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Balayage vs. Ombre Hair: 20 Beautiful Styles

From dark to light and from light to dark, balayage and ombre hair are two of the hottest trends in the beauty world right now. Let’s take a peek at 20 beautiful styles that show us how locks all over – and of all kinds – can don either design. But first things first, what’s what? Balayage is a French word meaning “to sweep,” and it refers to a natural, gradual looking effect when it comes to color change. Ombre is a bit more decisive in its transition with color. Take a peek below!

1. $20 At-Home Balayage

$20 at home hair balayage yair

Are you interested in learning how to DIY your own balayage looks without going to the salon and forking over your entire bank account? Thankfully there’s this $20 find out on YouTube! And the best part is that the finished product is absolutely stunning!

2. Dark to Blonde Ombre

Diy dark brown to blonde ombre hair

Are you looking into turning your dark tresses into something lighter, brighter and with more depth? Check out how to do it yourself with this helpful YouTube. You’ll learn a bit more about ombre as well and its striking style.

3. Balayage with Face Framing

Diy balayage plus face framing

You can visit YouTube again if you’re interesting in learning not only how to balayage your own hair at home but how to add some face framing techniques into the routine too. Perfect for those that was to highlight their cheekbones and create a bit more interest in their everyday look, you’ll be so proud of yourself for following along and doing it with your own two hands.

4. At-Home Ombre

At home ombre hair diy

Dee Doherty show off a simple ombre hair technique that you can DIY as well. Ombre isn’t as gradual or natural as the balayage look, but it’s still stunning and perfect for those that like bolder styles. And it works on all hair colors – if you know how to do it right.

5. Balayage Highlights

Diy balayage highlights