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15 Pieces Of DIY Christmas Decor You’ll Want For Your Home

Start sprinkling some holiday cheer around the house early this year! With these 15 pieces of DIY Christmas decor, you’ll be able to create a festive and handmade touch to any nook or cranny that needs extra sprucing. From the mantle to the staircase, add some extra bit of spirit with some help from the tutorials below!

1. Holiday Throw Pillows

Diy holiday throw pillows

Style Me Pretty starts s on our festive decor journey with these quick throw pillows. You can whip these up in the afternoon and easily add a bit of subtle, Christmas charm to the living room or bedroom. Hop over now and check out all of the simple details.

2.  Woven Tree Hanging

Diy woven tree

If you have more of a bohemian vibe around the house, you can fashion your holiday decorations around that same style. Just take a look at this idea from Everything Emily. A funky, woven Christmas tree hang can easy spruce up the dining room or guest room with some December-inspired spirit.

3. Snow-Covered Pine Cone Centerpiece

Diy snow covered pinecones

Learn how to create some snow-covered pine cones over at Ella Claire. Then grab some extra inspiration for creating your very own winter-inspired centerpiece. Your dining room table will be a bit more festive and stylish in a quick afternoon after following this tutorial!

4. Wood Pallet Tree

Diy wood pallet tree

Wood pallets can be used to create so many wonderful things for the home. And over at Country Living we see them turned into a colorful and spirited Christmas tree! Hang this in the hallway, lean it up against the mantle, or create a makeshift spot for extra presents to sit.

5. Reindeer Pinata

Pink reindeers pinatas diy

The kiddos will love this one. You can decorate an unsuspecting set with one of these reindeer pinatas. Learn how to create one over at A Subtle Revelry and then whip it out at the kiddos holiday sleepover!

6. Bottle Brush Tree Centerpiece

A whimsical wonderland table coco kelley7

We’re swooning over this colorful, bottle brush tree display featured over at Coco Kelley. Hop on over now and learn how to make it happen in your own home! Create a cluster or a garland display, use colors that inspire your seasonal decor. Just have fun and get creative with this one!

7. Foam Christmas Tree Banner

Diy foam christmas tree banner

Here’s a fun banner from Dream Green DIY that’s really simple to recreate! All you need is a bit of foam to get this thing started. If you like decor pieces that are more subtle and would fit in well with your youthful, colorful home, then this is the project to try your hands at first.

8. Christmas Light Garland

Diy christmas light garland

Studio DIY went with a garland project that’s super versatile. Add a pop of festive color on the banisters, mantles, or even around the windowsills with some of these paper Christmas lights. The kiddos can help out with this one too.

9. Peppermint Candy Balloons

Diy peppermint candy balloons

Aww Sam went super festive too with her balloon ideas. Add a bit of peppermint sprinkles to the house with some candied balloons! It’s perfect for holiday papers or Dirty Santa exchanges.

10. Snowflake Marquee

Diy snowflake marquee

A Beautiful Mess also has this fabulous project up their sleeve for us to try. Add a bit of winter sparkle to the mantle with this marquee DIY. It’s also perfect for home offices, foyers, and even the kitchen too!

11. Christmas “Joy” Wreath

Diy joy christmas wreath

Here’s another beautiful, subtle piece of Christmas decor that you’ll enjoy making and fit in with your organic nature. Homemade Ginger shares all the details surrounding how to create this at home. You can even paint the ‘JOY’ if you want some extra color.

12. Glitter-Dipped Candles

Diy christmas glitter candles

Here’s a super simple way to create a holiday-inspired centerpiece. Over at Two Sisters Crafting you’ll learn how to make some glitter-dipped candles with a lot of Christmas vibes.

13. Astronomical Accent

Diy holiday starburst

Check out this sparkling beauty from Martha Stewart! Create this starburst detail and use it to brighten up the home’s holiday spirit this year. If you like neutrals and a bit of glitter, this one is definitely for you.

14. Christmas Card Holder

Diy christmas card holder

Instead of trying to find new spots on the fridge to display all of your Christmas cards, why not making some extra special to show them off? Over at A Bubbly Life, you can learn how to make a bulletin board tree that you can hand them on. And pay attention to those adorable ornament push pins!

15. Winter Town

Diy colorful diy forest and town

Inspired by Charm leaves us off with a colorful, Christmas-Inspired forest accented by some pretty mini homes. Create a winter town that you can display in the kitchen, on the buffet or even on the window seat for an extra bit of holiday spirit.

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