutorial from Stone Gable!

3. Handmade seashell candles

Handmade seashell candles

Within your beach and seaside in spired theme, are you also always looking for ways to make your home feel more relaxing and almost spa-like, since that’s your haven away from work and busy days? Well, if the idea of learning how to make your own candles appeals to you as well, then we think you’ll really love the way Burkatron made these lovely little seashell tea lights where the candles actually sit inside the shell.

4. Driftwood candle holder

Driftwood candle holder

Perhaps you actually do live right near the beach and nothing pleases you more than being able to use the actual things you’ve collected from that beach in the home decor pieces that it inspires? Then start collecting driftwood on your morning walk each day until you have enough to make yourself a stunning driftwood candle holder like this one from Live Creatively Inspired!

5. Pottery Barn knock off knotted robe lamp

Pottery barn knock off knotted robe lamp

Did we actually really catch your attention when we started talking about the idea of making something that looks like a designer brand name you didn’t want to pay for, but was really created entirely by you, even though you don’t need anymore candle holders? Well, if you could use a side table lamp, then perhaps this lovely knotted robe tutorial from Down Home Inspiration will be a little more up your alley!

6. DIY starburst driftwood mirror

Diy starburst driftwood mirror

Maybe you’ve fallen completely in love with the idea of working with driftwood but, like we said above, you just don’t need another candle holder right now? Luckily for all of us, there are plenty of alternatives out there that will still let you get crafty with the water smoothed wood you’ve collected! In fact, this driftwood starburst mirror outlined in detail on Sustain My Craft Habit might be one of our favourite things on this whole list.

7. Driftwood seahorse wall art

Driftwoof seashorse wall art

Rejoice- the driftwood options are far from exhausted yet! Just in case you need neither a set of candleholders nor a new mirror, since you only have a limited space on the wall where you want to put something, here’s something smaller and a little more kitschy! Take a look at the tutorial from Creative in Chicago to see how this driftwood mosaic seahorse piece was made.

8. Artsy driftwood orb

Artsy driftwood orb

If you’re going to work with those smoothed little pieces of wood, would you rather actually build something with them? In that case, we have a feeling you might appreciate the way Creative in Chicago used their driftwood to make something that has more of a structure and standing shape to it. This orb is the perfect intersection of coastal and mod!

9. Driftwood anchor

Driftwood anchor

Did we almost keep your attention when we showed you the driftwood seahorse because you love the idea of doing the kind of wooden layering mosaic technique you saw there but you’re just not feeling convinced when it comes to the seahorse shape? Then maybe you’d prefer to check out how Cherished Vintage made this simple anchor using the same technique instead!

10. Framed seashell art

Framed seashell art

Maybe your very favourite thing to collect on the beach whenever you visit or on your morning walk there has always been seashells and now you’re finally looking for something to do with all of the different ones you’ve stashed away? Well, if you have a decently large wall space to work with and you can get your hands on some frames, then we’d definitely suggest sorting your flattest shells by colour (flat ones work best because they’ll fit behind the glass) and arranging them just like Sand and Sisal did in these frame shell art pieces!

11.  Decorative fisherman netting wrapped jars

Decorative fisherman netting wrapped jars

No matter how often we make them or how many different ways we do it, there’s just something about mason jar crafts that really gets us; we love them so much! We’re sure it’ll come as no surprise to you, then, that we have actually made these awesome little fisherman netting candle holder jars featured step by step on Stow and Tell U before!

12. Sea glass bottles

Processed with vsco with a6 preset

Speaking of things like glass jars, are you actually rather in love with the idea of incorporating a sort of classic glass bottle aesthetic into your seaside theme, but you’d prefer to go all out and use as much sea glass as possible? We wanted to do this at our place, but we (thankfully, since it can be dangerous near kids and bare feet) didn’t actually find any true sea glass in our searches. That’s why we were so pleased to come across this fantastic faux sea glass tutorial featured in great detail on Liz Marie!

13. Colourful coral side table decor

Colourful coral side table decor

Rather than just theming your decor scheme after things that are typical of the coastline or the beach, have you actually been looking for a way to bring elements of the actual sea into your space too? Well, it’s not often that you’ll find genuine pieces or coral available for being made into DIY projects, but you sure can make something that looks like it! This lovely coral inspired vase featured on H2O Bungalow is actually made from a painted tree branch, but it could have fooled us.

14. Nautical rope mirrors

Nautical rope mirrors

Maybe you actually really liked the idea of making yourself a new seaside mirror of some kind, but you’re just not sure you’ll have access to that much driftwood? Perhaps you’re just looking for an alternative to the starburst design because you already have one. Either way, The Lily Pad Cottage has a great alternative for your consideration in the way they used nautical rope to frame this little rounded mirror instead!

15. Coastal grass vase

Coastal grass vase

Maybe you’re the kind of person who, in addition to loving the beach, actually adores nature and greenery in general? In that case, we’d be willing to bet that you’ll simply adore the way Savvy Southern Style created this beach inspired vase display by filling a glass holder with real sand, actual seashells, and some long beach grass, just to make sure the space is pleasantly green enough.

Have you made other kinds of stunning coastal inspired DIY decor before that you really enjoyed doing but that you don’t see here on our list? Tell us all about what you created and how you did it or link us to photos of your finished work in the comments section!

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