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Pretty Crocheted Dresses and Skirts for Summer

We’re huge yarn crafters and DIY enthusiasts, so it’ll come as no surprise to you that we enjoy making ourselves at least one fun summer dress design using our yarn skills each year. This year, we were completely enamoured with the idea of crocheting ourselves a beautiful dress but we felt a little bit intimidated by the idea. It’s true that many fully crocheted dresses involve a lot of lace and take quite a lot of skill, but that doesn’t meant there aren’t tutorials out there to help you or stunning patterns that are a little more manageable! We also wondered whether we might get too hot but when we saw how light and airy most of the dress patterns we liked are, we were reassured that we’ll still be cool wearing them.

Just in case you’re in love with the beautiful throwback styles of a lovely crocheted dress the same way we are, here are some great patterns to get you started!

1. Long dress with pineapple hem detail

Long dress with pineapple hem detail

Crocheting a very long dress might seem like a rather daunting task, and it’s certainly a commitment for your time, money, and skills, but imagine the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel when you finally get to try on a gown that you actually made yourself! We love the simply beautiful style at the top of the dress and how it contrasts with the beautiful pineapple stitch detailing near the bottom. Check the whole dress out in more detail on Craft Craft!

2. Three quarter sleeve and ribbon waist dress

Three quarter sleeve and rubbon waist dress

Perhaps you need a dress that provides a little more coverage around the shoulders and arms because you’re going to a wedding, but you still want it to be unique and stylish? Then we think this beautiful crocheted dress with three quarter length sleeves and a ribbon woven at the waist is the perfect style! Get the pattern from Crochet Kingdom.

3. Pretty baby dress with crocheted rosette

Pretty baby dress with crocheted rosette

Are you intrigued by the thought of crocheting a dress but you’re not so sure you’re ready for your first foray into that world to be a full length gown? Then start smaller by making a dress for a little girl in your life instead! We can’t get over how beautiful the contrast between the neckline and the skirt is in this sweet pattern from Anna’s Crochet Blog.


4. Vintage lace crochet dress

Vintage lace crochet dress