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Pretty Crocheted Dresses and Skirts for Summer

We’re huge yarn crafters and DIY enthusiasts, so it’ll come as no surprise to you that we enjoy making ourselves at least one fun summer dress design using our yarn skills each year. This year, we were completely enamoured with the idea of crocheting ourselves a beautiful dress but we felt a little bit intimidated by the idea. It’s true that many fully crocheted dresses involve a lot of lace and take quite a lot of skill, but that doesn’t meant there aren’t tutorials out there to help you or stunning patterns that are a little more manageable! We also wondered whether we might get too hot but when we saw how light and airy most of the dress patterns we liked are, we were reassured that we’ll still be cool wearing them.

Just in case you’re in love with the beautiful throwback styles of a lovely crocheted dress the same way we are, here are some great patterns to get you started!

1. Long dress with pineapple hem detail

Long dress with pineapple hem detail

Crocheting a very long dress might seem like a rather daunting task, and it’s certainly a commitment for your time, money, and skills, but imagine the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel when you finally get to try on a gown that you actually made yourself! We love the simply beautiful style at the top of the dress and how it contrasts with the beautiful pineapple stitch detailing near the bottom. Check the whole dress out in more detail on Craft Craft!

2. Three quarter sleeve and ribbon waist dress

Three quarter sleeve and rubbon waist dress

Perhaps you need a dress that provides a little more coverage around the shoulders and arms because you’re going to a wedding, but you still want it to be unique and stylish? Then we think this beautiful crocheted dress with three quarter length sleeves and a ribbon woven at the waist is the perfect style! Get the pattern from Crochet Kingdom.

3. Pretty baby dress with crocheted rosette

Pretty baby dress with crocheted rosette

Are you intrigued by the thought of crocheting a dress but you’re not so sure you’re ready for your first foray into that world to be a full length gown? Then start smaller by making a dress for a little girl in your life instead! We can’t get over how beautiful the contrast between the neckline and the skirt is in this sweet pattern from Anna’s Crochet Blog.

4. Vintage lace crochet dress

Vintage lace crochet dress

We’ve already talked about how much crocheted designs can look like a beautiful vintage throwback, but what if you could get your hands on the actual patterns from previous decades that those dresses were created from? Well, thanks to Wonky Zebra, you can! This pattern shows you how the original dresses were made, making it the perfect throwback.

6. Oval motif party dress

Oval motif party dress

Whenever we talk about crocheted dresses, we find that people tend to either picture them only as beach dresses or only as formal dresses, but we don’t think that’s true! We’ve seen plenty of lovely patterns that help you make a casual cocktail dress that, while detailed and pretty, can be dressed up or down depending on how you accessorize. This oval design from Creative Handmade Concepts is a perfect example!

7. Vintage 60s mini-mini dress

Vitnage 60s mini mini dress

Are you completely enthralled with the idea of making yourself a more authentically “vintage” style dress by using an actual vintage pattern to do it? Then you’re going to love this awesome party dress patter from Singularity Ware that’s straight out of the 1960s! We absolutely adore the cut outs at the waist and the retro collar and “mini mini” length!

8. Ombre tank top dress

Ombre tank top dress

Perhaps your personal style is intricate in detail but simple in the actual construction elements? Then you might prefer to make yourself this lovely tank top design from Crochet Dress Pattern! We simply adore the way they used a colour gradient yarn to get that subtle ombre effect. It’ll be lovely no matter what colour you choose for your own!

9. Summer tunic dress

Summer tunic dress

Crocheted tunic dresses are something we’ve always found stunning because many of them are created like a woven over layer to be worn over a simple fabric tank top dress. Talk about an awesome way to really amp up your look! We enjoy this full crochet tutorial from Marinella Marifu6a because, while we can use traditional written patterns, we’re actually visual learners. We also like that we can pause it and play it back if we need to!

10. Crochet top fabric dress

Crochet top fabric dress

Are you still only just learning to crochet but you’re determined to incorporate your new skills into a dress this summer somehow? Then maybe this simple hybrid crochet and sewing project is more along the lines of what you’re looking for! Check out how The Green Dragonfly crocheted a collar and straps for a simple little fabric dress.

11. Red pineapple dress

Red pineapple dress

Is the pineapple stitch actually one of your very favourite designs to make and you’ve been scrolling through this whole post hoping to find a pattern that uses it heavily? Then we might have just found the dress for you! This awesome red design from Marinella Marifu6a shows you step by step how to make the pineapple pattern happen all along the hem. This is another design that will look fantastic in any colour!

12. Dinky crochet baby dress

Dinky crochet baby dress

Are you intrigued by the idea of making a little baby dress using your crochet skills but the baby you have in mind is very small and you’re worried the previous patterns we showed you won’t fit? Don’t worry, there are actually plenty of newborn patterns out there that come in very small sizes! This adorable little dress from Princess Craft is a perfect example.

13. Vintage empire waist mother-daughter dresses

Vintage empire waist mother daughter dresses

Are you still thinking about how awesomely chic and vintage the dresses that are crocheted from old patterns of a different decade looked, but you just haven’t see one that quite suits your personal style yet? Then here’s another cute option for your consideration! Wonky Zebra shows you another pattern from the 1960s that features an empire waist skirt and an extra wide size range because the idea is to make one for you and your daughter! We’re suckers for a cute matching set.

14. Short crochet wedding dress

Short crochet wedding dress

Did the very first long gown we showed you make you think of how pretty a crocheted wedding dress would look but you’ve never really been a long dress kind of girl and you’re getting married in a very warm place? Well, short dresses are trending right now, so you’re in luck! Favourite Patterns shows you how to make a little dress that’s got a nice, cool short skirt but is still pretty enough to be suitable for a wedding, even if you’re the bride.

15. Crochet Barbie dress

Crochet barbie dress

Have you made it through this post and come to the conclusion that maybe you’re not quite ready yet to tackle crocheting yourself an entire dress, but you’d still like to learn at least the basics of the shape construction? Well, just in case a baby’s dress still seems a little daunting, here’s something even smaller for you to take a shot at first! We love this little Barbie doll dress from Lyn’s Dolls Clothes because it’s great practice and it’ll make a lovely gift.

Do you know a fellow crochet enthusiast who loves the idea of crocheted dresses just as much as we do? There’s no denying that they’re some of the most stunning designs out there! Help them out by sharing this post with them to get them a few new patterns to choose from.

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